10 cheap, easy, & cute teacher appreciation gifts that teachers will love!

It’s almost time to celebrate some super hero’s in your kids lives! These are the men and women who see your son/ daughter through some of their pivotal years, the ones who teach them how to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s”, and the ones who are constantly trying to inspire and encourage them to be the best they can be- It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I have some awesome gift ideas to share with you!!!

Being a teacher myself, it is definitely a rewarding field, but it is a hard and many times thankless job. We don’t do it for the money, or for the thanks (of course), but man, it does a heart good to hear we are doing something well! Don’t feel like you have to go all out, get the most creative gift, or spend a ton of money– a simple thank you card will suffice. But if you want to do something a little more creative, I’ve got you covered! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite teacher appreciation gift ideas to give you some ideas or help you create something truly incredible! You don’t have to break the bank to show your appreciation! And to show you how easy it can be, I stopped by dollar general and created a few kits! Remember– it’s the thought that counts!

Teacher’s Emergency Kit

Ummm yes, please! First, this is a super easy concept and I don’t know many teachers who would say no to chocolate, especially this close to the end of school. But definitely have your son/ daughter check with the teacher beforehand. Second, this kit is the cutest and once the chocolate is gone, the teacher can still use the container! This kit is the cutest I’ve found:https://eighteen25.com/2017/04/teachers-emergency-stash/

Coffee Kit

I live on coffee and I love coffee mugs! So I think a cute coffee mug with different coffee choices, or Starbucks gift cards is an easy, fun way to show the teacher in your life that you appreciate them! You could also throw in tea, chocolate, or biscotti! AND the best part is that the teacher will have a mug to remember you by! Here are a couple cute ideas I’ve found:



Self- Care Kit

After a year of hard teaching, a little pampering would feel so great! Grab a fun basket and fill it with face masks, fingernail polish, bubble bath or a bath bomb, lip gloss or chapstick, fuzzy socks, and maybe a gift card for a spa day (if you’re alright with really blessing a teacher 😉 )

Here’s a Kit I made from items at Dollar General!

A Relaxing Night In Kit

A relaxing night in with your favorite movie and snacks?? Sounds like a fabulous gift to me! Fill a basket with a cozy blanket, a funny movie, popcorn, and some movie candy for a teacher to have an awesome night in! This will be a sweet gift and won’t break the bank! And a bottle of wine added in could be super nice… just saying!

Themed Kit

Pay close attention to your son/ daughters teacher or send the troops to scout your teachers favorite candy, sodas, shows, restaurants, colors, etc and make an appreciation gift specifically for them! For example: my students know that I love Starbucks, the Beatles, music in general, old movies, and chocolate, so they could put all these together or create something revolving around 1 of those things and I’d be a happy camper! Here’s a cute apple themed basket I found:


Gift -Card Galore Kit

Umm who doesn’t like gift cards?!! Put $5 on a Starbucks gift card, an Andy’s gift card, and a Chick-fil-A gift card, and then add a $10 gift card to a fav restaurant or store, like target! Write up a sweet note and either place the cards inside a letter, or you a cute little pencil tote! Here are a couple I found: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/fun-ways-give-gift-cards-teacher-appreciation.html


Teacher Only School Supply Kit

I don’t know bout other teachers, but I absolutely adore gel pens, fun sticky notes, stamps, stickers, cute cards, planners and notebooks, and fun quote memorabilia! Most of these things are pretty inexpensive and it would make for a fun little goodie bag for any teacher who loves to create, write notes, and be crafty!

Here’s a teacher supply basket I made from Dollar General items!

It’s almost Summer Kit

Grab a sand bucket at your local Walmart and start adding some fun summer items for your fav teacher. Some fun items to add would be a bright towel, a magazine, a water bottle, some sunscreen, fun sunnies, and a Barnes and Noble gift card for them to choose a favorite book to read!

Here’s a Summer Kit I made from items at Dollar General!

Bath & BodyWorks Kit

I know so many teachers who live at bath and body works!!! If you know what your teachers fav scents are, have fun grabbing some hand creams, soap, a candle, some germ-x to keep all the germs away, and maybe a wallflower! If you don’t know what they like, you can always go with a gift card or get a scent like lemon, vanilla, or apple… these are pretty common scents that most enjoy! Here are a couple I found: https://ourbestbites.com/berry-baskets-for-mothers-day-and-teachers//


Color or Scent Themed Kit

I think color themed or scented baskets are the cutest!!! Random fun baskets filled with all items that are the same scent or color, will put a bright smile on your teacher! For example, say you choose “lemon”, then you’d add maybe a lemon scented candle or soap, some lemonade packets, some yellow flowers, pencils, lemon heads, & lemon shaped erasers!

Here’s a fun green basket I created at Dollar General!

Hope you enjoyed my list! Remember any and all of these kits could range in price depending upon what you buy and add! And remember that you don’t have to do something elaborate to show appreciation! A simple card, drink, gift card, or candy can make your teacher smile! Biggest thing to remember– just tell your teacher how much you appreciate them being your teacher!!!!

What is your favorite idea from above and do you have a teacher who made a lasting impact on your life??? Tell me about them in the comments!


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