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Some of my favorite rooms/ designs on Pinterest!

Christmas 2018 at the Ross’!

The Front Porch of our New Place!

A few of my favorite home items!

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Valentine’s Day at the Ross’

Christmas at the Ross’! Living in a tiny apartment??? Here’s some inspiration for you!

Front Door

I love wreaths on front doors! They just make the place look so beautiful and inviting! I made our Christmas wreath and it was super easy DIY!

We also have another one on the other side of the door!

AND one on our bedroom door, which is my favorite! This wreath was made by my grandpa from items in his yard! I added the chalk board to the middle this year!

Guest Restroom

Living Room

Add small little Christmas figurings, frames, photos, cards to the top of a piano, a side table and/or shelves already taking up space in your place.

The Kitchen and Dining Area

Our Bedroom

I added some small Christmas pillows to the gray corner chair and a cute little Christmas tree!

Our Guest Bedroom/ Music Studio

I love all the pink, white, gold, rose gold, and silver decorations I have been seeing this Christmas on Pinterest and decided to try it out in this room. Due to space, I got a small Christmas tree to fit on my desk and a couple more smaller figurines.

Christmas table setting DIY! Items needed: scissors, green wire, calligraphy pens, labels, a hole punch, and greenery.

This is the calligraphy pen I got and I love it!

Write out your cute holiday saying, phrase or word, then cut the greenery to desired size.

Use the wire to help close your mini wreath and add the label.

Fall time has been here for a while and I am seeing some super cute fall decor ideas on Pinterest and from friends! The white and clean fall look is totally in this year! Lots of white pumpkins, silver and gold tones, and white and gray! Here are some of my favs!

Gorgeous restroom! Love all the white and wood and the splash of color from the incredible rug!

Nashville for the weekend!!!

My sisters place- Nashville, TN Minimalistic house- light and antique/modern style

My sister has moved into a couple cute houses in Nashville during the last year and the one she is currently in is my favorite!!! I love the front living room and the clean white cabinets and look of the kitchen!

I’m kinda in love with this antique mustard couch!!! 🙌🏻❤️

Love ❤️ love ❤️ love❤️👇🏻why keep your cute cups and dishes in a closed cabinet… make it a feature in your kitchen!

One of my sisters roommates rooms- love it!

Emily’s room- my sister. The walls are actually white, but the sunlight makes it look like a peach color. Love the window!

Alex and Marie- Nashville, TN bathroom Reno! 

While I was in Nashville I got to see my friend Marie and Alex’s bathroom renovation and it was absolutely stunning! They decided to do it all themselves and saved more than half of their budget! 🙌🏻

Here’s the new and improved look! Ok, their bathroom is #goals!!! ❤️❤️❤️

The shelf they used is one they found at a thrift store and they repainted it! It used to be dark brown wood with turquoise colored pull out drawers… love the new color!

White subway tiles…. I mean, really!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 beautiful, clean look- AMAZING!

Love the lights!!! And the mirror! The mirror used to be attached to the shelf! (Behind the scenes)

See more of their house below! 👇🏻2nd post from bottom!

Patriotic house! ❤️💙🇺🇸
I love seeing how people dec
e hostess had the cutest most patriotic house!! There was an American flag hanging outside on the house and a really cute red, white and blue wreath on the door! Wish I would have gotten a pic of the outside! But as I walked inside, I was so excited about some of the rooms, so I just had to stop and take some pics! Enjoy!

The front room as you walk in! Love the wood floors and I think this is such a sweet little wall! Across the way is a beautiful fireplace with the homie touch of children’s pictures hanging along the mantle. And the fireplace continues the American patriotic theme! Beautiful and simplistic!

The cute kitchen! I love the white painted cabinets and white table with just a touch of light wood- very farmhouse! Loved the large family sized wooden table!

This little area is maybe one of my favorite little corners! Again the patriotic theme is evident! Love the small details in the little tin box in the center and the colors againstthe white background! ❤️

Our cute apartment!!!! The Ross Residence! 

Our little apartment is one of my favorite places to be!!! We definitely want to find a rental house soon because living in an apartment is getting kind of old, but this apartment has so many memories and it will be tough to leave.  This is the apartment I was in when I met Dave, where he would come and stay when he visited from Nashville, where he proposed (story coming soon), and where we have lived as a married couple! We have a very artsy eclectic style! Here is a tour of our cute little place: welcome to our home!

This is our entry way and the chairs are used for my violin/viola studio! This apartment has worked so well for having my studio… we have this long hallway and the the restroom in front, and the doorway off to the left is my studio! To keep the rest of the house more private we got a divider from, of course, Target!!!

Our restroom off to the right as you enter our apartment. And yes, we do have a restroom sign… dave loves it!

Some pics of us as you walk in- all three photos are from our engagement shoot with my friend Sein. And I am obsessed with the Amish and some of Dave’s family lives in the 4th largest Amish community… while visiting, I just had to stop in some of their stores. I bought the family sign hanging above our frames from one of the stores there.

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The studio has been great for me teaching lessons, practicing for symphony and other gigs, and for some fun hubby/wife impromptu music time! Dave plays guitar, piano, sings and loves to write music… and I think he is an incredible song writer!!! The violins on the walls of the studio are from some of my fun shows I have gotten to play… I have performed with the Transiberian Orchestra 3 times and I got them to sign one of the violins and the other is the violin I use for outdoor weddings and for students if they forget their instruments, which happens occasionally.

Our living room with my grandma’s piano added!!! We have been loving having the piano here- it makes me think about her and the wonderful mom and grandma she was.

Our dinning area and kitchen! The kitchen has a coffee theme because, hello, coffee is amazing and it is a cute kitchen theme! One thing I love about the dining area is the beautiful China cabinet that my grandm gave us… it houses some of the most beautiful China that my grandpa bought my grandma when he was fighting in Korea. I also love the pics of me and dave over our 5 years together, almost 4 years married and the praying man above, from my other grandma… it is a sentimental wall!

Our bedroom is coming… gotta clean 🙂  ok, all I cleaned a little bit and I got a great shot of our cute bed and decor!

Alex and Marie’s House- Nashville, TN! 

This is one of my favorite little homes to visit not just because it is seriously the cutest, but because this is one of my friend’s houses! Marie and Alex Marshall are some of mine and Dave’s friends that live in Nashville and I just had to post the pics of their super cute house for inspiration!


I recently came upon this awesome website and I am in love with everything!!! 😍

Seriously, though… aren’t these the cutest??!! Gummergal I thought of you when I saw this super cute light up welcome baby board and of course the cute little baby blanket with your fav… 🌵

And I love the look of this shelf- can not wait til we have a home… could be this summer!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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