An Ozark Glamping Experience for our 9th Wedding Anniversary

As our 9th wedding anniversary was coming up, I wanted us to be able to get away and do something unique and different. Both Dave and I love nature and with us both working online I wanted a picturesque spot for us to enjoy, relax and get away from social media. So I thought, let’s go camping! But since it has been hotter than Hades I knew that regular camping would be a little too intense, so I began looking for Glamping sites and/ or tree houses around the area.

And wow, I hit the jackpot! As I searched Branson and Eureka areas, a sweet little glamping tent airbnb came up a little under an hour from us! I knew I had found the perfect place when I read the following description from the airbnb site :

“Nestled on fifty-eight acres in the heart of the Ozark Mountains you will find this unique glamping site in Branson, Mo. You will be able to enjoy the great outdoors under the stars in a safari tent, equipped with one queen size bed, heating/ ac unit, mini fridge and microwave, with a full restroom facility located just outside the tent… if you want to unplug from the city lights and sounds by enjoying the great outdoors, and reconnecting with your loved one, this glamping experience is for you.”

Sold. I booked it and we set off for our little overnight anniversary trip. We did, however, bring the cutest little almost 11 month baby girl with us. Check in was at 4pm and when we arrived we found the space to be so inviting, peaceful, charming, and tucked away in the trees for privacy. As you walk towards the glamping safari tent, you pass by a fire pit and a little sitting area to give you that camp fire/ s’mores experience! The owners had also provided two foldable camping chairs for us to use next to the pit.

Our little glamping spot

Mmmmm… Something about camping and cooking on the campfire always makes me happy! I didn’t camp much as a little girl, but I remember a field trip my 6th grade class did a week or so before school began where we made our own foil dinners. I remember getting a choice of meats and adding carrots, onions, potatoes to my foil pack, and adding salt & pepper to taste! Sooo good! So of course with that fun experience, we had to make a foil dinner, right?! I ended up just cooking the veggies in the foil and we had some left over jalapeño cheddar brats that just hit the spot!

Not the best picture but it was so fun!

I was a little nervous about bringing Peyton with us since she’s never experienced camping, but honestly she did amazing and enjoyed being outside the majority of the night! She loves the outdoors just like her momma! While daddy played with his new, fun toy… his drone, we explored a bit! We walked up the path a little ways to a beautiful field and were able to see the sun set!

We headed back to the site to eat our foil dinners and enjoy the fire. I’m not gonna lie… It was hot! It has been about 90° the last couple of weeks here here in Missouri and having that heat plus the heat of a fire was a lot! But wow, this glamping area in the fall I bet would be absolutely beautiful! After finally getting Peyton to go to sleep, Dave and I stepped back outside to sit around the fire, drink champagne and of course make s’mores! We stayed out til about 11 or so and then got showered off before returning into the tent!

Off to the side of the tent was the cutest little private bathroom, complete with towels, a hair dryer, cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, hot water ( hallelujah) and praise the lord, enough toilet paper. I did bring my own toilet paper, cuz ya know after 2020… you never can be too careful! 😉

As we got ready to turn in, Peyton, who had been tossing and turning for a while, decided to wake up. We brought a pack n play for her to sleep in, but she struggled most of the night to actually fall asleep for longer than a couple hours. We were exhausted. There was a point where we brought her up into bed with us and after about 40 some minutes, she finally fell asleep. We were all sleeping decently when “Bam”… I woke up. At the top of the front side of the tent, there was a small opening and I could’ve sworn there was some animal that got its way into that little hole and dropped down onto the floor inside our tent. Dave, me and pet all woke up and there wasn’t anything. My mind was playing tricks on me and while I had slept some, I really wasn’t sleeping too hard. Remember how I mentioned that I hadn’t gone camping much in the past??! Well, the times that I had gone camping, I didn’t sleep the best because I was always on edge thinking something was outside, waiting to get us. 😉

All in all our trip was really fun! It was the perfect little adventure, close to home, where we could just be and enjoy our little family as we celebrated our 9 years of marriage! I highly recommend this sweet glamping airbnb.. You won’t regret your stay! Maybe a few more glamping trips, possibly some in the fall, will help Pey and I get a little more comfortable with camping. 🙂

And I can’t end this blogpost without a little lovey doveyness (not sure that’s a word). Dave, I love you so much! Thank you for being the best husband and now father! I cannot even tell you how incredibly blessed I feel to be your wife! You are diligent, a hard worker, loyal to me, your friendships, & our church, talented & gifted in music and songwriting, caring and compassionate towards everyone, hilarious, and i Love Your heart for God & serving! Thank you for your friendship & love, you’re my best friend! I love this life we are building together!!! ❤️

Check out the Glamping Site we stayed at below and book your stay!

Sweet Safari Books provided

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