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There has been a lot of talk about education and what more educators need to do, along with all the other things we already do and have to do. Now some politicians are saying we should be carrying guns to help protect students as well. Well we have a lot more that needs addressed than just gun control in schools- what about the things that are really the problems… Mental illness. There I said it! But how can we help students with thoughts like this or a type of mental illness? Well that’s exactly the right talk! That is the thing we should be talking about and addressing and WE TEACHERS ARE GIVING OUR OPINIONS! It has been so cool to be a part of this movement and thanks goes out to Brittany Wheaton (thesuperheroteacher) and to Olivia Bertels (missbertels), and to the Whimsical Teacher for sharing a post with me and the pdf to allow me to voice my concerns. Here are just a couple of the #armmewith pdf’s circulating around the internet:



WANNA JOINT THE MOVEMENT- Reach out to me and I’ll send you a copy!!!


I haven’t updated this section for a while, so I figured it was time!

Teaching music teaches WAY more than just music!

Teaching Dynamics! The Loud/Soft Game

I recently played a game with my 6th graders after learning about dynamics and it was a Huge hit! So if you are not musically inclined, dynamics are the Loudis and sorts of music. We call loud – forte and soft- piano, and the medium dynamics are mezzo forte and mezzo piano. Well the game is based off the “hot and cold” game! I have a small smiley face and we used that as the item we were hiding.

How to play:

1. Choose a student to be “it” and send them out to the hall.

2. Hide an object ( tell or show the student the object being hidden before they leave)

3. Once object is hidden, Bring the student back in and have students play on one string. The closer the student gets to the object, the louder he students in class should play, The further away the softest.

It was so much fun to see my students engaged in learning and practicing dynamics!!! We laughed really hard when it took the students a long time to find he object.

So excited!!! I just ordered my planner for this year! Pizza is my fav and now I will hav this cute planner reminding how much I love pizza or making me real hungry!

Best planner for teachers- erincondrenwww. erincondren.com

I got to perform with one of my students the other day… it was pretty priceless!

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