10 Thoughtful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but it sure came up fast. While I know my mom doesn’t need anything super fancy, or really anything other than a beautiful card, I like to try and spoil her. She has always been the one to go above and beyond for all of us, and she should be pampered and feel like a queen this Mother’s Day and every Mother’s Day. So my first piece of advise for you when looking for something for your mom is think about her… What does she love? What has she talked about? What does she need? Don’t just pinterest mother’s day gifts and give her something super generic- she may still love it, because you gave it to her, but this is a chance to do something different, to  give her something from your heart.

I have always loved cards- Words of affirmation is one of my top love languages, so I enjoy keeping cards and being able to always look back and reflect on the words. So I always get my mom a card and try my best to write out how amazing she is… I’m not as great at this as my dad is however. He has a way with words and always can make me and my mom cry with the sweet things he chooses to write within our cards. But needless to say, I try and I believe the thought is what really counts. So here are a couple gift ideas I have seen, or tried to help inspire you this mother’s day and hopefully help you be more thoughtful with your gifts this mother’s day.


I have always loved Mother’s day jars! These are jars that you can fill with your mom’s favorite items. Image result for mother's day jarsMaybe she loves reading and writing, or she is a bath lover- fill the jar with fun goodies for her to enjoy throughout the year or the next couple months. This is a super easy gift and really thoughtful. You can make it look super cute, add lots of fun details if you’re a really crafty person, or keep it simple! You could put her favorite snacks, candy, bath items, makeup, or even fun jewelry or clothing ( depending on how big your jar is) Need a little more information about creating yours? helloslendid has an awesome step by step DIY to create your very own Mother’s Day in a Jar.


Comfy Slippers are always a great idea! Many women are up and about most of the day and giving them something cozy to slip on while they are walking around is a great idea! Not only that, but you can also add a couple fun goodies to the inside for extra fun. Keep with a theme and give them a manicure/ pedicure set, maybe a nail file, some lotion, and maybe some nail polish, OR slip their favorite chocolate, a gift card, and some perfume inside. Cozy slipper Gift Idea

Okay I love this idea! Get slippers and fill them with little treats or gift cards, so fun. prettyprovidence.com


Image result for foot spa machineContinuing the foot idea, if your mom is always up and about, she may really enjoy a nice foot spa. I recently bought a foot spa for myself online, and being a teacher, I am constantly on my feet- It has been so nice to come home some nights and just soak my feet in the foot spa. It is such a relaxing experience and it helps my feet feel rejuvenated after a long day at work.


Anyone else mom have a ton of recipe cards?
My mom has so many Recipe Cards and I have thought for a while about creating a cook book for her to have instead of all the small cards. Having a book would make it so much more convenient for her, not to mention it would take up less room in the cabinet. I don’t live near my mom, so this would present a little more of a challenge, but if you live near your mom, this might just be one of the best mother’s day gifts you could give her. Another idea if you wanted to keep it on the cheaper side, you could laminate the cards and use Recipe rings. Marthastewart.com has some great ideas and examples of preserving recipes.

Photography: ANNA WILLIAMS


There are so many amazing websites now a days that can help you bring to life old pictures, turning them into a beautiful coffee table book. Photo books are so easy, and enjoyable- you have a whole bunch of memories right in front of you to easily access anytime. This is also great for whenever guests come over… you know, when your mom just has to show you ( the kids) off?! Instead of your mom having to go get the scrapbook, the photo album, or take guests down the long hallway of pictures, she can just reach down and show you off using the amazing photo book you created- and the best part, You can choose all the good pics! I have also made some fun photo calendars for my mom and she loves them! Place your favorite family photos and your favorite memories in a year calendar that your mom can hang up or set on their desk at work. This will make your mom so happy being able to look over at work and see your pretty faces. One of my favorite sites to use to create photo books is Shutterfly and while some things can get a little pricey, they frequently offer discounts.


Check out the home goods section of shutterfly for all kinds of fun ideas. You could order a canvas print with a beautiful picture of your family, desktop plaques for those moms who work, tea towels for the home, fleece or woven blankets with a beautiful print or a picture of the family added. There are so many wonderful gifts that you can make so special on Shutterfly. Having something that can be used all the time, will remind your mom of this special day and your love.


Flowers are an easy gift and they are beautiful. Now I know, flowers may not seem like the most thoughtful of gifts, but if you buy her favorite flowers and arrange them yourself, or have someone else arrange them, they could be a great gift. If your mom works in an office where she can have them at her desk, it helps to brighten up the atmosphere and can remind her of you and how much you love her. Find out what her favorite flowers are and don’t forget to write out a heart felt letter or card. Or maybe she likes to garden… You can pick out her favorite flowers and make a cute garden kit for her. Want to go even further, create an event where the two of you can either make floral arrangements together, or take time to plant flowers together.

Little bouquets!


Take some of those cute pictures you’ve sent your mom, or that she has taken and frame them. Go buy some cute frames and place some awesome pictures inside. Some of those pictures she may have taken on her phone are quite likely to stay on her phone forever… why not take those and print them out for her to enjoy everyday. Hobby Lobby always has great deals on frames if you’re looking for some deals!

This is really pretty - love the gallery wall of family pics.



This could be a photoshoot of the whole family, or just you and mom. You could go for the professional photographer, ask someone close to you, or even use other friends or family to help take some snapshots of you all. When was the last time you all were in a photo together? For me, I know it has been more than 5 years. We have all changed so much and I bet it would be fun to have new pictures for your mom to put up on the walls. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get all the family together, so maybe think ahead to an event that you all might be in town for, maybe christmas time and set something up as a surprise. Then you could give your mom the finished, final product for Mother’s Day.

off camera flash tutorial


Create a video- what better way to tell your mom just how much you love her and appreciate her? Share with her all the things you treasure and appreciate about her and remind her of some fun memories and things she has taught you. Get really creative and have a great time creating a wonderful, thoughtful present that she will love forever.

Image result for video

I hope some of these gift ideas have given you inspiration for this Mother’s Day, but among all the gifts you could ever give, the best gift you can give your mom is your time and love. Show her just how much you appreciate her and all she has done and does on a daily basis, by given her your time and attention this Mother’s Day.

With love- Erin Ruscel

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    1. Thanks, girl! Me too! I thought it was so fun and I agree, you can add so much to it! There are huge jars I found at Target if you’re trying to make one! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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