Our Cute Little Apartment: Home Tour

Hey friends! So Dave and I have been packing up all of our items and also getting rid of a ton of things we should’ve A LONG TIME AGO. I, like many really hate moving! But one great thing about it is going through the house and getting rid of those things that you haven’t used in forever, or even like anymore- I am feeling so much better just purging items. I keep things for way too long- I think I have a little bit of a hoarding tendency-  nowhere close to TLC’S hoarding people, thank goodness, but I like to make lots of exceptions for things that I haven’t used in forever. I’m that person that would be like I know I haven’t used it in forever, or worn it, but there could be an event or something that happens soon in which I will need it- New flash- probably not. Anyways… I thought before we are actually out of our cute little apartment, I would give you a little tour of our place on the blog. I may have done this before, but I don’t really remember, and I have adored this little apartment and all the memories ( stay tuned for another blog post coming showcasing some of those memories), so here’s a little tour of the place we have called home for the past 5 years.

Welcome to our Home!

I am so glad you’re here and checking out our sweet little place. We have a very eclectic place, but its totally us.  We decorated in more earthy tones with a lot of browns, oranges, greens, tans, and blues throughout. I just recently updated the guest bathroom a little by adding a different shower curtain and rug ( check out the home decor page for more details) and it totally brightened up the space, and bonus, it still works with the rest of our color scheme. I will say that another reason our little place is so eclectic is for the fact that we have accumulated many items from others and I’ve kept many items from college to save money until we actually get into a home and can figure out the style or decor we want.  But all in all… I love our place with all its uniqueness and eclectic look. img_6843


I love our cute little picture wall, with so many fun pics of us and memories. Dave also made me that fun picture frame/ card holder ( far left big frame) so that I could put all of our Christmas cards from friends and family up on the wall to share. I also love the Amish and I got the “Family” sign from an Amish store while in Middlefield Ohio while spending time with Dave’s family.

The small frames are framed water color paintings from my time traveling in Europe with the Concert Orchestra. I saw these beautiful paintings one day while I was roaming around Rome and I just had to have them. My dad and mom gave me a giftcard to use one Christmas for frames and I got to get these custom designed frames for the watercolors.

hallway watercolor 1watercolor 2.jpg

Front Bathroom/ Guest Bathroom

I got a ton of items for the new bathroom re-design from Target (of course). I am loving the new Opal brand! The fun matte and shower curtain are both the Opal brand.


I got to perform with the Transiberian Orchestra a couple times while living in Springfield and I used the violin on the left to perform with them the first time… I just had to have them sign my instrument. That was one of the most exhilarating and fun performances I have done up to this point.



The living room is one of my favorite spots in our apartment! I love the feel, the light from the patio doors, and the memories from all the items we have gathered and been given from friends and family! It also holds a really special picture, memory and gift I was able to get for Dave one anniversary! We have a record player from my mom’s parents, a beautiful piano given to us by my dad’s mom, a pretty bridge painting behind the couch from my friend Becca, and used couches I’ve had since college ( super ready for some new couches). Nothing is new here, but there are so many memories packed into this little room!


lebron cavs victory.jpg


This cabinet area in the dinning room is another favorite of mine! The praying man was hanging in my Grandmother Viola’s house for years and years, and Dave one day mentioned how he loved that picture and she got up, took it down and gave it to us. The “Count your Blessings” was a beautiful Christmas present from my mom and it always reminds me of all the blessings I have and to be grateful and thankful always- or try to be.  Under the quote is another beautiful item given to me by my other Grandmother. My Grandma Holtzapple gave me this beautiful china cabinet, built by my Grandpa to house the china that my grandpa sent her while he was in Korea. I currently have this china sitting inside the cabinet as well as other fun glassware and the “moose cups” from Christmas Vacation, which were bought for Dave one Christmas.


Dave and I both love nature and love trees, so our bedroom definitely reflects that. Also those cute twinkly lights above our bed are super important and part of our story…. ( stay tuned to the next post to find out all about them.)

Dave’s Man Cave

CAVS ITEMS!!!! We both are super sad that Le Bron will no longer be on the CAVS, but we have the incredible memories and will hold those close to our hearts! Dave also really loves the beer from “Great Lakes Brewery” so thus the big picture on the wall.

So that is the interior of our place, but one of my absolute favorite parts of our place is the porch/ balcony area! I love how cute we have made this space! I love having my morning coffee out here and drinking a glass of wine in the evening under our cute little lights! I can’t wait to have another balcony…. maybe one that looks out into a back yard- that’d be even nicer! Also- working on growing some Jalapenos and Cucumbers…. So far they are STILL ALIVE, which is a huge deal for me! ( No green thumb here)

Thanks for coming on my tour of our cute little apartment! It has been a beautiful place to begin our Journey and I can’t wait to see where the next part of our journey will continue!


9 thoughts on “Our Cute Little Apartment: Home Tour

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I have really loved this place and will be sad to leave, but I am super excited for more possibilities. I can’t wait to see the new one either… haha… currently we are still looking and have a couple weeks to be out.

  1. I love your apartment and the decor is so cute! It seems very spacious (and lucky that you have 2 bathrooms) My hubby and I are looking to rent a house bigger than what we have next year. I can’t wait to to see your new place too!

    1. Thanks hannah! I have really loved living here and making it our home for this time frame. It is actually a lot bigger than other apartments, so that has been really nice. We have accumulated way too many things and it has made it feel a lot smaller. Hope you’re having a good week!

    2. Thanks Hannah! It is really nice! We have loved it and actually it looks a lot bigger with all the items in it rather than with nothing… I just went and cleaned the apartment and it looked so small! We are excited for the rental house and to finally have something that is ours ( well at least this year). Good luck to yall as you are trying to find something! I will definitely do a blog post with lots of pics of the new place! I am currently so excited about the garage!

  2. i absolutely love your decorating style!! love how personable the home is too, mixing in both of your favorite things and hobbies 🙂 thank you for sharing this! x

    1. Aww thank you!!!! We love our place! We recently moved to a home, and are working on making it our new home! It’s coming along- slowly but surely!

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