Fashion for the Fourth under $50

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Is it just me or does this summer feel like it is going extremely fast??!! I have been having a great summer so far, relaxing and actually reading some fun books for once… and only teaching 2 days a week!!! I also just got back from a trip to Chicago to see my family, so while it was a great trip, I’m trying to catch up on everything and I am so behind on my blog posts. I actually have like 7 posts in the works, but haven’t truly had enough time to center and focus on them. So sorry. Well I thought I’d do a fun little July 4th outfit inspiration blog since I just love putting together cute outfits for July 4th and I always love seeing others post outfit inspo’s as well.

All of these choices below are under $50 and from all different retailers. My style is very eclectic, so I put a whole bunch of different styles below! Want to see some other options and how I styled a couple items??? Check out my Fourth of July post from Last year!


There were so many more options and things I could have posted, but I hope you like the ones I listed above and the best part…. many of these selections are under $20! So go shopping and have a look around!

Don’t want to spend the money to buy something new, take some ideas from the post and go check out your local goodwill or thrift store to recreate some looks. I literally do this all the time and I save WAY more money!

What are ya’ll doing for the fourth??? Tell me below


4 thoughts on “Fashion for the Fourth under $50

  1. Hey! I’m not American so I’m not celebrating the 4th, but I’m *loving* these clothes – especially that red striped dress! 😮

    1. Thanks so much for checking out the post and commenting! I love that dress!!!

  2. Oh my goodness what cute outfit ideas! And for me under $50 is a fit. I really don’t wear clothes that cost more than that. It just always seems you can find cute stuff for less. ❤️

    1. Girl- me either! I am very frugal and always excited to save $… I have recently been shopping more at goodwill too and finding some great things! So glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for commenting!

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