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I took a couple months off of the Boss Babe segment, but I am so excited about this months and next! I recently met two awesome local boss babes at my church and they told me all about the opening of a new gallery here in Springfield called “Suddenlies.” The gallery and boutique sell high end apparel, new and gently worn, and features jewelry, art, and other crafts from local artists and designers.  The grand opening will be on July 28th from 10-4pm and there will be prizes, book signings, coffee tasting, homemade goodies, and Edens Flower truck will be present. If you’re a local Springfieldian try and come out and support this awesome local business.  This month I am featuring two local boss babes whose amazing designs will be featured in “Suddenlies.”

Thank you both for taking the times to let me interview you. I would love if you both would  tell me a little more about yourselves!

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I’m Nicole! I’m 23 years old. I have two cats that are my fur children, Maggie and Harley. They’re my fur assistants for the shop. I have an Etsy business that I do on the side called Biggest Littlest Things, but my main job is at Sun Tan City. I’m not in school, but I was an exercise science major for three years. It just wasn’t for me. I LOVE Connect Church. It’s a big influence in my life.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and shoesMy name is Paige Alvarez and I am 21 years old, and live in Springfield MO! I grew up in Kansas City, and I’ve always loved being creative. I was heavily involved with theater and choir my whole life until I graduated high school. I came to Springfield for college to study Special Education. I currently have three semesters left. I got married last August to my wonderful husband and we have been together for 6 years. 

Wow! Ya’ll are so young to be boss babes! How awesome! Okay, so now I know more about you both, tell me a little more about your business.  When did you decide to start your own business and how long have you been making items?

Nicole: I’ve always been sort of artsy and my friends used to always say I should make things and sell them, but I never took their comments seriously. I was a full time student, took on cheer-leading and an almost full time job. I wasn’t about to take on another hand full! It started probably around March is when it really became a big outlet for me. I made an Instagram account as a way to express myself and then I decided to just go for it. I started off making whatever I wanted, then I realized, art can be ministry too, so Biggest littlest things began.

Biggest littlest things is such an interesting name- how did you come up with it??! Does it stand for something?

It really just came to me. I figured I would try to make the biggest difference with the littlest things.

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What about you Paige, how did your business come to be?

Paige: I’ve always wanted to have some sort of small business since high school. I began sewing when I was in fifth grade because my Granny had sewn for a long time, and she taught me. I stopped for a long time until around the end of high school. My sophomore year of college in 2016 is when I began to make things and sell them just through Facebook, what really helped was my then boyfriend and now my husband began working at a fabric store. That’s when my passion for sewing and creating really started in full swing. I’ve always loved going to craft shows and couldn’t wait until one day I had my own business to sell stuff. I started my Instagram for my business in April and opened my Etsy in June!

I love your business name… it’s beautiful! How did you come up with that?

Paige: Blissful Creations came from my maiden last name was Bliss, so I just came up with Blissful Creations from that. Giving up Bliss as my last name when I got married was something I wanted to do but it was hard since my business name came from my old last name.

So you both have Etsy stores but your designs are going to be in a new gallery opening up in Springfield soon, correct?!! Tell me about that!

Nicole: It’s at Suddenlies Boutique in downtown Springfield! I started off on Eden’s Flower Truck and then sort of out grew it. She was the one who told me her friend was in need of artists. It feels SO at home and I know I’m in the right place. Cheryl, Suddenlies owner, came up with the name because of how the Bible mentions stories of Suddenlies. She says how God won’t throw you abruptly into a situation unless you’re ready for it and that’s TOTALLY how it felt for me. It’s been such a blessing.

What a cool name! I love knowing the background behind the name of the gallery.

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Paige: Well I’m currently focusing on Etsy and selling in a couple places here in Springfield! I want to get my Etsy shop up and running before I start my own website to shop from.

 What has been your favorite part of owning this business???

Nicole: I’ve met so many new people and it’s so cool when a total stranger compliments my work. I’ve met so many women of God from this and I never would’ve guessed that. It’s so encouraging and humbling. I think my favorite moment however was when I met a total stranger through Instagram named Amy. I met Amy at Suddenlies for a sale. She told me about a Young Living event. She loved my stuff so much that she PAID for me to do a booth. I’m literally not an emotional person, but oh my goodness. It made me tear up with happiness. Her and Cheryl then prayed over me and my business and it’s something I don’t think I could ever forget. Image may contain: Nicole Kackley, smiling, closeup

Paige: My favorite part about owning this business is being able to see others wear my creations and see them rock it in their daily lives! I love being able to create unique handmade items that people can’t buy in a regular store. 

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Do you have a favorite item you make or have designed?

Nicole: That’s tough. I secretly want to keep all of my work. I’d have to say my wood burned fern leaf or my terrariums. Inner hippie and plant lady over here. I love love love nature and I often get my ideas when I take a walk through the nature center.

I really love your essential oil jewelry, Nicole, it’s unique and so beautiful!

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What about you Paige? What is your favorite item?

Paige: I think my favorite item would have to be the purses I make. They have become a lot better and I love trying different patterns and styles with them! 

purse .jpg

I loved the purses I saw! Super fun! So this is a part-time thing for you both, currently, but are you wanting it to become your full time gig?

Paige: Currently this is my part time gig, I am going to college and working full time as well so it is a challenge to juggle it all sometimes. But I am hoping to make this my full time thing one day! I hope that I can use it as my full time income especially when I have kids down the road I want to be able to stay at home with them and owning my own business online would allow me to make time for both!  

Nicole: It is part time for me. But I would LOVE for it to be full time one day. I’m super happy where I’m at regardless. It’s always been my dream to be my own boss.

Good luck to you both as you move forward and continue your businesses. Do you have advise you would give others who want to step out and start their own business?

Paige: My advice would be to just step out and do it! Don’t let your fears of failing hold you back, because I was scared people wouldn’t like my stuff or even buy anything. But I have been proven wrong and I am so thankful I took the leap to begin this business!

Nicole: Keep faith, believe in you, and don’t give up. It’s super important to be consistent even when you feel discouraged. Be consistent making things because it’s the only way you’ll get better. It can be scary, but isn’t it better to try and fail than to not try at all? I think so.

Great advise! It is so important to believe in yourself! I am so excited for you both and the opening of this new boutique in Springfield. What are you most excited about in launching this store???

Paige: I’m most excited to just meet other girls and women, and connect with them! I love being an owner of a business because it gives me relationships with other small business owners and my customers. It is such a special thing to be able to connect to others through my passion of creating!

Nicole: There’s so much support behind me. I’m excited to continue to use my art as a ministry. Honestly, I’m just so dang excited for opening day and the fact I get to love back on people who applaud what I’m doing.

I think meeting other women and getting to support each other is one of my favorite things about blogging! I have loved meeting so many amazing women and getting to know them more and become a support system for each other. I also love that you both have a passion for what you create and sell!

I was wondering how long a typical item may take you to create or complete? Or what a typical day might look like for you?

Paige: Every item is different for me, headbands are probably the easiest for me because it only takes probably 10 minutes per headband. But a purse can take up to an hour. That’s one of the hardest part of owning a small business is the making is 100% up to me to create the products. So I have to carve out time to devote to my business.


Nicole: Well for me It depends what I’m making. Most items take 30 minutes on actual making time. My fern leaves however take closer to 2 hours. The employees st Michaels know me by my name -I’m there so often. I usually make 3-5 items in a day if I’m feeling like my ideas are flowing. I take a lot of my pictures around local parks and that usually takes up a couple hours. I get a lot of my ideas at Connect services.

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 Have you done any collaborations with any other small businesses in town??? Any we should know about?

Nicole: I’m hoping to pair up with Olive Leaf Design somehow, someway! Rather it be through a giveaway or an art project it’s just so much fun to express yourself through art with friends.

Paige :Currently I have stuff in Suddenlies, the shop in downtown Springfield- come to the opening on Friday!!!  Also Bree’s Closet which is a mobile boutique opening this fall in Springfield, I will be selling stuff through them. So that is exciting!! I’m hoping to continue to find more shops that want to sell my items in their stores!

 What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working???

Nicole: I love hiking. I love kayaking. Just anything involving nature really. It’s peaceful to me. I don’t consider my Etsy business work. Certain things are more tedious than others but it’s just a hobby that has grown into something more for me.

Paige: My favorite things to do when I’m not working include hanging with my hubby, playing tennis, watching Netflix, random dance parties, shopping, and hanging with friends! 

 What are some goals you have for this year and your items being in a store??

Nicole: I’m hoping to take on some local craft shows. I’ll hopefully be at Apple Butter Making Days. It’s always been a goal to one day do that one.

Paige: My goals for my business this year is to get a lot of new items up on Etsy, grow my instagram, and hopefully apply to some craft shows for this fall! 

Sounds like you both have some awesome goals and want similar things! Keep pushing and encouraging each other to reach those goals! And talking about encouraging each other, what encouragement or advise did  receive when you started out??

Nicole: It was back in March or April that I told my friends I had thought about the idea of launching an Etsy business. They were all wonderful enough to tell me to just go for it. I’m thankful for those people for never complaining about receiving tons of pictures of things I made and and giving me the needed words of affirmation.

Paige: Some advice I was given was to set small specific goals that have a timeline of about three months, doing this will allow you to get to your big goal eventually instead of becoming overwhelmed by a huge goal to reach this allows you to focus on specific things for  a few months and allows you to get things done in a more timely manner.

 Anything else you’d like to tell me about your, your business or your life and goals!

Nicole: Love God and love others and the rest will be history.

Paige: For me I am all about meeting new women and encouraging them to pursue their dreams and goals. I love the community of people I have found in Springfield through church, and college. I hope that through my small business I am able to continually grow a community with other small business owners and customers! 

Well thank you ladies so much for letting me ask you both some questions! I loved getting to know you both better and I am so looking forward to the opening of “Suddenlies!”

For all my Springfield Friends, come out and support these locals in the opening of this fun boutique. Again the grand opening will be on July 28th from 10-4pm and there will be prizes, book signings, coffee tasting, homemade goodies, and Edens Flower truck will be present. If you’re a local “Springfieldian” try and come out and support this awesome local business.  Come support and meet the two Boss Babes from this post: Nicole and Paige! Hope to see ya’ll there!



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