Muscle Burns Fat

This last year has been a year of so much growth and discipline for me, and especially in the area of investing in myself and others! I decided about a year ago to become a coach with Beachbody and have loved every minute of it! I just had to make a blog post about the newest workout program because the RESULTS HAVE BEEN AMAZING and its one of my favorites so far! Ive decided to open up a phase 2 in my Muscle Burns Fat bootcamp!!!! The bootcamp is a place for you to check in with your workouts and nutrition, have extra support and encouragement, get some fun meal prep/ plans, and meet some awesome people!

Want to try it out?

Sample Workout:

Want in the bootcamp??? Click any of these links to Check out and Enroll! OR CONTACT ME FOR MORE DEETS OR TO CHAT.


INSTAGRAM: @erinruscel

#mbf Annual BOD Shakeology® Challenge Pack:

#mbf Annual Beachbody® On Demand Performance Pack:

#mbf Annual BOD Deluxe Shakeology® Challenge Pack:

So excited about the 2nd phase and I hope you join us!!!

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