DIY- Distressed Jean Skirt

Are ya’ll loving the denim trend, cuz I sure am! Frayed Jeans and cropped cut off jeans have been huge lately and I have totally jumped on the bandwagon. One trend that I have loved seeing on others is the distressed jean skirt with graphic tees, tanks, and even crop tops. So I decided I would try it out too! Well today I am bringing you a DIY to get an awesome looking distressed skirt for WAY less!!! If you look online, you may find some really awesome distressed skirts, but the price tag… NO THANK YOU! I did find some really cute ones for cheaper on She-In, so if you’re not a DIY kind of gal, check out the listings at the bottom of this post.

This is seriously the easiest DIY!!! So here we go:

  1. Find the denim skirt! I ended up finding mine at Walmart for under $10.  But if i would have been patient, I’m sure I could have found one at the goodwill or the DAV.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and cut the bottom of the skirt to get the frayed edge. I would take a piece of chalk and draw the line where you want to cut to help with precision. Luckily the skirt I bought had a stitching on the bottom that was easy for me to cut right next to for a cleaner line. Worried about a clean line?? Don’t be… You can make the cut as choppy as you want!
  3. After you’ve cut the bottom, use your fingers or some tweezers to get the vertical strings out to look more frayed. Also easy trick… wash your jeans and you’ll instantly have more strings coming out to look more frayed and distressed.
  4. Want some holes? Use the chalk to decide where and than place a magazine or a piece of a box under the fabric where you’re about to place the holes. Then using either scissors or a box cutter, make the cuts where you want them. Us tweezers to help pull the vertical strings out one at a time. This will allow the white horizontal strings to stay across the opening.
  5. Use a cheap razor to shave the areas you want roughed up more. I did this on the pockets and some on the front to give it an even more distressed look.
  6. Wear the skirt with a graphic tee, some sneakers, and you’re ready to rock the look!

Hope you try this DIY out! I would love to see your results!!!

I may still add some more distressing, but this was the finished product! Super easy and took less than 10 min!

Not a DIY gal,

here are a couple awesome distressed skirt I found that won’t break the bank!

Get here

Get here

Get here

Get here

Whether you decide to try out the DIY or grab yourself a distressed skirt from the store, this is one trend that is perfect for summer: Look cute, stylish and be super casual and comfy!


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