Three Easy and Inexpensive Patriotic Tablescapes for the Fourth of July !

It’s almost Fourth of July time! This is one of my favorite holidays to hang out with family and friends, eat lots of good food, and decorate with red, white and blue. I have always loved seeing houses decorated and decked out in patriotic colors, especially beautiful white houses with wrap around porches… anyone else?! Well I don’t have a big White House with a wrap around porch, but that doesn’t stop me from decking out our place for the fourth! Since one of my favorite activities on the fourth is eating, I thought it’d be fun to style 3 different tablescapes for you all, my readers, and to hopefully give you all some inspiration as you prepare!

Some things to consider when you’re decorating your tablescapes and creating your vision should include:

Using decorations you already have

Lay out every decoration you may want to use and everything you have that is red, white and blue. I would pull out the items you may have never used and things you aren’t quite sure about. Having all the items out where you can visualize your design is very important and is super helpful as you decorate.

Understanding your budget for items needed

I am huge on saving money and getting good deals, so whenever I have an event I want to decorate for, I check my local goodwill, dollar generals and dollar trees.

Buying items you can use year after year

Whenever I’m buying decoration items or things for the house, I always ask myself if the item or decoration can serve multiple purposes or be used for multiple events. If the answer is yes, then I come up with a list of ways I could use it and if I can think up at least 3 ways, I get the item! White, ivory, gold, silver, Black, gray, brown and tan are awesome neutrals that can be used in lots of different designs and decor purposes.

Okay, time to get into the fun part!

*Items in the pictures below are items I have had for a while and items I found at goodwill and dollar tree.

#1 Farmhouse Patriotic

The first tablescape is my farmhouse patriotic table- A Simple, rustic design with a little splash of red, white and blue!

#2 Colonial Patriotic

The second tablescape is my Colonial Patriotic table because it’s slightly reminiscent of the colonial era- A more formal setup with the American Flag on display.( I couldn’t decide which flowers I liked most for this setup, so I did pictures with both: the babies breath bouquet and the patriotic bouquet. )

Image may contain: table, food and indoor

Image may contain: fruit, table, dessert, food and indoor

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: table and indoor

Image may contain: table, indoor and food

Image may contain: table and indoor

#3 All American Country

The third tablescape is the All Americn Country table- A simple, easy, cute country picnic look. Add a gingham tablecloth, make some muffins and grab an old fashioned cola, and you’re on your way!

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: drink, table and indoor

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: table, indoor and food

Image may contain: people sitting, drink, table and food

Image may contain: food and indoor

I had so much fun designing these tablescapes for y’all! Which was your favorite… #1,2 or 3???

Happy Fourth Y’all! – Love, Erin Ruscel

Image may contain: Erin Hefta Ross, smiling, food

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