Girls getaway weekend in Kansas City

This post has taken me entirely too long to write… I am so sorry! I can’t believe our getaway was almost a month ago! My girls and I had the most enjoyable time being in Kansas City and reconnecting with each other. This year has been a year of growth and new things for my friend group, with lots of transitions, new jobs, and new homes.  Two of my friends, Becca and Felicia,  moved away from Springfield due to new jobs-  super exciting but definitely hard adjusting to not having them here. Becca used to live right upstairs from me and Dave in the apartments, and we definitely had some amazing neighbor times! We had lots of wine and reflection nights, chill out movie nights, and lots and lots of talks about life, marriage, and school/ personal growth. Felicia got married last summer and her and the hubby decided to move to Dallas as they began their new life together and took on some new careers.  The getaway weekend was the first time that all of us girls had been together since Felicia’s wedding back in September- it was long overdue. having them around.  Wanting a cool place that wouldn’t be too far away for all of us, we decided to have our girls weekend getaway in Kansas City.

The Springfield gang carpooled to Kansas City on Friday afternoon/ evening, Becca drove herself and meet us there, and Felicia flew in to KC Saturday Morning. Knowing we were going to have more than 4 people, we chose to forgo a hotel room, and instead got an Air B&B. ( I would totally recommend finding an Air B&B if you can… More space and cool atmosphere). Thanks to our friend, Sara, scouting out awesome Air B&B’s, we found a really awesome place that was perfect for the weekend and extremely close to the Country Club Plaza and Westport, which were the areas we wanted to hang around. ( they were so excited…😆- perfect picture)

Having lived in Kansas City growing up, I am very familiar with the areas and as we were driving to the Air B&B, I got a little concerned. We were driving through some areas that are a little sketchy, but if you’ve ever been to the Country Club Plaza, you know that it’s a really nice shopping area dead center in the weirdest, not too great location, so I decided to not jump to conclusions. But to my surprise, even-though it is only a couple minutes away from a sketchy area, the house was beautiful and such a great place to stay on our little weekend getaway. There were some interesting little quirks to the house, but we really loved the location and the design. The house had three bedrooms, a lovely living room area, dining room, and the sweetest little kitchen. The whole house was styled in a Moroccan theme- apparently the owner had taken a trip to Morocco and decided upon return to decorate her Air B&B in this style. It was absolutely beautiful! Really the only negative thing about the house was that it only had 1 bathroom and for 6 ladies, it was quite interesting.

Story time with Erin… so remember how I said that the house was a couple minutes away from a sketchy area??? Well, I may have said something to the girls and of course our minds began to wander. We got inside and picked out our bedrooms- Sara and Kel got the bedroom in the back of the house with two twin size beds. As they were unpacking, Sara realized there was a small window in the room with only a sheer fabric placed over the top and outside the window there was a back porch.  The window was at the perfect height for someone to look into the room.  So of course having already thought about the location and it being in a possible sketchy area, and now the fact that someone could get on the back porch and look in to see them, freaked them and all of us out. So we did what any band of women would do… We grabbed a blanket to place over the window, and then we made a barrier in front with a candle abra and a chair… and if that wasn’t enough, Sara grabbed some knives and placed them under the bed. It was seriously hilarious… a must be there moment- but no worries, we were safe and it was a fabulous place to stay.

Friday night we all got settled and just enjoyed chatting at the dinning room table. We talked about life, and reflected on what we were all up too and had a great time talking with Becca about her new job. Saturday I got up early to go get Felicia, while the girls slept in. Although I had to wake up a little earlier than the others, I still got to sleep in some and I had a chance to have some one-on-one time with Felicia. When we arrived back to the house, Sara was making breakfast for us all- pancakes, sausage, eggs, coffee, and orange juice! While we ate breakfast we talked about the day, and had a small belated birthday celebration for Becca and Felicia. After the birthday festivities, we decided to get ready for the day, make sandwiches for our lunches, and figure out what our first stop would be that day. We had lots of choices, but we ended up going to the world war 1 museum , having a little picnic, and then taking a stroll and grabbing coffee in Westport.

The world war 1 museum was incredible- i highly recommend going to see it! My friend group is full of educators and social service workers, so we all love history and learning, so it was highly educational and intriguing for us. Also if you want an amazing view of the city, you need to buy a ticket to go up the liberty memorial- the view is incredible!

General Admission

Adults $16
Seniors (Ages 65+) $14
College Students (ID required) $14
Youth (Ages 6–18) $10
Children (Under 6) FREE
Members FREE


Active Duty Military (ID required) $8
Active Duty Military Family, Veterans, Teachers and Area Convention Attendees (ID required) $2 off
“World War Wednesdays” $8 all tickets

Check out all you can see here

After exploring the museum and taking a lookout at all of Kansas City from the Libery Memorial, we enjoyed a lovely picnic outside on the grass. The weather that weekend was seriously perfect and we were just enjoying being with each other. We also took a little nap…I love my girls- it was a pretty funny thing I’m sure to witness. We decided since we were pretty tired, we needed to grab some coffee to continue exploring, so we headed to the Westport area. I had heard about a cool coffee shop and is is of course an “Instagram worthy coffee shop,” so that’s exactly where we went. Monarch coffee is incredible! If you haven’t visited, go check them out- the coffee and drinks were amazing, the look was beautiful, and the atmosphere was perfect for a little pick-me up. If you’re looking for a gorgeous coffee shop to take some beautiful Instagram pics- this is definitely your place!

We got ready to leave and as we were headed back towards the car, we noticed a sweet little boutique next to the coffee shop and of course went in to check it out. The owners were the cutest and their shop was like something from a magazine. Check out their Instagram account- so cute!!! ( shopdearsociety) I ended up buying the sweetest little strapless floral dress!

Returning to our Air B&B, many of the girls were exhausted and took little naps, while others chatted. By far my favorite part of the whole trip was our awesome impromptu gathering in the kitchen! We sat on the rug in the kitchen, with one candle flickering in the middle,  drinking wine, eating junk food, and having the best girl talk ever! We talked about our fears, joys, life, personal growth, our careers, marriage, sex, everything, for about 6 hours- it was amazing! I will always remember that moment and the fun weekend we had. To end the night, we went to a salsa club to dance the night away! We left to go dancing at midnight and returned back to the house around 2am- haven’t stayed out that late in forever!

I had to leave early the next morning to get back in time for a rehearsal that afternoon, but I am so glad we had a chance to all get together and enjoy an amazing weekend in KC. Haven’t been to KC??? There are so many amazing things to do!

Here’s a list of some top places to visit and check out when visiting:


The Country Club Plaza- ( classy, outdoor shopping)

Westport- ( vintage, retro, outdoor shopping)

Crown Center- (indoor, creative, family- friendly shopping)


World War 1 Museum

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Kemper Contemporary Museum of Art

Science City


Gates BBQ

Country Club Plaza- Lots of options

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