My Favorite items of April!

Anyone else feel like this year has flown by? I am about a month away from the end of my 6th year of teaching… that’s just crazy! And the struggle is real, Ya’ll! I love when the weather gets gorgeous outside and I don’t have to wear a ton of layers and the trees are budding all around, but it definitely makes it hard to have to be inside teaching. But no worries… it’ll go fast, i’m sure. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items of April. These are things that made me smile, new experiences, and some new items that I added to my closet!

My College Student’s Recital! To start the month out, I got the chance to watch my college student perform her Senior Violin Recital at Drury University. This was by far one of my favorite moments not only in the month, but this year! To see her progress throughout lessons and then be able to celebrate with her in the success of her performance, was beyond exciting. I love teaching, but I absolutely adore teaching college students who desire to improve, take my instructions and actually work hard– It is fun to see what we could accomplish together. AND on top of doing a fabulous job on her recital, she also got engaged that same day- what a great day for her!

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Shake Shack for the first time! My friend, Hannah and I were in Kansas City to evaluate for Northern Fine Arts and before heading home, we just had to stop by to grab a burger and a shake. From what I’ve heard, you either really like Shake Shack or you really like In and Out ?! So which do you like more? I actually enjoyed both burgers, but as for the shakes…. I LOVED shake shacks chocolate shake! It was really creamy and thick! YUM! If you’re in the Kansas City area, definitely check out the Shake Shack on the Plaza and if it’s a gorgeous day, you have to sit outside!

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Holding my friends baby! My friend, Aliviya had her second baby, a precious baby boy. While I think babies are the cutest, I sometimes get a little nervous to be around them since I didn’t grow up near many babies and I honestly haven’t been around them very much. I feel a little intimidated by them, but James was a different story… he was the sweetest little guy and looking down at him made me so happy. And before you ask me if my ovaries were getting excited, or whatever the phrase is … I will just say… I’m not quite ready, but ya’ll will definitely know when we are pregnant.

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Spring/ Summer Dresses from Old Navy! So Old Navy has got it going on lately!!! They have some of the cutest spring/summer dresses, shorts and skirts, jumpsuits, shoes and swimming suits I’ve seen recently. I seriously walked in and wanted EVERYTHING, but that could be really dangerous on my budget. Also the hubbies voice rang in my head- ” Erin, you don’t need more clothes…” so I tried to keep my purchases light. I tried on a couple different looks and styles to share with ya’ll and did a little try on session which I highlighted on my Instagram– in case you’re interested! ( ) I ended up buying two dresses, (both in the blue family and floral) and a pair of mustard color Faux-Suede Slingback Block-Heel Sandals, which I am OBSESSED WITH. I’ve been rocking these shoes with so many different styles of outfits! My favorite way I’ve styled them lately is with a graphic tee and my high waste black distressed mom jeans– SO CUTE!

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In case you haven’t checked out your local OLD NAVY in a while, click the link and shop around!

Goodwill finds! I am a bargain shopper… always have been! I HATE buying things full price and so I am constantly waiting til things go on sale, or frequenting my local goodwill stores and the DAV. And want a secret to shopping at Goodwill??! … come in close… 1.) pull anything you think you slightly may like, 2.) look around in the men’s section for items like graphic tees, 3.) go shopping at the thrift store on Wednesdays and Thursdays- Thrift stores get their shipments from stores like Target on Tuesday and Wednesdays, so you’ll find some newer, more fashionable pieces. I walked away with 3 new spring blouses and a fun sparkly black sleeveless blazer for preforming all for under $15. I’ll take some pics soon and share them!

Jumpsuit Heaven! I have been loving jumpsuits recently! They are so easy to wear and really can be worn for so many occasions. I’ll be writing a post soon about one of my favorite jumpsuits and mixing and matching items to create totally different looks. I just recently bought a spring jumpsuit from one of my favorite little traveling boutiques here in Springfield, Bree’s Little Closet and I adore it! It was the perfect jumpsuit to wear to my friend’s house for Easter lunch– so comfy, cute, and breezy! Also- this jumpsuit has a liner underneath, so I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing my undies or my butt.

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Game of Thrones is Back! Where are my Game of Thrones fans at??! Can’t believe it’s the last season. I have loved seeing all the characters come back and be reunited with their families, clan, and even enemies. I’m trying to hold out hope for John and all the others, but it’s looking like we’re falling in love with the characters to just have them taking away from us. Winter has come.

What are some of your favorite things or experiences of April??! Tell me below!

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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