The Hubby’s Breakfast Tacos

Ya’ll I have fallen in love with my husband’s breakfast tacos. Dave loves to cook and many times he’ll just come up with ideas and try them out! They almost always come out great- unlike my attempts! While breakfast tacos aren’t the most challenging item to make, I figured I would share his recipe for those of you that may be like me and need the most simple, easy, step by step guide to make an awesome meal or in this case, Breakfast! This breakfast combines two of my favorite things… tacos and breakfast food!

Items you will want:

Small corn or flour tortillas ( I prefer corn)


Bacon or Sausage ( we used bacon, but I bet sausage could be good too)

A yellow onion


Taco seasoning

The sauce:

Ranch dressing and El Yucateco hot sauce ( you could probably use another hot sauce)

Mix in the hot sauce for desired taste

Dave likes to use a cast iron skillet to cook, but you can just use a normal skillet if you want. First, Dice up a couple pieces of bacon into smaller pieces and place the bacon in a separate pan and cook. Then, dice up your onions,  drain the grease from the bacon and place the onions in the same pan to brown. Last step of the cooking process is scrambling the eggs. Scramble the eggs in a separate pan from the bacon and onions. Once the eggs are scrambled to your liking, add a little taco seasoning on top to give it a kick of flavor. Heat the tortillas up on the stove top or in the microwave- it won’t take long, so make sure you watch.

Cooking tortillas on the stove: Use the same pan as the bacon or sausage ( whip out excess grease) and then flip a couple times.

Microwave- Place the tortillas inside a damp paper-towel and set for 15-20 sec.

Put it all together, add the cilantro, add the sauce and Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Hubby’s Breakfast Tacos

    1. Yes! Please do! They are sooooo delicious! You’ll seriously want to eat them every morning! And thanks!!!! Got the plates from a garage sale!

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