A few of my favorite essential oil blends!

Happy Monday, Friends! I’m currently at home not feeling the greatest on this Monday, but I decided that I’d be a little productive, so blogging it is. : ) It’s finally getting gorgeous here in Springfield and all I wanna do is be outside.   But since I’m primarily inside most days, I’ve been oiling up and diffusing essential oils that make me feel those happy outside sunshine vibes.   I’m fairly new to essential oils ( only been using for a year), but I absolutely love using them in our home!So today I thought I’d share my favorite blends with y’all and I’d love to hear what your favorite blends are as well!Image may contain: plant

Stressaway! This is one of my all time favorite oil blends!  This oil blend has a unique combination of lime and vanilla extract, and also contains copaiba, lavender, and cedarwood. All of these ingredients mixed together give this oil a balanced aroma of both tropical and citrus tones, creating a relaxing oasis. Whenever I find myself stressed, which happens a lot, I grab my Stressaway and start up my difusser. I also love my Stressaway roller! I got a small sample before deciding to go ahead and buy my kit, and I seriously used that roller every night before bed. I felt like it helped my mind calm down for bed and I was able to have a more relaxing, restful sleep.No photo description available.

Ways to use:

  • Diffuse it around your house or work for a calming, soothing aroma
  • Apply it to your wrists and back of you neck while at work, school to enjoy the calming scent
  • Add a small drop to a cotton ball and place it in the air vent in your car ( haven’t tried yet, but I’ve heard great things about this)


Lemon, and Mint! I enjoy diffusing these scents because I love all of them and blending them together creates such a wonderful aroma. The zest of lemon is great for keeping me productive, and the mint helps keep me alert! I love both of the scents by themselves, but why not add them together for even more benefits?  When I diffuse these scents together, it helps give me a boost, especially when I get home from school and I still have so much to do! The Lemon essential oil is great to use for warm lemon water in the mornings too! There are so many incredible benefits from doing this every morning.  I need to get back into this habit, but when I was doing this everyday, I felt amazing.

No photo description available.

Lavender, Lemon, and Mint! I have heard this is an awesome blend for those that suffer from allergies, so spring is the perfect time to be using these. These three oils are great to help with your immunity and clear breathing. I love the aroma that is created using all three! All three of these oils can also be digested, but lavender is the only one that you should add to your wrists or back of neck. This aroma is very similar to that of the lemon and mint blend mentioned above, but I love adding the lavender to give it a more calming feel. Plus I just love anything lavender… It’s so amazing.No photo description available.

Orange! I love diffusing citrus and floral scents when it gets nicer out- It helps bring the beauty of the season indoors.   I love diffusing the orange blend especially when I’m going to be home all day long! It has a refreshing scent, which helps put me in the best mood, positive and uplifting, and makes my house feel so clean.No photo description available.

Frankincense and Lavender! Both of these oils help balance your emotions, bring a calmness and relaxation to your mind and soul. I love using this blend when I’m doing yoga or wanting to relax. Also a great blend for bath time! This blend has been on repeat lately… It’s the end of the school year, so I’ve been feeling the stress.No photo description available.

I would love to hear about your favorite blends and if you haven’t tried essential oils, you are missing out!

Hope you all have a lovely week! Tell me what your favorite oils or blends  below- I’d love to try more awesome blends!


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