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Hey friends! Hope you all are doing wonderful on this Wednesday! Its almost Labor Day weekend and I am so excited to have a day off work to hang out with the hubby and chill out. Recently I’ve been working more on my health and fitness and a HUGE part of this is eating healthier foods. I can tell you that I am horrible at this. Nutrition has always been the hardest aspect of my health journey and something I constantly have to work on. My busy lifestyle doesn’t lend much time for prepping or cooking healthier meals, plus the fact that I dislike cooking doesn’t help much either. Here’s the deal, I have to stop the excuses if I want to see results. So I can complain all day long about whether I enjoy cooking or not, and continue to make excuses for the time that I don’t have to prep my food or cook items ahead of time, or I could man up and find some awesome recipes and schedule some time to prep for the week ahead.

I’m currently working on the later. No, it’s not always easy and No, I don’t magically enjoy cooking now, but I am enjoying the peace of mind knowing that I already have my meals covered. I thought I would share a recent favorite in case you may want some healthier, easier options for dinners!

The above Dinner has been my go-to for lunches this week and SO good! I also added jalapenos and hot sauce to give it more of a kick!


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