Girls Weekend in Chattanooga

Okay, Ya’ll, I am WAY behind in writing this post! It has already been a month since I went on the bloggers retreat and I’ve wanted so badly to share all the places and things we did with you all, but real life has been insane! I just got done with my first week of school and the beginning of my 6th year as a teacher. But I am having a chill Saturday and I can finally share some of the fun that we had in Chattanooga.

So about a month ago I went on an awesome Bloggers Retreat in Chattanooga, TN with 7 other creative ladies. My sister had put the whole thing together and I had been looking forward to the retreat for a couple months. I’m so glad that I followed through and went, ( I almost decided not to go due to the timing and financial issues with our move). We brunched, shopped, dined and hiked our way ( in 1 day) through some of the coolest places in Chattanooga. Keep reading to see what we did and where we went!

The White Cabin

We stayed in the most adorable white cabin, with pale pink walls throughout and the most relaxing, luxurious rooms. Missy, the owner of the cabin, did an incredible job decorating this sweet cottage, it seriously looked like it could have been straight from a magazine. This sweet little cottage, located on a hill and tucked away from the road, had a beautiful front porch, lots of natural light, a second floor balcony off of one of the bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 1 1/2 baths. It was the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway and a perfect location for those wanting to explore downtown Chattanooga. I believe the cabin was only 10 miles or so from downtown. The house can hold up to 8 people if you use a couple air mattresses.  I definitely suggest staying at the White Cabin for your next vacation or getaway to Chattanooga.

Here’s the description from Airbnb:

A bright and airy cabin nestled up to national forest, yet on the edge of town. Cozily outfitted with everything you need to relax, cook, sleep peacefully, read, write, practice yoga–even make music on the piano. Watch the sunset or stargaze from the master balcony, hike Lookout Mountain, cook a lovely dinner, relax by the fire. With soothing tones and surrounded by trees, this cabin with clean lines feels tucked away from it all, yet a day or night on the town is just a few miles away.

Sidenote: Missy, along with running this Airbnb, also has an incredible side business that I think definitely deserves some praise. Because of her past struggle with Cancer and understanding how hard it can be in those moments of trying to fight the cancer, she has made some sweet boxes with comforting items inside to send or give to patents. In case you’re ever interested in getting an item, here is the link:

And here’s a sweet little article about it:  here

Our first day in Chattanooga was crazy packed! There is so much to see and do, so I definitely suggest thinking through where and what you want to do as you plan!

Breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit Company

This was such a fun breakfast place and their “Maple Tap” coffee was out of this world! I almost bought a bag and I sure wish I would’ve. We got there a little before 8am and the lines began to pick up soon after, so I suggest arriving around 8 or a little before to avoid the crowds. We sampled a ton of sides and it was Carb overload for sure, but in the best way possible! I ordered the biscuits and gravy and it was delicious! One of my favorite sides was the smoky mountain Mac’n’ Cheese. It was so creamy and cheesy and topped with crushed cheese crackers… it was amazing! If you end up visiting, the smoky mountain Mac’n’ Cheese is a must get side!

Elea Blake Cosmetics

Elea Blake Cosmetics was our next stop! Owned by Darin Wright, Elea Blake Cosmetics is a natural makeup and match cosmetic store. When we first arrived, we were taken into the color lab, which was in the back room of the store. We all gathered around as Darin talked about the color wheel and her color theory , which plays a huge part in our choice of makeup. Since I have a background in art and I’m a little bit of a research nerd, I absolutely loved this part of the tour. Darin is extremely knowledgeable with this color theory, so much so that she can tell you exactly which lip colors will look best on you by doing a personal color analysis with a series of painted colored canvas. One of the bloggers, Jordan, was selected to be the model and Darin helped us see how the color theory would work, by holding up similar canvas colors against Jordan’s skin. The service helps to eliminate unflattering colors so that you have the perfect idea of what lip color or foundation color may work the best on you. Darin picked out a created a custom lip color for Jordan and was then able to help her find a lip palette with the perfect shades for her. As a whole group, we got to find our perfect foundation color! We all sat down at the tables and were instructed on what powders we should try and mix together based on the undertones of our skin. It was a really cool process and I enjoyed learning more about the color theory and determining what colors would flatter my skin tone the best. This is a must see place if you’re in the Chattanooga area! Darin has an amazing story about how she got started and I’m hoping to interview her soon for one of my Boss Babe posts!

(Above) my sister getting her makeup done

Lunch at the Solarium Cafe at the Dwell Hotel

This may have been one of my favorite places to visit and It is a MUST if you ever visit Chattanooga! I was completely obsessed the second I walked in! The 60‘s interior had me swooning and feeling like I was straight out of Mad Men. Each room, although very different, flowed together so seamlessly. I loved the swanky sitting areas in the front and the wrap around blush pink couch was gorgeous! We definitely documented this place! We were escorted through one of the swanky bars to our table and entered a more whimsical room with floral walls, beautiful glass chandeliers, and lots of natural light! I think the Solarium Cafe would be the perfect place for an afternoon tea or lunch with your best gals. We ordered some drinks and our meals, all of which were delightful. The mixed drinks and cocktails were all lovely and you could tell that there was lots of time and care taken in mixing and decorating every single drink. Whether you’re stopping through town for just a bit to eat or to stay in the lovely dwell hotel, you will not regret checking out this unique gem.

Dinner at St. John’s Restaurant

If you’re wanting to go to one of the most upscale, classiest restaurants in downtown Chattanooga, check out St. John’s Restaurant. It was a very elegant and romantic restaurant, with candles on every table and an extensive wine and drink menu. I strongly suggest the beef if you go- It had the best flavor and texture, and was cooked to perfection. Make sure to make reservations and enjoy their incredible food and atmosphere.

Hiking at Signal Point


The next morning we set off on a hike at Signal Point, a beautiful ridge about 20 minutes away from Chattanooga. The hike lasted about an hour and was an incredible experience for me. Not only was the view breathtaking, but a couple of us girls made the trek down the steep side to see the most beautiful waterfall. It was the perfect ending to the amazing weekend. Check out my post all about the hike here

The trip to Chattanooga, although very short, was the perfect time of relaxing and allowing myself to be rejuvenated. I loved getting to visit so many incredible restaurants, take in the beauty of Chattanooga, downtown and through our hike at Signal Point, as well as form some new friendships.  I will always remember the time spent in Chattanooga and can not wait to visit again. I’m already working on my list of places to see for my trip next time!  Got any suggestions or recommendations for me on my next trip to Chattanooga, TN? Where are your favorite places to eat, things to do or see?


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