My Bachelorette Watch Party

I have never really been one for reality T.V. but the one reality T.V. show I adore is the Bachelor/ Bachelorette- It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures. I love getting together with my girls and watching as the love unfolds for the Bachelor or Bachelorette, and Oh… the Drama. Last season was definitely challenging to watch as Arie dumped Becca after proposing for the whole world to see. But honestly, I kept thinking as the show was progressing how Becca was WAY too good for Arie, so I was extremely happy to find out that she was going to be the next Bachelorette. After watching her heartbreak on live T.V., she finally gets her chance to meet some awesome guys and possibly meet her husband as the new bachelorette. Loving to plan and decorate parties, hang with my girls and watch the show, I decided to host a Bachelorette Watch Party this last Monday night for the series premier.

This was a super easy party to throw! I used party decorations from previous parties, so that all I really needed to buy was the food, drinks and roses ( of course). To throw a really great Bachelorette watch party, you’ll need a couple things for sure: some awesome girlfriends to watch with, wine ( of course), and some yummy snacks!

I bought some nice plastic plates at Homegoods to use and I finally got to use my chocolate fondue kit I got a couple of Christmas’ ago. I wanted to be a little more dressy for the event, since I was the host, so I wore the following:

Earrings – Similar Earrings

Wrap Necklace- Blake Necklace ( ParkLane)

Black Sheer Dress- Similar Dress

I had so much fun watching the Bachelorette with my girls! Every once in a while my friend group will do a bachelor/ bachelorette bracket and we’ll put together a fun winners basket. I won the basket one year and inside was a starbucks gift card, some fingernail polish, some lip glosses and a candle! We started a bracket this year and we’ll have to see who will win! As for the guys… there are definitely a couple of guys that I could totally see Becca with, but of course there are always those who may just be on the show to bolster their careers. I definitely have a couple forerunners and I believe a couple of them may be there at the end!

 Are you planning on watching the Bachelorette? Any guys you like for Becca?

Want the Bracket??? Click Here

Thanks to Desiree for providing all of the amazing Brackets!



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