My Favorite Things: February Edition

February was such a fun and reflective month for me, and I have so much to share with you all! At the end of January, I decided to take a break away from Social Media for the month of February, and it was exactly what I needed for myself, my marriage, and to refocus! I will be sharing much more with ya’ll soon, but lets keep this post a little more fun and exciting.

Eyebrow Tinting

I have really light eyebrows and I always have to fill them in. I have tried so many different products and have found a couple that I really like, but I still hate having to fill them in. A blogger that I follow had talked about her brow tinting kit a while back, and even did a video on her IGTV showing how she applies the tint. It looked super easy, so I decided to order the kit and try it out.

Dave got Baptized- Feb 3

This was HUGE! I have wanted Dave to get baptized for a long time, but every time I had talked to him prior, he would explain that he didn’t feel like it was the right time. I had altogether stopped asking and talking to him about it, knowing that God would place it on his heart when it was the right time. This was the coolest thing to be a part of and witness. Dave has such a sweet heart and when God moves on his heart, you can really tell. The week before I briefly mentioned that Connect was going to be doing baptisms on Sunday, February 3rd, but I had no idea that he would actually feel led to do it that Sunday. A couple days before February 3rd, Dave mentioned that he had already talked to one of our friends about baptizing him that day! I was overjoyed!

If you haven’t grown up in church, Baptism is the outward representation of what is happening internally. It is a person showing that the old is gone and the new is come . Dave felt the prodding of the Holy Spirit and went for it whole heartedly. He even listened to a sermon the night prior to get himself in the right state of mind.

My Galentine’s Party

I love, love my girl gang! I have always wanted to throw a Galentine’s Party and I had so much fun throwing this one that I’m sure there will be plenty more in the future. I had the girls come over for some snacks and drinks before heading to the Alamo Theatres to see “Moulin Rouge.” I ordered some cupcakes from amycakes, got some chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries, chocolate, goat cheese and crackers and made a cotton candy drink.

Sparkly Jumpsuit

Who can resist a sparkly jumpsuit??? Definitely not me! Also this jumpsuit just happened to be on sale at Target, so it made the choice of buying it more exciting! I have loved this jumpsuit and have worn it a couple times now! I wore it for the Galentine’s Party and then a couple Sunday’s ago at church.

Rose Gold Hair with

I’ve been trying to use up the rest of my light pink shampoo that I got from a friend a few months back, and February seemed like the perfect time to add some rose gold to my hair! It was a super fun and easy way to change up my hair without having to get it chopped or pay for it to get professionally colored. AND since it’s a shampoo, it’s super easy to get rid of!

Our Weekend Getaway to Branson

I booked Dave and I a trip to Branson for President’s Day weekend and it was the perfect little getaway for us! We had a chance to reconnect, relax and explore a really fun town that we don’t visit too often. Branson is about 45 min away from us, but we rarely make the trip. Take a look at the resort we stayed at and what we did here.

Gucci Belt

I have seen this belt online for a while and I finally decided to buy one. Well, okay… a replica. The real Gucci belts are insanely expensive and I’m a teacher…. Ain’t no body got money for that! But the fake Gucci belt I got has been so fun to wear and I love how it can totally “up” the classy factor of an outfit. Here’s the belt I got and I love it! Also- my students flipped when I wore it to school!

First 5 Devotional App

During my social media fast, I took more time to be in God’s word and I added on a couple different devotionals. This Devotional App has been one of my favorite apps! Since I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings before school, this was the perfect devotional to help me spend a little more quality time with God. I have really enjoyed all of the devotions I’ve read so far! It is set up for 90 days and it includes a space to journal out your prayers, write out gratitude and it has a comment section underneath where you can connect with other ladies using the app. I haven’t commented on any of the devotions yet, but I have really enjoyed reading how the devotion has touched other ladies in the group. I also really like the devotions are written by christian women of different ages, who are influential writers and authors, leaders, and speakers. Need a new simple devotional? Check it out here.

First 5

Valor and Peace and Calming Essential Oils

I have loved Essential Oils for a while now, but I recently bought these two essential oils and I have been using them non-stop. Valor and Peace and Calming have become two of my favorite oils this month! I LOVE LOVE both scents! Valor has an incredible scent and is an oil I’ve been using for pain, anxiety, and confidence. Over the last month or so I have experienced a lot of anxiety, stress and Jaw pain… ( Not sure if the jaw pain is related to the stress, but maybe) and I have noticed a big difference in my body when I have used Valor. I have been applying Valor at night to the side of my jaw and it has been helping me sleep through the night and be pain free! Peace and Calming has been great for my overall emotional support! Being a teacher can be really stressful and emotional at times and this oil has been helping me let go of negative emotions and find a place of calmness. Want to know more about essential oils, feel free to ask me any questions, or Pinterest! I have found so much information about my essential oils and uses for them on Pinterest!

What were some of your favorite things from February??? Tell me all about them!

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    1. Marianna! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on this post! It truly means the world! And yes, you totally should throw a Valentine’s Party next year! It’s so much fun! And thank you so much for the nice compliments… the jumpsuit is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

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