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Christmas Day Fashion! See more in the 3 dressy looks for Christmas Day post!

Christmas Parties!

Dress: Target

Skirt: Target

Ruffle Blouse: White House black market

Dress: Dollar General ( this was a crazy awesome find)

Teacher fashion 2

Plaid shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Target

Shirt: LulaRoe- Carly

Leggings: Walgreens

Black sweater: Target

Shirt: LulaRoe – Carly

Boots: Kohl’s

Scarf: Target

Skirt: Chadwick’s

Top: Mardel’s

Thanksgiving/Fall looks

Dress: Target

Boots: Kohl’s

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Dress: Target

Burgundy pants: Old Navy

Ivory lace dress: boutique

Teacher Fashions

This fun flamingo blouse was found at SHEIN! I love wearing it during the summer and on warmer spring days!

This skirt is one of my favorites! I have worn it dressed up, like in these pics, but also down with a cute graphic tee! Want one of your own: Here

This is a LulaRoe dress called Amelia! I am in love with this dress and the style! And it has pockets!!! To buy yourself one, find a LulaRoe consultant!

This jumpsuit is the cutest and I can wear it to work and out on the town!

Bell bottom shaggy jeans: Denise’s Boutique ( Geneva, IL), black one-piece: Target,  Shoes:Target, Kimono: Wish

Kimono- Add it to your wishlist! Here

Bell bottom shaggy jeans: Denise’s Boutique ( Geneva, IL), black one-piece: Target, Shoes: Target, Cloth lace back kimono: Forever 21, Hat: Target

Like this hat??? Get the hat- Shop Here

Want a watch like this??? Shop Here

Summer Dresses and Hats! 

I love wearing dresses during the summer and pairing them with cute hats!

Dress: Target , shoes: Target, Watch: Charming Charlie’s , Hat: Target

Dress: Forever 21 , shoes: Target, Watch: Charming Charlie’s , Hat: Target

(Similar dress found – Shop Now! Here)

Arts Festival Day Outfit! Too hot for hair down during the day!!! All outfits are from cute boutiques I have visited! 

Dress- Mark Ashton, Sunglasses- store in Eureka Springs( can’t remember name) 

(Similar dress- Shop Now! Here) 

Looking good! Loved the dressing room at Denise’s! This is one of my favorite stores in downtown Geneva, IL! Go check them out! Here is her fb page for the store:

Hat added for the evening- from Target!

(Similar hat- Shop Now Here)

Add different belts for different looks! Take the hat off and add a sweater to make it more professional!

New styles! Peasant tops and frayed jeans! Look at her cute items!

(Similar pants – Shop Now Here)

Fun in the office

(Similar yellow blouse- Shop Now Here)

(Levi’s jeans- Shop Now Here)

(Similar wedges- Shop Now Here)

The cutest sweetest dress! Ok, so this is one of my favorite dresses because not only is it super cute, but it was a present from Dave! The funny thing is I told Dave I loved that dress months before he gave it to me… he has a great memory! Dress- Francesca’s, hat- target

(Similar dress- Shop Now Here)

(Similar hat- Shop Now Here)

Beach/pool style! 

I absolutely love the beach! My family used to go to the Gulf Shores almost every summer when we lived in Alabama! Fun memories! This is just a cute out and about look I through together to give you some inspiration!

Hat- kohls, beach towel- Walmart, cute purse or beach bag- target, tank- target, black linen pants- target

(Similar fedora- Shop Now Here)

Carefree-Out and about errand days! 

Not gonna lie, I love this easy look because it is fast and convienent and I still think I look cute! Pull your hair off to the side in a cute low side braid and put a baseballhat on! Graphic tee, jeans/ shorts or linen comfy pants… you decide!

Summer outfits I have loved! I love Kimonos and hats! Been rocking the hats a lot this summer, since I can’t wear hats to school 😞loving my bohemian looks lately! I would say my style is rock/ bohemianish. I love flowy skirts and pairing them with graphic tees, and hats, and I love rocking all black with my awesome boots during the fall/ winter months! So here are some of my fun outfits that I have enjoyed wearing this summer!

Kimono- gordmans, hat- target, white crop top- urban outfitters, and gray shorts- old navy!

Want the hat??? Shop Now Here< a href=””&gt; (Similar Kimono- Shop Now Here And Here)

Suede!!! I love Suede!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<
uede pants- target, Suede overhang- target, white crop top- urban outfitters, and awesome beaded necklace- boutique in springfield called “inspirational home”.

(Similar suede hat- Shop Now Here)

fringe- Shop Now Here)

Suede pants! Target!

(Similar flowy belles sleeve shirt- Shop Now Here)

(Similar suede pants- Shop Now Here)< b>My chill go to look! More than likely if I am hanging around the house or going on an errand I will be wearing a hat! I love hats! I will also probably be wearing a tank top! (Also the paper on my mirror is listing off the full armor of God- I post it to remember to pray about it and think on it! )< b>Concert Styling!  Dave and I just went to the Third Eye Blind concert and it was amazing! I love seeing Dave get so excited!!! Here was my concert outfit!

(Want the hat??? Shop Now Here)

Like the Kimono??? Shop Now Here< a href=””&gt;< b>Called to Court Styling! <<<<<<<<<<<<
ods for the day… ok, not really it’s just Jury Duty! But you can have fun with dressing nice and being professionally fabulous! <<<<<<<<<<<<
arget, skinny leg zipped dress pant- New York & Company, shoes- Payless, Backpack purse- Target! <<<<<<<<<<<<
et- Shop Now Here)

Lipstick- Matte Red from MAC! Wanna add more color… try a pop of a bright vibrant blouse under an blazer! Day 2 look was this!

< b>Sunday Summer Styling! I love flowy bohemian skirts and this black skirt is perfect for dressing up and dressing down!!! Love stripped shirts and wearing them with patterns or plans!

(Similar Shirt- Shop Now Here)

(Similar boho skirt- Shop Now Here)

ly outfit! So I had a lot of great ideas this year, but I loved a couple pieces from each look, so I put them together! Here it is 2017 4th look! Drum roll please… 😂😂😂 and almost all wardrobe is from target   – 4th of July styling! Lots of trends to choose from! ❤️💙🇺🇸❤️💙🇺🇸❤️💙🇺🇸❤️💙🇺🇸

Floral Rocker Beauty! A cute graphic tee, sunglasses, fun booties ( you could wear sandals instead or taller boots), a flowy floral skirt, and a black backpack purse!

(Similar booties- Shop Now Here) (Similar Black backpack- Shop Now Here) Patriotic Beauty! Regular gray tank( you could do another color), flag shrug from Target, flag sunglasses, a cute denim skirts, booties, and a black backpack purse!

(Similar skirt- Shop Now Here) The Country Beauty! A tank, jean shorts, sunglasses (aviators) a brown purse to match your awesome cowgirl boots… these boots were made for walking… 😘

Trendy Beauty! Off the shoulder checker print blouse, sunglasses, strapie sandals, denim shorts, and a black backpack purse from Target!!! I am loving this purse this summer!!! 🙌🏻

(Similar blouse- Shop Now Here) Boho/rocker fashion! This is one of my favorite styles to rock!

(Similar boho necklace- Shop Now Here) Barefoot is my favorite!!! ❤️💙

Out on the town- Sunday night fashion

I love hats! This hat is from Target! And the shirt is one of the hubbys and I cut the sleeves off- it is now one of my fav things to wear! Add some bell jeans, sandals, and a layered necklace!

Sorry for the mess in the background…. I was in the process of cleaning and getting rid of things 😜

Polka dot flowy summer dress!

🙌🏻 I got this dress while I was in Milan performing with an orchestra and it is definitely one of my favs!

Isn’t the bottom so cute?!! 😍 Comfy striped shirt with jean bells! And my awesome “John Mayer” hat! ( I just think he would wear a hat like this)

Shirt, Jeans, and hat- Target ❤️ My super comfy stretchy shoes… all elastic! Love them… they have walked many places for many years! Need to find another pair- shoes from H&M!

Summer spaghetti strap dress
Loving summer and all the cute d
a haven’t tried it, you should! It is so freeing!

Wearing my light skinny jeans with today, cuz it is super windy… don’t want a Marilyn Monroe moment! 😜

Also- these shoes are from lovewinniejames! AND they are having a shoe sale today and tomorrow!!! Head over and get your comfy shoes! 😀

Favorite part of the dress- the back!!!

🏝Long flowy tie dye summer dress🏝 Here’s a candid, Dave got of me… I was in the middle of taking down the 50’s party decorations and Dave says “stop, you want me to take your picture… you look great right now.” Haha… so he did!

🌻Summer Suede 🌻 I really love suede! Maybe too much… I have this skirt, a pair of bells, a dress and a fun tasseled overhang! But really, can you ever have too much suede? 😜

Cute suede skirt: Target

(Similar Skirt- Shop Now Here) Sandals: lovewinniejames Going all natural today- yay for no makeup!!! 🙂

Graphic tees for days! I love graphic tees so much and this one is one of my favs! Love The Rolling Stones and this shirt from Target! Earnings from Charming Charlie’s! And I wore my jean bells… didn’t get a pic of me wearing them ☹️ but they are awesome

70’s styling! Really loving the 70’s style this summer!

Some of my fav pants- tie dye bells (below) and worn in pic (above) kohl’s

Stevie Nicks styling- She’s my spirit Animal!!!

Dress from Cato; Boots from Target ; necklace (in pic below); a boutique

Sunday Funday look!!! Bohemian fade dress! Good will ❤️😊

Went to a new church today and Dave and I loved it… we are church shopping and trying to find a new one in Springfield.

Love ❤️ this website!!!!! I just found it and I am obsessed!!! Just found this denim skirt and I fell in love! 😍 looks like a really comfy skirt for the summer!!!

Memorial Day weekend fashion:

Ready for some weekend fun this memorial weekend!!! Got my 70’s look going on with these awesome sunnis from Earthbound, a tank, and. Fun Stars and Stripes shrug from Target!!! And using one of the greatest filters from @acolorstory

New Hair and my New Sunglasses!!! Sunglasses from Earthbound $12

I have this signature color that I get done every 6 months or so… one trick to keeping coloring expenses lower is by only coloring small sections underneath. Then as the hair grows out, the fading of the color or the regrowth isn’t as noticeable. My hair is naturally this blonde color, but about 4 years ago I decided I would be bold and try some color. I first tried a light brown, but I could barely see it and for the money it needed to be apparent. I went back to my awesome stylist, Blair, and she went with a bold dark brown, almost black… it became my look… “Oreo”.

One of my favorite stores is Target!!! I probably buy way too much from there!

This is one of my favorite summer dresses that I bought this year! It is super comfy and cute!  More dresses: Concert look- ❤️John Mayor!!!