Christmas Home Tour 2018

As you all know, I absolutely love to decorate for special occasions and its time to share with you all our Christmas home tour of 2018! Last year’s post was such a hit- Thank you all for reading, enjoying the pictures and for commenting. I hope to always inspire you and help you find new ways to arrange new items, or rearranging items to create new looks. This is seriously one of my favorite things! And Christmas decorating is my all-time favorite! I just adore all the twinkling lights and wish that we could keep them up year round, but I figure if we did they wouldn’t hold such wonder and excitement as they do during Christmas.  I bought a couple new things this year to place in our home, but for the majority most of the decor I use every Christmas is the same. This year I decided to go for a more rustic, elegant look in the house and I am really loving it! 


This is our first year in a house for Christmas and I pretty much told Dave that he WAS hanging icicle lights. I have always loved the beauty of icicle lights on a house at night…it’s just so dreamy! So I made up my mind- When we got a house, we WOULD put icicle lights up at Christmas time… so we did and I am obsessed!


This is the first thing you see when you walk into our house and it’s one of my favorite places to sit. This was my grandmother’s piano which Dave and I received a couple years ago. This piano is so special to me. Every time we visited when I was young, I would go and sit and play and play, songs I made up and songs from my private lessons. My dad, also a pianist, began his instruction many years ago on that same exact piano- it has history! And anyone notice a special lamp from a little movie called “A Christmas Story?” Dave has been asking jokingly for years to have one of these lamps, however he of course, like many others has wanted the full size. I just happened to see this little lamp at Burlington while shopping and I had to get it for him.


Some year Dave and I will actually get a real tree, but for now we have been loving our fake tree. We bought this tree from Big Lots on sale after Christmas a couple years ago and It has been a pretty good tree. AND we have some new furniture. I have had the same couches for years ( probably about 8-9 years now) and they were never the greatest quality and should’ve been tossed years ago. My mom’s mom was downsizing and needed to get rid of her couch and recliner, so we ended up getting them and they are WAY more comfortable!


I actually got this nutcracker from Dollar General for $4. The little Christmas trees are some of my favorite decorations and those are from the dollar section at Target.


I plan to decorate more in the future in this room, but this year I just kept it pretty simple and just added a little tinsel tree and my silver deer.



I Absolutely love having this cute little gold tinsel tree in our bedroom. It creates such a comfy cozy atmosphere and it just makes me so incredibly happy. I love Christmas trees and I have told Dave that someday we WILL have a Christmas tree in every single room!


I love this cute little bar cart! I actually bought this over Black Friday and it was under $50 instead of its original price of $149. I can’t wait to decorate it differently for different holidays and seasons! All the mini trees were bought in the dollar section at Target. The beautiful pink cups were found at the At Home Store.

I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas house tour! The house definitely feels very cozy this Christmas!

Stay Kind and Fashionable,

Erin Ruscel

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