Sharing Sunday- Life, Decisions and Being Wise

This past week two icons took their lives and the world was shocked. The decision that they both made to take their lives was something that shocked and devastated many of us. But it was also a realization for me and many others that while someone may look like they have it all together, we never really know what is going on behind the spotlights. Over the week I saw many friends post on their Instagram accounts reminders to be nice to one another, watch out for others, and to reach out to friends and loved ones, even those that always look like they have it together. Many people posted the suicide hotline and reminded people that if they were struggling to reach out and to call, but while the suicide hotline, and others may be able to help for a bit, there is only 1 person that can truly help and that person is Jesus! He is the one that can truly heal someone and completely change their mental health. As people we need to reach out to each other, and love each other, but as Christians, let us not forget to go to the source- to talk about the source and give someone the hope that we know in Christ!  Related image

Kate and Anthony made a choice to ultimately end their lives, but they could have made the choice to reach out, or to get help. Now- I know that suffering from a mental illness may make it harder to think of alternate choices, and I’m not at all talking down upon them, because I have no way of knowing what they were going through, but I do know that they had choices, and if you’re reading this right now, You have a choice! Please know that you are loved and cared for. Please reach out to someone and let them know what is happening or how you feel. This blog post isn’t about suicide, although I began it like that, but it’s about life decisions, and choices, which we all have to make in life.

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I don’t know about you all, but I know that I want to be wise in my choices. I want to make sure that I am being wise in the way I’m living and the decisions I make, and it’s a world of choices we live in. Dave and I are currently in the crossroads of many decisions and feeling extremely adult these days and definitely needing wisdom more than ever. So how does one acquire wisdom? As a christian, we gain wisdom from the Bible, praying, and of course asking others older and more wise than ourselves. I have definitely been praying a lot more over the last couple of days, with all of these new possibilities in works. Funny thing was that the pastor today talked about wisdom and how to acquire wisdom today at church- totally felt like it was another message for me. Well good news- I’m doing exactly what I should be doing!

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So I challenge you- If you have some big decisions to make, talk to those who care the most about you. Talk to those who want the best for you and talk to those who have more life experience and wisdom than you. But don’t forget to ask God to help you be wise and gain more wisdom to make the best choices you possibly can.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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