Sharing Sunday- Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! To the father’s, grandfather’s, step father’s , or even father figures out there, I hope you have an incredible day being celebrated and feeling completely loved. Since today is Father’s Day, I thought I would share a little more about my dad.  I have been so incredibly blessed to have a dad like mine- I have known this for a long time, but being an educator, I have come to realize this so much more. My dad has always been someone I could count on… if he promised me something or told me something, I believed it would come true or he would come through on his side. He is the most genuine person that I know and many times that is one of the first things people tell me they love about my dad. Being Genuine means that you are authentic, honest, real, sincere and I have seen this time and time again from my dad. I have never once had to ask myself if what my dad says to me, about me, or to me is true, and that is a great feeling. I know that i can trust him.  He makes everyone feel special and truly cares for the well-being of others whether it be in their physical needs or their spiritual needs. He is like this because God has given him a heart for people!

With being genuine comes being a giver! My dad is one of the biggest gift givers I know! He is a giver of his time, money, love, encouragement, and gifts/ giftings. He is always thinking about my family, throughout my childhood and even now, I know that he is always looking out for my best interest. He shows this by given me his time whenever I call to talk with him, sharing his beautiful writings with me in the form of heartfelt journals or cards he sends, and the beautiful gifts he gives. One of my dad’s love languages is gifts and it sure shows… He gets so excited when he finds something he wants to get for my mom or one of us ( the kids). This is also a blessing given from God… Just as our father in heaven is a giver, I know that God has bestowed this upon my dad.  I mentioned above the journals he has written for me…. He has done this for me, my brother and sister- the journals include beautiful encouragement, memories and wonderful application and wisdom for life.

Wisdom, I believe is not only acquired through experience and age, but I believe it is also a gift from God. God has given my dad incredible wisdom and knowledge in his life. Whenever I need advise, my dad is one of the first people I go to… I know that whenever I call him, I will be given advise based on the bible. Even when he is unsure of what to tell me, he will quote scripture and almost every time he will end the phone call with prayer. What a huge blessing this has been in my life!  I know that my dad not only prays for me while I’m on the phone, but I know that he and my mom constantly lift me and my siblings up in their prayers, every day, I’m sure.

I have been honored to grow up with such a wonderful dad, and now a friend. As I have grown, I not only realize what an incredible dad I have, but also what a friend I have. When you get older you begin to call your parents more and more to just talk and see what’s happening… this has become one of my favorite things. I have loved getting to know my dad more and more over the years and I’m sure God will continue to reveal even more incredible qualities that he has uniquely given to dad. But right now… I am honored, grateful, and thankful that God chose to give me the dad I have.

Happy Fathers Day… remember to tell your father or a father figure just how special they are to you! Enjoy your day!

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