My Favorite Spring/ Summer Fashion Trends for 2018

Is it just me or does it seem like we skipped spring??? It was like the longest winter ever, not to mention Springfield had  gotten snow every Sunday for 3 weeks in a row in April!!! – Crazy! Not only do I love the weather when it is finally sunny and beautiful outside, but I am loving the spring fashions, or I guess summer fashions,  as well! Pastels, florals, stripes, suede, kimonos and white boots are HUGE right now and I am loving them all so much! I wanted to share a couple of looks and items with you that I have been loving this spring!


I’ve never been a huge fan of pastels, but they just scream Spring! Recently I have seen so many cute pastel dresses that it’s got me rethinking my dislike for Pastels. I recently bought a pastel pink flowey top and it has become one of my favorite easy on the go pieces. The best part is it is so easy to throw on and style with anything, and unlike throwing on a tee, I feel a little more dressed up with the same chill feel.  Pastels can be hard to wear sometimes, so I suggest you think about the colors and how they compliment your skin and complexion.  I bought a lavender dress from Target a couple weeks back and I am loving the lavender color and the style. Lavenders and Lilacs are great on blondes, so when I saw this dress, I knew I would love it on. I also really loved the details on the dress and the length of the dress- I can wear it to work, to church, to a wedding, a wedding shower or baby shower, or just out and about. I also am taking my fun velvet skirt from the velvet trend this last fall, and incorporating it into my spring style! Here are a couple ways I’ve mixed and matched to create new looks!

Similar Skirt here


Mix + match outfit. Outfit of the Day: 2 October 2015.I have always loved stripes, but I can definitely say that I have become more obsessed with stripes as the years have gone by. I have a couple items that I absolutely adore and they were fantastic buys for spring. And can we just talk about Florals and Stripes for a second- I mean I never thought about mixing the two together, but some of my favorite outfits have incorporated the two prints. I haven’t gotten quite brave enough to mix animal prints, stripes and florals, but I have seen it done and its fabulous. On my recent Kansas City trip, I feel in love with a strapless floral A line dress, with pockets, and while it was kind of pricey, I decided to buy it and I am so glad I did. Here are a couple I’m enjoying and some of my own.

Similar Skirt here


I have been hearing from many that suede is not gone and it may just be coming back stronger than ever. The retro vibes are definitely on the rise and I could not be more excited! I definitely love both styles and absolutely love the 70’s! Plus suede is such an awesome material and so fun to wear! Here are a couple looks I am enjoying and some of my own.

A rock band shirt and a pop of colour with an orange skirt. We approve. female #findyourorange

Black&White Striped Top + Suede Skirt + Black Handbag // tiphainemarie_ on…


Get similar skirt here



Similar pants here


Kimonos are amazing! I absolutely love wearing them whether its dressing up a dress, with a tee and jeans, or with my leggings! I am obsessed with Kimonos and the effortless look! This is another trend that can be dressed up or dressed down. Here are a couple ways you could wear your Kimonos and look and feel amazing! Here are a couple looks I am loving and some of my own.

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44 buenas ideas para llevar un kimono (muy) largo

Similar Kimono here




As you can tell from some of the pictures above,  I really love this trend. I bought these cute white boots on sale at Target and I have loved having them. They are perfect for pairing with dresses and jeans to make the look dressier.

What are some of your favorite trends???

Stay Stylish- Erin Ruscel

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