I’ve been using rodan and fields for the last couple of months and I am obsessed! My skin is smoother and brighter! The cleanser exfoliates the skin and leaves the skin feeling really smooth and clean. After washing, the pores minimizing toner is used. The toner is really gentle- no burning sensation similar to others, and helps clean any remaining dirt or makeup left over after washing. I have also noticed my pores have gotten smaller as I have been using this product! The last step is moisturizing with the am or pm face moisturizer, depending upon the time used. The moisturizers are light and not oily and the am moisturizer has spf added to help keep skin healthy and shielded from the harmful sun. This product goes a long way with very little. Another plus is the amazing scent- it is a very light but nice scent.

I have been blessed to have pretty good eyebrows, but because I am blonde, I have really blonde eyebrows. Wanting to have my eyebrows darker, but not too dark and looking fake has always been a struggle. I used to use brown eyeshadow and try and match the similar shade of my eyebrows to a certain brown and some days it looked great, while others they may not have looked as natural. I recently picked up a brow pencil with an attached sponge for shading and I have grown to love it! Ok, are you ready to know which product it is???

Well, it is the Maybeline – brow define fill duo! I love this product! It is a great price and does the job! Have really blonde eyebrows and want to stand out? Give it a try… I think you’ll love it!

Brow duo

Review: Wet N’Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisurizing Lip Colour 

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A couple weeks ago I traveled home to Chicago to see my parents and realized I left ALL of my lipsticks and lipgloss in Springfield!!! How does that happen??!! Well, in my rushing I left them and knew I would need something for the weekend. My lips get chapped pretty easily and so having a moisturizing lip balm or chap stick really helps. I stopped in at a Walgreens and looked around. Since I have a ton of lip gloss and lipsticks at home, I wanted to go cheap in case I didn’t like the product a lot. Well- GOOD NEWS- I loved it! I got a softer pink color to go with a lot of my clothes and it has a little bit of shimmer, to give that sun kissed look! The color is beautiful, there is no weird taste, and it moisturizes and nourishes my lips. And it was $3!!! All pluses on this product! Disclosure: I don’t know about the darker shades and how well those colors work or stay, but the lighter tint stays pretty well and looks pretty!


Ok, so I am sure I am like many women who love to get pedicures/ manicures, facials, have a spa day, or a massage day to make them feel so relaxed and just plain awesome! But really how many times do you want to do those things, but don’t have time??!!! I have a very busy schedule and when I need to get those things done, or want them done, I usually only have a limited time frame and those places don’t always accommodate when I have available. So I have started doing little things for myself to relax and make myself feel special- Plus this is going to be part of a me challenge for myself!  Here are a couple things you can do! RELAXING BATHS! This is one of my favorite things to do to de-stress and relax! Fill the tub with your favorite bubble bath, bath salts or try out a cool bath bomb! One of my personal favorites for bath salts is the Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solutions! I have two different ones depending upon what I need that evening- the soothe and sleep or the relax and relief! The bath salts are known to revitalize tires, achy muscles and refresh skin’s appearance, with amazing essential oils to help your body relax and providing a luxurious aroma to provide relief from stress! I would recommend this to everyone, but especially people who have tired or achy muscles, musicians, athletes, fitness coaches, anyone that puts a lot of strang on their muscles daily! IT IS AMAZING!  Get Dr.Teals Here

Bath bombs are cool too… just check the ingredients! Not everything is awesome for your body!

Shop Here for some vegan bath bombs!
WASH YOUR FACE! I know is sounds so simple, but for me having a clean face is so important! I can sleep better and I allow my face to breathe! You will feel so great just allowing yourself to sleep with a clean face! There are so many amazing skin care regiments out there… I have heard about a lot and have tried many! I first make sure to get rid of all my makeup before I wash my face using Neutrogen makeup remover cleansing towelettes.. love these! Then I use regular soap if I am gonna do a mask or follow through with normal routine under the mask section!

MASK IT UP! I absolutely love masks and the benefits they provide for our faces! I have tried many different kinds and my favorite lately has been from the brand “yes to tomatoes” and it is the detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask! I got a couple samples before I knew if I would want to buy it.. I suggest doing this! It is cheaper to do it this way and you can test our so many different ones and see what you like, or keep tying them all for fun- no need to buy the bottle! Charcoal is a new thing this year… I have constantly been hearing about it!!! So why is it so awesome? Here is why!
Dave and me being silly with the camera!Me being silly after the mask had dried… hehe
My skin feels so clean and clear and smooth after using this mask! And the thing I love is that it was so gently when it was on, no weird smells and it was easy to wash off! Yep it’s a good one!


I usually wash my face again but this time more rigorous! Once I get the mask off, I either use my Microdermabrasion kit from Mary Kay… (used to sell it), my blemish control facial scrub similar to St. Ives, or I use my Clarisonic Mia 2! I love all of these face cleansers and they all get my skin to look glowy and smooth! After washing your face, make sure you use a toner and moisturizer… always moisturize!!! I recently started using oil-free Witch Hazel toner/cleanser and am loving it! For moisturizer make sure you find a good nighttime cream… it is so important that your skin gets hydration at night and during the day!
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Get your awesome Gel Kit Here

I really love going and getting my nails done, but it can get costly and with being so busy, I usually do it myself! About a year ago I found an awesome kit at Walgreens and have loved it ever since!  This is a Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Kit… want your nails to look like they were professionally done and be gel… this is a great kit! My friend, Becca, actually introduced me to it and she is still by far better at taking time and making her nails look better than mine, but it is fun! Also- it doesn’t take too long… another plus!

I get really sore playing violin and so sometimes I have been able to get Dave to give me an awesome massage. Sometimes it is just a quick one, but sometimes I can get a really deep amazing massage! When that happens, or when I want that, I bring out the big guns… lol… the body oil! I love the smell and the feel of neutrogen body oil!!! I feel relaxed, smooth and smell amazing afterwards!
Next time you’re needing a Girl’s spa night, try a couple of these at home!!!



I started using this toothpaste about a month ago and I am loving it! I got my teeth professionally whitened last summer and after I wanted to keep them white, so every once in a while I would use whitening strips and hydrogen peroxide. I started feeling like my teeth were getting darker again and I searched for something that wouldn’t take me a longtime and could be something I do daily! Well- my friend posted about this amazing toothpaste and posted pics, so I said “why not?” And I got it! I am sooo glad I did! My teeth have stayed white and I feel like they may be even whiter due to this product! I use it everyday and it is quick and fast- we brush our teeth every day… why not brush and protect out teeth while whitening?! I strongly suggest getting this product if you want your teeth to be super white and healthy! 😁 Love it ❤️❤️☝️

Coconut oil!!! 

A friend of mine posted a blog about the benefits of using coconut oil and while I had heard about many, I was a stranger to some. So, I decided to try some of those out and I am a believer! 🙏🏻

Coconut oil instead of shaving cream?! Yes!!! This is a must do! My legs felt so silky and smooth and best part… my leg hairs did not grow back as fast as normal! Plus, you’re hydrating your skin!!!

Cocunut oil to wash your makeup off!

Honestly it is definitely greasy and can be a little uncomfortable as you wash and let it sit for about 10 min,  but omg!!! After, your skin feels amazing! I bet this will be great during the winter months when my skin is super dry!!! Thanks for the suggestions…
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e to look awesome and feel great! I used to think I had to wear makeup all the time or completely conceal everything to feel confident… wrong! Confidence does not come from makeup… it comes from within… it comes from you beginning to believe in yourself and see how beautiful you are through the eyes of God! It takes time, but it is so worth it!

Make up is something that should be seen as enhancing all your beauty, but not covering who you are! One thing I love about the summer is that I rarely do my makeup and I get a chance to wear less makeup throughout the day, but still feel amazing! So here is my everyday makeup for the summer! I use 5-6 products, depending upon if I want eyeliner that day or not! That’s it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I used to use all MARY KAY and I loved it, but it was getting expensive and I found similar products for cheaper! 😜

My sister is amazing when it comes to finding out about new makeup! I needed a new eyeliner and I asked for her advice… she gave me two options at ultra and I picked this: NYX professional makeup Epic Ink Liner!!! I ❤️it!

Oily- Combo- Dry Skin?! Coming soon❤️