January boss babe: Shelby of Sonnel Essentials

Hey friends!!! I know it’s technically already February, but I just had to share with you all an awesome gal! I have seen so many lovely Instagram posts from the boss babe I chose this month and I absolutely love her creations! She is a lover of oils and shares her love by giving tips and teaching others how to use oils! She has also been creating fun rollers, spray bottles and jewelry for oils. Beautiful inside and out, Shelby is this month’s boss babe and I’m so excited to introduce you to her and her business.

First off, tell me a little about yourself :

I was born and raised in Southwest MO, so you could say I’m pure Ozarkian. I am married to love of my life, Kyle, and we have four animal kiddos: Cozie (retriever mix), Petey (chihuahua/shih-tzu mix), Mango (fat orange cat), and Yoda (the cutest lil parakeet). We really love animals!! I love creating. When I was young, my mother was always crafting, making, baking, sewing, etc. I definitely got my creative spirit from her, and I am so thankful she instilled that in me! In my spare time you can find me at a local antique/thrift store searching for treasures, or roaming a green house looking for a new plant baby. 
Wow! Lots of fur babies and one feathered babe! Must be a fun and exciting household! Tell me about your business! 
I own two small businesses that operate under the name Sonnel Essentials. One is a Young Living business, and the other is an Etsy shop. In my Young Living business I share and educate about how switching to natural, non-toxic, plant based product can change your life! Seriously, our everyday products that are sold in supermarkets are filled with chemicals that you don’t want in your body. My goal is to bring awareness to that and help show people that there is a better way! My Etsy shop is filled with handmade accessories that make using essential oils easier. I make roller bottle necklaces, car charm diffusers, adorned spray bottles, and more! I absolutely love creating these accessories for fellow essential oil lovers. It is so fun! 
Seriously, so cool and I love your mission! Thanks for sharing so many great items for us oil lovers! When did you know you wanted to start selling young living? 
My friend, Madison, came to my house one day, brought me coffee, and shared that she had started her own Young Living business. I was intrigued, but honestly, a little skeptical. So, I did my own research for about two weeks. When I say the income potential, and I realized the positive impact that Young Living products would have on my health, it was a no-brainer. I’m so thankful that Madison boldly shared this amazing opportunity with me because it has changed my life!!!
Beyond selling the oils, you have created some beautiful rollers – what gave you the idea to create roller necklaces? Do you have any other creations you’ve made for diffusing oils? 
Thank you so much!!! I got the idea mainly because I wanted to pretty essential oil accessories for myself! I started making some and was having a blast, so I decided to open a shop! I make a lot of other accessories for diffusing oils. I make all types of necklaces, bracelets, diffusing charms to hang around your rear-view mirror in your car, spray bottles, and I am working on some keychains as well! 
How fun! I love all the many items you sell and have designed. I have wanted to buy so many items from you, and I’m sure I will soon!
What has been your favorite blend to make and why?
Right now my favorite blend is mixing Peace & Calming and White Angelica together. These two essential oils are actually blends themselves, so I never thought about mixing them. But one day I did it, and WOW! Not only do I love the smell, but these two oils help me so much with my mental/emotional health. I have them in my roller bottle necklace that I wear every day, and I apply whenever I need it!
 I saw you mention this blend on Instagram a couple weeks ago… I have yet to try it, but I’m intrigued.
What is your favorite thing about creating your designs? 
When I am creating, I just get in the flow. I genuinely enjoy each time I sit down at my desk to work. Even when I am swamped with orders! I love every aspect of creating whatever I am creating. That’s how I know I am doing what I was made to do.
Sounds like you have a great time creating!
What are some things you’d like to share about oils and their uses? 
There are a couple things people get hung up on when they’re looking in to essential oils. Most of the time I hear, “why can’t I just get my oils from TJ Maxx?” Essential Oils sold in drugstores of any kind almost always have some type of filler in them. For example, most Lavender essential oils that people buy from the supermarket are actually Lavandin oil. Lavandin has camphor compounds in it and can irritate the skin, especially when applied to already irritated areas. However, if you have pure Lavender oil, you can apply it to irritated area and it will help soothe and heal. This is why it is so important to know what it actually in the bottle you’re buying. Another thing I hear is, “I used that essential oil once and it didn’t help me.” Essential oils require consistency. Just like vitamins. You can’t expect to take one vitamin C tablet and never get sick. Just like you can’t use an essential oil once and expect it to immediately produce results. Consistency is key.
I have seen so many people grabbing essential oils in the drugstores and I’ve often wondered if they were good. They are usually way less money and so I assumed they were alright, but nothing like my young living essential oils.
Where are you wanting this business to go in the next year?
In the next year I would love to be doing these businesses full-time. Right now I still have a day job that I don’t particularly like, so being able to quit that and do Sonnel Essentials full time is a dream come true!!!
As you look into 2019, what are some things you are wanting to improve on or change in this new year?! 
I would love to start hosting more classes, workshops, and events within our local community. I love things like these because they are always so fun! I have only done a few of these so far, and they were fun, but definitely could have been better. I am working with my team to bring some awesome events to Springfield in the near future! 

Having a business is tough work and you must have some really great supporters… Who would you say has been your biggest support? 
Definitely my husband. Kyle supports me in every aspect of my businesses. He doesn’t doubt me, he doesn’t questions me, he just encourages and motivates me to keep going every day! 
Aww I love that! I feel like Dave is my biggest supporter too. Anything and everything I do he will support! It’s pretty great having supportive husbands!
Any words of encouragement for someone wanting to pursue their dreams? 
Just do it. Seriously. There’s only one way to fail: quit. You can’t accomplish your dreams if you just quit them before you ever start. And if you have started pursing them, then keep going and you will get there! I think too many people give up when they are just on the brink of success. Pursuing your dreams is hard. You can’t expect it to happen over night. So, just do it, and don’t quit. 
If people are interested in learning more about oils, what can they do?
Contact me! I love, love, love chatting with people! You can email me at sonnelessentials@gmail and/or contact me through my Instagram @sonnelessentials 
Do you have a website if someone wanted to order anything? 
I love all my oils, but I definitely have some favorite and I am wondering which ones might be your favorites. If you had to pick 3 oils, which would you choose and why? 
Oh my goodness. How do I only pick three?? Okay, I’ll try. Frankincense – because it has amazing healing properties and immunity support, it works wonders for my skin! 
Okay, now time for some more personal questions…. I want to get to know you a little better!
What is your favorite thing to do on a relaxing day! 
There are so many different things to do on a relaxing day! In the warmer month, I would definitely be outside in some capacity. I love soaking up the sun! In the colder months, I love taking warm baths and playing video games with Kyle!
What is your favorite type of food? Got any favorite restaurants here in town? 
I love Indian food! Gem of India is one of my all-time fav restaurants. 
Yes, I absolutely love Indian food! One of mine and Dave’s favorite places is Zayka. If you haven’t tried it, you and Kyle have to go… it’s soooo good!
Favorite coffee place? Drink? 
Kingdom Coffee. I usually get some type of latte. 
Favorite music? Band? 
I like Indie/Alternative/Folk music. Recently, I discovered Ayla Nereo and I’ve been listening to her so much for the past few weeks. Her music is calming, encouraging, and motivating all at the same time! I also love First Aid Kit, Alt-J, Maggie Rogers, City and Colour, and Iron & Wine, just to name a few. 
I am so excited to check out Ayla Nereo! I haven’t heard of her, but your description sounds lovely.
Okay, last question…. I know you’ve talked about goals that you have for your business, but do you have any personal goals that you are working on this year?
I really want to read more. I have always disliked reading because it was always shoved down my throat when I was in school (elementary – college). I never felt like I could read just for fun! I am working on this, and plan to read several books this year.    
That’s a great one! I have been working on reading more this year as well! Thank you so much for letting me interview you- I have loved getting to know you better.
I hope you all enjoyed reading Shelby’s interview and If you’re interested in Oils at all, you should definitely contact her. I hope you all have a beautiful week and for all you aspiring boss babes… what are you waiting for, the world is yours.

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