A few of my favorite things: Fall Edition

Hey Ya’ll, Happy October! I absolutely love fall… the cooler weather, the amazing sweaters, boots and booties, scarves, pumpkins and everything pumpkin flavor.. well, you get the picture, I love Fall! So I decided to share with you some of my favorite things for the season.

Sweaters! A girl can never have too many sweaters, right?! I mean, there are so many different sweaters, but some of my favorites are the really big sweaters that I can wear with leggings and of course my boots. I have found a lot of really great sweaters online and one of my favorite sweaters I own, I actually bought at a goodwill. Who says you have to spend a ton of money to be fashionable??!!!

Love the oversized sweater mixed with the leather leggings. I'm all about monochromatic texture combos. and the boots are a cute touch!

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(Also I looked up this look on Pinterest and recreated it by wearing one of my hubby’s big sweaters!)sweater161117404_2

These are the most comfortable sweaters and they are currently $17 on Shein. You know you want to go and get yours now…  shop here

Boots! I have so many pairs of boots and booties, but I am seriously obsessed with them! I have seen so many pairs that I WANT, but of course the hubby doesn’t understand that they are different than the others I currently have. Love the boots pictured above! Faux Suede Wedge Booties | Forever 21 - 1000161784

product photo

These Metallic boots are so much fun! And they are from Old Navy and on SALE for $38.

product photo

These are the perfect in-between season boot and they are also from Old Navy and on SALE for $30.

Old Navy has a ton of really cute booties and many are on SALE- shop here

Scarves! I have probably way too many scarves, and I actually got rid of some of them recently realizing that I had about 50!!! But wrap scarves and blanket scarves are some of my all-time favs! You can really make an outfit look different by just adding a scarf, or spice up an outfit a bit. And since I’m a music teacher, I just had to get a music scarf.


Plaid scarves are a must in anyone's fall and winter wardrobe- see the best plaid ones for the season- plaid- plaid scarves- women's fashion- fall wardrobe- scarf- wardrobe must haves

shop here

CANDLES… CANDLES… CANDLES!!! I would love to have a candle in every single room, except i live in an apartment and that would be a lot of crazy scents mixed together, lol! My favorite kind of candles are the Woodwick candles because not only do they have some incredible scents, but they also make a crackling sound very similar to a fire. Living in an apartment, I love getting to hear the crackling sound of the candle and dream of the day that I can sit with a candle in front of a real fireplace. One of mine and Dave’s favorite scents is called “Fireside” and it is the candle of the month and is 25% off!!! Head over to Woodwicks website and order yours now! http://woodwick.yankeecandle.com/

Flannel! Can one ever have enough flannel??!!! I love all the different looks you can create with a great flannel shirt! There are some really great flannel shirts on sale currently at Old Navy! shop here

product photo

Stripes and plaid combine for the perfect fall outfit!


love the combination of black+red plaid,black and leopard....could wear it...

These are just a few of my favorite things for this fall season!  What are some of your favorite things???

Happy Fall, Lovelies!

Erin Ruscel


6 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things: Fall Edition

  1. Great choices! I agree, boots are an absolute necessity! I have a great pair of OTK boots I love, but I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of back booties.

    1. Thank you so much! There are so many amazing fall fashion trends to love! I love OTK boots! I have found a lot of my booties at old navy- they are super stylish and last for a while, only down side is sometimes they aren’t as comfy as others. If you are going to be walking around a lot or standing a ton, not the best shoes. But is you’re only gonna wear them for a couple hours, they are great!

  2. Some great choices there. Also I think I need to hit up Old Navy for those metallic booties. I hope they have good stuff in the Canadian stores.

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