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It’s time for another segment of Boss babes and I am really excited to be interviewing Anna of Good Mood Club! Anna is such a cool gal and I have loved watching her cute family grow via Instagram and the occasional sighting at her hubby’s coffee shop downtown. Anna has such a beautiful light about her and it was so fun getting to know her better through these questions. So without further adieu,  here is Anna of the Good Mood club. * To make it easier for you to read, my questions are in normal text, and Anna’s answers are italicized and pink.


Anna, you’re the boss babe over at the Good Mood Club, which we will get to later, but for now I’d love for you to tell my readers a little bit more about yourself and your sweet family.

Hi. I’m Anna! I’ve been married to my husband, Isaac, for seven years. We have three little girls, ages 4, 2, and 7 months. We’ve lived in Springfield since college days and really love this town and love supporting local businesses and love seeing people thrive here in the Midwest! We have two dogs and would love to live out in the country eventually, but for now are happy in our old farmhouse on the north side of town. We also have a photography business, Anna Neale Photography, and my husband is a co-owner of Kingdom Coffee in downtown Springfield that keeps him very busy!

Awww- ya’ll are seriously the cutest little family! I love this picture! So where did the Good Mood Club come from? 

We’ve been running Good Mood Club for two years! We started it up in March of 2017. We love creating things that are focused around positive vibes, and of course a good mood! We screen print our own tees and tote bags with original designs, and we also specialize in leather goods such as earrings, necklaces, clutches, and key chains! Some of our necklaces and key chains are made to be personalized with letter stamping into the leather which is a fun addition to any product!

Wow, that is really cool! And congratulations on two years of running your business- I’m sure it can definitely be a challenge. I also really love that you are focused on positivity and creating things that are centered on creating positive vibes and maintaining a good mood.  When did you know that you were ready to start selling some of your designs, and what was the first thing you actually sold?

I was doodling in my sketchbook one sunny day and started hand lettering the words, “good mood club” with a floral design around it. My husband saw it, and having recently becoming interested in screen printing he said, “we could totally screen print that onto a t-shirt! And that was the start of it! We sold our first batch of t-shirts with the original Good Mood Club design on it in April 2017.

Do you have a favorite thing you enjoy making and why would you say it’s your favorite?

My favorite thing to make is probably our leather earrings. I am definitely a girly girl and it’s fun to let my creativity out through pairing different shapes and colors of leather together to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

What is your favorite thing about creating your designs? 

Creating different designs for t-shirts and jewelry, etc. comes in waves for me and it’s almost therapeutic when I step into the studio. I also love to discover when other people enjoy my work. It’s very rewarding! 

Yes! I totally understand that! As a blogger, teacher and performer, it really means so much to hear from others that they like my content, have learned something, or have enjoyed my performances. I’m sure you have sold lots from word of mouth, family and friends, but do you have a favorite place to sell your designs and why?

Online is our biggest selling point, but we also go to a few craft fairs, and once a quarter our church hosts Night of Originals where several artists and vendors set up to sell their handmade items! I love interacting with customers on those nights! 

That is seriously one of the coolest things… I love that your church is supporting the arts and the artists in the community!

And like any business, I’m sure the  Good Mood Club takes up a ton of your time and energy. I’m curious– is this your full time gig?

I suppose you could call this a full time gig for us since we are constantly working from home, along with the day to day things that come with raising three kiddos. We work on Good Mood Club, as well as my other business, Anna Neale Photography, as well as my husbands other two businesses between diaper changes and playing with our girls!

You’re so talented and what entrepreneurial spirits you and your hubby have ! I really love your photography too– so many beautiful photographs! I should have thought of more questions to ask you in regards to your photography biz too…. well maybe another time. 😉

As far as the Good Mood club is concerned, Where are you wanting this business to go within this next year?

I’d love to see Good Mood Club gain a larger following online since that is where we see most of our sales! We are excited about some rebranding coming in the near future (stay tuned!) as well as adding some new functional home decor products and items. 

Since we’re still kind of at the beginning of 2019, I was wondering if you have some things that you’re hoping to improve or change within this year?

I’d love to grow in the marketing area! I’m not very consistent in that area and would love to put some plans into place to help market our brand to get our name out there!

Support is such a HUGE thing for small businesses, who would you say has been your biggest support? 

First of all my husband, because he runs this business along side me, but also probably our church and our family and close friends! Thank you! 

I bet it would be so fun to work with your hubby! Do you have any words of encouragement for someone wanting to pursue their dreams? 

Don’t wait for the “perfect timing.” If you want to do something, just go for it! Work hard, stay motivated, and don’t be discouraged when your first (or second or third) attempts fail! 

Awesome encouragement! Ok, last “business” question… Who inspires you and your designs?

So many people on Instagram are huge inspirations for me, but mostly I ask God for fresh perspectives and creativity and he shows me things in nature that inspire me.

Wow! I love the way you talk about your business! I have found some really great accounts on Instagram as well that are constantly encouraging and inspiring me. I also love that your faith is such a huge part of your life and that you ask God to show you new things! That is really incredible! Thanks for taking a little time to talk about your design process, and share some details with my readers about your shop. Business talk  is done, I wanna know more about you!

Okay, so when you get a day to relax, what does it look like?

Well, I enjoying spending  time with my family and eating good food! 

Speaking of food… haha. What is your favorite type of food and do you have any favorite restaurants here in town? 

😂 Yes! My favorites are sushi, Indian food, and pizza. Haha. Oh but don’t forget dessert! We’re big Andy’s fans. And Taj Majal and Big Slice are favorite spots for us! 

OMG! YES, GIRL! I adore all those places! The Taj Majal is where it’s at!

Okay, and coffee places! Springfield has a ton of them, and I know your hubby has one as well, so I’m guessing it’s your favorite?!

Yes, my favorite coffee place would be Kingdom, of course! Their house coffee or a honey latte is my favorite! 

I’ve never tried their honey latte, but I will definitely have to make a trip to taste it, thanks to your recommendation.  Are you a music fan? What’s your favorite type of music and band?

Oh, It’s hard to pick a favorite with music! I feel like the older I get, the more I appreciate all (or most) types of music. Worship music is what I listen to most though. Bethel music, Upperoom, and Housefires are a few favorites! 

Oh, girl… I am a huge fan of Bethel music! Okay, last question…. What is one of your goals for this year? It can be personal or business related.

Take more photos of my kids with my “nice camera” instead of just my phone! I take so many photos of other people but forget to take the time to take beautiful shots of my own family. Would love to do lots more of that this year. 

Aww that’s the sweetest! I’m sure you’ll accomplish this throughout the year… just remind yourself every once in a while.

Well, thank you so much, Anna for this little interview! I absolutely loved getting to know you better and hear about your awesome business!

You can find Anna’s business Good Mood Club on Instagram here and her website here.

Interested in being a boss babe featured on the blog, send me an email! I love hearing about awesome companies and supporting other incredible boss babes.

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