3 ways to style your hair and wardrobe with a Beret!

Berets! They’ve been around forever, but they have recently made a big come back and I personally am loving this trend! I’ve always loved the sophisticated, fun look of a beret with an outfit, not to mention it is one of the simplest accessories to take your outfit up a notch and create a more chic look. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’m obsessed with hats and I would totally wear them all the time if I could, but I’m a teacher and I don’t want to get “dress coded”. But when I’m not at school I’m usually wearing a hat. So like I said earlier, I’ve always loved berets, but I’ve never really tried them out myself until recently. So glad I did! I’ve been rocking the beret a couple different ways and I thought I’d share how I’ve loved styling my hair and outfits with them.

With loose curls or straight

A beret can be worn a couple different ways and there are no right or wrong ways… it’s just what you love! Rock the beret to the side, straight on top, or centered back, kind of like a beanie- play around with the placement to see what fits your style and preference the best! With my bangs, I prefer to wear my beret a little further back to show off my bangs. While I was at my music conference I took full advantage of bringing my hats and got so many compliments when I was wearing my red beret. And if you have bangs and they aren’t cooperating, just throw on a beret and you’ll look and feel amazing.

With a low side bun

Pull your hair over the side, in a low ponytail and place your beret on your head to see where you can comfortably set your side bun. Loosely wrap the hair into a bun, pin it in place, maybe add some setting spray to keep it looking polished. I like to do a low somewhat messy bun to help give the illusion of volume– While I have a lot of hair, it’s overall pretty fine.

With a messy braid or fishtail braid

This look is totally an artsy look and keeping the braid slightly messy and loose is the best. Pull out some pieces to frame your face and if you have bangs, maybe try a swoop bang for this look. I like to swoop my bangs to the side and put the beret to the other side to somewhat balance the look.

As far as the styles go, I used to think you could only dress a certain way or in a certain style… think “Frenchie” but in reality, you can rock any look with a beret. Remember there’s no wrong way to wear a beret- here are a couple looks I’ve created with my berets.

In case you need some more Inspo, check out my pinterest account Here!
I also love following @newdarlings and the fun outfits she styles with her berets!

Hope I’ve inspired you to give a beret a shot or helped you find some fun ways to style your beret!

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