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I am all about saving money and this past weekend I needed to grab some shorts really fast, so I decided to check out the Goodwill. I have been to the goodwill a lot, but every time I go, I feel like I never find anything great. But then- my friends will go and they always find really great deals, so I decided to give it a try again and I’m so glad that I did. The day I went to Goodwill, I was in search of some high wasted longer shorts, or” mom shorts” and I found four really great pairs. So I thought I’d do a fun little “Goodwill Haul” post since I always enjoy reading others posts and seeing what they were able to buy for a bargain.

When you’re looking through the racks at Goodwill, try on anything that you somewhat like…the items always look different on then they do on the rack. I found that to be true with a couple of the shorts I bought. I honestly didn’t like them much when looking at them on the rack, but once I put them on my opinion had changed and I could see the potential. Also I feel like all of these shorts, minus 1 could be dressed up and styled differently, so I may just have to show you in another blog post coming soon!

Ya’ll I got the following four shorts and an awesome Levis Jean Jacket for $15!!!

White Shorts

*Also not sure what i’m doing in this first pic… pretty sure it was mid-talk! 😉

Jewelry: Earrings / Bracelet

Purses:  Similar Coach Purse

Shoes: Surf Platform Sandals

Navy Blue Shorts

Shoes: Universal Thread Wedges

Black Nike Shorts

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Purse: Similar Backpack

Glen Plaid Shorts

Dressier look with the Glen Plaid Shorts

Stay tuned for another blog post to show you some ways of styling each short differently! Hope you all enjoyed this post… and if you haven’t visited your local Goodwill, you definitely should!



4 thoughts on “Goodwill Haul

  1. Love this! I have been thrifting more too. It is true, a lot of the times the clothes on the rack look “meh” but once you try them on they look awesome! I love the white and navy blue shorts. I was planning on going to the thrift store when I get paid and you inspired me to do a haul post 🙂

    Hannah the Mad Dog

    1. Hey Hannah!Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad I was able to inspire you to do a haul… can’t wait to see what you pick up! I have really been loving the shorts and have worn them a lot so far this summer…. you can really do so much with longer high wasted shorts! Hope you have a great day!

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