May Boss Babe : Meet Marijon of Clay Gossip!

Social media can be an awesome resource and Instagram has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people from all around the world! Marijon and I have been friends for a couple years now on Instagram and I have absolutely loved watching as her family has grown and as her business came to be! I was so excited when she agreed to do this interview and I’m very excited to introduce you all, my readers, to her and her fun business!

So without further adue, meet Marijon!

(To make it easier to read, Marijon’s answers are in Pink. )

Thank you so much for doing this fun little interview with me! I absolutely love sharing awesome businesses like yours with my readers. So for everyone to get to know you better, can you tell us a little about yourself…

Sure. I was born in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand 3 years ago. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been with my hubby for 10 years, married for 4 year, and we have a beautiful 7 month old Girl. We live on a farm on the North Island in New Zealand. And I’m a hairdresser by trade. I used to own my own Salon and coffee shop in South Africa.

I just think it is the coolest thing that you were born in South Africa and that you live in New Zealand now. I’ve always wanted to travel to both locations… I’ve heard they are beautiful! And your little girl is the sweetest thing, ever!

Aww well thank you so much!

Can you tell me a little more about your family?!

Well, the most significant thing about our family is we have no boys 😂 Mom has 3 sisters, all of them only have daughters. I have one sister and she has 4 girls and now I have one too. My mom is my best friend, role model and hero!

How funny and interesting! My mom is a good friend of mine now too! It wasn’t so much like that growing up, but the older I’ve gotten the more I realize how amazing my mom is!

Okay, so I absolutely love the name you chose for your company, how did you come up with it?!

Well, “Clay Gossip” was my husbands idea, he is a genius. When we had to find a name he started to find things that you do with you ears that would have a good ring to it. And what better way than to hope your new accessories are the Gossip of the town.

I love this so much, what a great idea!

Is this a side job, or are you aiming for it to be your full time job?

Started as a side, just to keep me sane while spending so much time at home with our new baby, but I am aiming and hoping it will become a full time job.

That is soooo awesome! I wish you all the luck in the world!

How did Clay Gossip come to be?

My sister and I went to a ladies night at church a couple of months ago and we had the opportunity to each make a pair of earrings. I loved it so much and started researching. I found so many ideas and loved making them so I got heaps of clay and just started making some and decided to sell them at the local market.

That sounds like a fabulous evening!

Where can women or girls go to order their own cute earrings?

At the moment on Instagram and Facebook @clay.gossip . Hopefully we will have a online shop soon.

What is your favorite type of earring that you sell? And why?

Oh my, I have too many favourites! Every time I make a new pair, they become my favourite. The people’s favourites seem to be the ones with detailed designs. I think because they are hand made and one of a kind.

Yes, they are most certainly one of a kind and so beautiful and fun!

Well thank you!

What has been your goal or dream for your company?

One of my goals is to be able to earn a full time income and have my earrings in stores.

Do you have some specific stores in mind that you’d like to have your designs showcased?

Well, I would like to sell them in some local stores here in New Zealand!

Do you have any advice for others that are trying to launch their own companies or stores?

My mom always says “just do it.” If you have an idea, go for it. Don’t give up to soon. If you try something and it doesn’t work, it’s just a learning curve, don’t be scared to try again.

I love this! Every time I have asked this question, every creative has said the same thing. Don’t let fear stand in your way, don’t give up, and just do it! If you have a dream or want to create something, just do it! They don’t say “wait for it to be perfect, or wait til you know you’ll make a profit,” but instead they just say go for it and do it!

Another thing I liked that you said was “if it doesn’t work, it will just be a learning curve.” That’s a great perspective to have for lots in your life.  Have you experienced a learning curve with your own designs?

Yes, so much! I have learned new techniques with my designs almost everyday and I’ve learned more about being patient, having perseverance, and my own creativity.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I try do do one set of earrings designs a day but some days my baby’s girl does not allow for that to happen 😂 but I get up between 6 and 6:30, feed, change and dress my little one. I usually try and start working on my earrings when she has her morning nap. But in this time I quickly get dressed as well. I would do a load of washing, have some play time, lunch time, house work. Some days I go to town, have a coffee group to mix with some other moms. Cook dinner, baby bath time at 7pm bedtime 7:30 and then I would work some more on some of my earrings especially when I have upcoming market days.

Have you always wanted to create earrings or was that something that came about through the girl evening at your church?

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted some form of a fashion shop, I just never knew what or where to get started and finally found something I can make myself. So it wasn’t long ago that I decided I wanted to create earrings. I loved making them and thought I have nothing to loose, worse case I end up with a big collection of earrings 😉😂

What a fun thing to make too! It’s cool how you discovered your love of making the jewelry and that you just went for it!

Who or what inspires your designs?

Oh I get inspired by everything around me. Designs on clothes, nature, and  sometimes I’m just planning on something and it comes out different and that just becomes a design.

Yes, I can definitely see nature as a inspiration for many of your designs… the floral patterns are gorgeous!

Aww thank you!

Do you design everything in your jewelry company?

Yes and make everything by hand.

That must take a lot of time and diligent work?

Yes, depending on the design it could take 2-4 hours but I would have 4-6 pairs of earrings made from the same tile!

What tools do you use to design your jewelry?

All the jewellery are made out of polymer clay. I use cutters, art knives, pasta roller to roll the clay, Jewellery tweezers, sanding tools. Paint brushes. The tools can get endless.

How do you envision your designs? Do you draw them out first and then begin t design or just try it out?!

I imagine them in my head but don’t draw them out. I just start softening the clay and go for it and try it out.

I like it! Plus Clay is so moldable that if it isn’t what you thought, you can redo it probably pretty easily!

How do you decide what gets top priority when working on your designs?

Orders get top priority because no one wants wait when they know something new is coming right😜

Customer service all the way!

Who would you say is your biggest supporter?!

Definitely my sister. She buys a pair almost every time I make new ones.

That’s awesome! She must have quite the collection by now!

She most certainly does!

Thanks so much for sharing about your business! Now I have some questions just for fun and to get to know you a little better!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you want to go and why?

Probably the states, the shopping looks amazing there 😂 I would also like to go to Wales because my grandfathers, grandfather immigrated from Wales to South Africa.

Well you’ll just have to come visit me sometime and I can come visit you! Then we would both be able to visit places we’ve desired to visit!

That would be pretty cool!

Now that I’ve heard about your business, tell me a little more about your cute family! How did you meet your hubby?!

We met 10 years ago. We saw each other in the gym every day for about a week and one evening we ended up being at the same restaurant and he finally got the courage to come speak to me. The rest is history 😂

That is sooo cute! Love at first sight I’d say!Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, closeup and outdoor

Okay, What’s your favorite thing about the area you live?

Everything is green and beautiful all the time. It feels like I’m on holiday when I’m just at home.

It most certainly looks that way! I adore seeing pictures of your home and land… so beautiful! Can’t even imagining waking up and looking out at such beautiful land.

Do you have a favorite thing to eat and drink?

My Favorite drink is a cup of tea

And you can give me pasta, three times a day. 🤪

Yes! Any particular kind of tea? Yes, Redbush tea from Africa

And red sauce or white? Red sauce

Nice! I’m more of an Alfredo gal myself and I love a good Chai tea!

Well, Marijon it was a joy to interview you and I loved getting to know more about your sweet business, beautiful family and yourself!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! I hope you enjoyed reading about Marijon’s business! If you are interested in buying any of Marijon’s designs, check them out here!

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