November Favorites

Hey Friends!!!

I know, I know… It’s already December and why go back to November????! But I just had to share with you all what I loved in November! November came and went so fast and while I’m so excited that my absolute favorite time of the year is here, I feel as though it will be gone way too fast. October- December is such a fun time of year, with so much to do, see and experience.  Here are a couple of my favorite things from November!

New Hair

Hello, New hair! My hair had gotten so long and I was in need of some change. Guys, I literally made an appointment with my hair stylist and brought 10 different pictures and said, ” What do you think?” I had no idea what I really wanted. Good thing I trust my hair stylist! I’ve been with the same hair stylist for about 10 years now! That’s a huge deal… I mean when you find a great hair stylist, you stay! I chopped off about 7 inches, added bangs and for the first time ever added some highlights in front. I LOVE IT!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I got approached by the Tulsa Symphony to come and perform “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” as the movie was playing overhead. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever participated in. It was a really LONG weekend, but so worth it! I had a rehearsal on Thursday evening and Friday and then performed twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. I got to stay at a really contemporary hotel in the middle of downtown Tulsa and I’ve always wanted to perform the soundtrack under a movie! I do have to say that I was horrible at navigating in downtown Tulsa— so many one way streets! I probably circled the Tulsa Performing Arts building 10 times the first night trying to find it and find parking. I was lucky my cousin who lives in Tulsa could drop me off at the Performing Arts Center because the Route 66 marathon was Sunday morning and there were lots of streets in downtown Tulsa blocked off. I would have gotten so lost trying to maneuver my way through all the road blocks and one way streets.

Surprise Birthday Parties and seeing best friends!

I absolutely love my friends! We planned a surprise party for one of my bestie’s and the best part was that we really SURPRISED HER! None of the girls had seen our ( mine and dave’s )new house, so I invited them all over to see the house and of course, Kel thought that’s all we had on the agenda! We got her to the house and I of course gave a tour, but then we blind folded Kel and took her to one of her favorite places- Andy B’s- On a school night! We had a wonderful evening celebrating Kel and on top of that, two of our best friends who have moved, came back into town for Thanksgiving and were able to hang out with all of us! It was a fantastic couple of days! Check out the post I wrote about all these gals… we are just like the show ” Friends!”img_1754.jpgimg_1751.jpgimg_1745-1.jpgimg_1752.jpgimg_1745-1.jpg

Thanksgiving with the Family

Dave and I got to spend Thanksgiving in Tulsa at my Cousin’s house and we got to spend the day with so much family. I had such a lovely time seeing my Aunt and Uncle, my cousins and in-laws and of course, their kiddos. The kids are so big! I love thanksgiving and the time to spend with family and remember all the things I’m thankful for and so grateful for. I try to remember these things more than just at Thanksgiving, but thanksgiving really makes you think about everything and reflect more on all you’re thankful for and, I have a lot to be thankful for. Not only did I love seeing family and being with them in Tulsa, but I also loved my table decorations and the sangria I made! Check it out here! The Sangria is Amazing!!!

Hallmark Movies App

Okay, ya’ll- this is a game changer! Dave and I don’t have cable at our new place and I have been missing my Hallmark movies! And yes, I know they are really ridiculous and they are really cheesy, but I love them, especially during the holidays! So when Dave told me that there was a hallmark app, I was overjoyed and downloaded it right away! I’ve probably already watched 10 movies on it in the last three weeks! I can watch my Hallmark movies wherever now!!!

Marco Polo App

Another App I’m loving is the Marco Polo App! If you’re not on this app, you’re missing out! It is such a fun app to use to stay in touch with friends in other states or around the world, or even your best friend that lives down the street. I’ve been able to have some really fun, meaningful conversations with friends from the comfort of my own home. I’ve been able to keep in contact with my best friends, no matter where we are!

My Sherpa

Sherpa’s are a huge trend right now and i’m so glad I got my own! Mine is so comfy, soft and warm! I actually got mine from Sams Club for $15 and I couldn’t be happier! I have been wearing it on repeat since I bought it a week or so ago!

Well again, thanks for stopping by and reading! Here’s to December and all the fun, exciting moments coming soon!

Stay kind and fashionable,

Erin Ruscel

2 thoughts on “November Favorites

  1. Love this post, Erin! I remember so many of these from your Instagram. You are totally rocking your haircut! I feel like those bags were made for you!! Your sherpa also inspired me to go buy 3 just like yours haha I am living in them!! They are so comfy =) I am also going to have to check out this app! I love that your hubby told you about it! Chuck thinks it’s so funny whenever I am watching Lifetime or Hallmark movies haha! I am so excited to look into this! I am so happy that you had an amazing November. And now it’s your birthday month! Woohoo!! Looking forward to seeing your December!! Love ya girl =)

    1. Awww Stephanie!!!! Thank you so much for your fun comment! Yes, November was a very fun month! I am really enjoying the new hair, although the bangs drive me crazy occasionally. I just went and got a bang trim- they needed them so bad! The Sherpa is seriously my fav and for such a great price! You need one, girl… you’ll want to wear it always! And yes- you need that app! I have been loving it soooo much! Been watching so many great hallmark movies and enjoying them immensely! It was pretty funny that Dave knew about it and mentioned it! 😆 I can’t believe my birthday is tomorrow… it has come so fast! Love ya! Enjoy your Christmas!

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