Ditch the Diet this Holiday Season without feeling guilty & with the help of the warrior tribe accountability group!

Happy November!!! I know its been a while, but dang… life has been crazy! But while not all of it has been amazing, my beachbody business, coaching and the warrior tribe have been Amazing! So what exactly is the warrior tribe? The warrior tribe is my accountabiltiy fit tribe for my lady clients where we check in each day with our sweaty selfies, recipes, and we just do life together! We do fun challenges and keep each other motivated to move towards our goals and become our best selves for ourselves and our families daily! We do a new theme or different workout together every month and share our good and bad days with each other!

With the holidays coming up, myself and another coach Helena have decided to do a Nutrition 101 group! No more dieting or feeling bad about your choices… we will help you make the best choices that you feel good about! We’re going to be sharing tips and tricks to help you stay consistent with your nutrition thoughout the holidays without restricting yourself, give you some healthy swap ideas, and help you plan ahead to do better and feel like you’re rocking this holiday season! Plus I’m thinking about doing a Black Friday Sale! Plus all the savings bundles are $20 off right now and they include all the workouts and nutrition, plus me as your 1:1 coach and my amazing warrior tribe group!

Check out this link for all the details and for some of my other favorite items of the month!


Wishing you the best as we go into this Holiday Season! And No worries, I’ve got a couple more gift guide coming your way soon!

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