Valentine’s Outfit Inspirations!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Have you found your outfit yet? It’s always fun to go out shopping and find a new dress and It’s not too late to find that perfect dress for this special occasion. But if you’re like me, and you’re trying to live on a budget, why not look in your closet for that special dress. I know I have bought so many pretty dresses for that “one special night” or occasion over the years and after that one night out, it just stays put, in my dark closet. And my closet really is dark- The apartment didn’t see a need, I guess, to place a light inside. Anyways, if you’re like me and don’t like wearing the same thing twice, try adding different accessories or doing your hair in a new way, to create a different look and make you feel AMAZING.

Now I’m gonna tell you a secret… Are you ready??? Come in close…. If you are confident in what you’re wearing… you will look absolutely beautiful and radiant in anything!!! So what if it’s last season or others would view it as old, or something you’ve had for a really long time…Walk with confidence and everyone will only see you- The beautiful woman in the dress!

Okay, so are you ready to take a trip with me into my closet for the next couple looks? Here we go!

The Sexy Black Dress
Feel Un-stoppable and Oh, so sexy! Ladies… You need a sexy black dress! That black dress that shows off all your curves and makes you feel sexy and powerful. This is one of my favorite sexy black dresses from Lulus!

The Vibrant Mini Look
Stand out in the crowd! This vibrant hot pink dress is a beautiful tone and so much fun for Valentine’s Day. This could totally be a barbie style dress or you can make it a little more edgy with a black leather jacket. Don’t be afraid to wear some over the knee boots as well!

Jewelry Added!!!

Earrings- Park Lane

Bracelet- Premier Designs

Necklace- Boutique in Chicago

The Sultry off the Shoulder Look
Keep his Attention! This dress is a beautiful cranberry color and fits like a glove. I absolutely love the neckline and the off the shoulder look. Dress it up with your favorite shiny jewelry and you’re ready to go. I would suggest either wearing your hair up or to the side to really show off your shoulders and skin.

The Keeping it simple but sweet look!
Be comfy but Sweet! The velvet trend hit hard at the Ross’! I just had to have a couple pieces and one of those velvet pieces was an amazing light pink velvet skirt from Target. This has become one of my favorite things to wear! Pair it with a sweater, a more dressy blouse, or a fun top, to be worn for any occasion. To keep it simple, I paired this beautiful skirt with one of my fun open shoulder black tops. I tucked the front of the shirt into the skirt, added my fun silver tear drop earrings, and went for a top knot.


Tear drop earrings- Target

Brackets- The Market

The Velvet Goddess Look
Have everyone looking your direction! I have loved velvet so much lately, why not take those velvet looks into 2018. It’s soft and shimmering fabric will brighten up the room. And your man, well he will be smitten!

The Classic A-line Look
Have fun with the look and pretend you’re a dainty housewife! I have been watching the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” so much lately and I am in love with all of her dresses. This dress totally made me think of that show. I decided to just go with the vintage look I was feeling, and pulled up the side of my hair for a more 40’s feel.

Til next time, Stay fashionable

Erin Ruscel

Which of these looks is your favorite??? Do you have items in your closet that you could re-wear????

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope I could inspire you a little before Valentine’s Day! Remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and IF YOU’RE CONFIDENT you’ll look like a million bucks!

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  1. These outfits are so classy and adorable!! Your “little black dress” is my especial favorite out of all these 🙂

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