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Friends!!! I can not believe I forgot to do a boss babe in he month of April… it was slightly crazy. But no worries, I have an awesome boss babe to introduce you too! If you’re in he Springfield Area, you will definitely want to take note of this business and this boss babe! My friend, Celia and I have been friends for a while and we are both EU ( Evangel University) grads! So excited for you to get to know her more.

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So Celia, Tell me a little about yourself! 

A little bit about me, well, I love deeply and enjoy people. I think we all have something fascinating to share with the world! People’s stories drive me. Both of my degrees are in cultural studies. On the Enneagram, I identify with type 2s. I hail from the east coast. Beach gal at heart. The outdoors are where I want to long as it isn’t freezing. Yoga, coffee, good food and quality time with the people I love make me so happy.

I love your answer above- I think you are one of the most sincere, intentional people I know! Tell me about your business? 

Unions With Celia is all about planning weddings and events with joy! With every client and couple, I aim to lift the logistical load so they enjoy less stress and more connection. Connection to yourself, your love, your community and your life. I love helping couples process what their wedding days and events will not only look like but feel like. Without fail, people want to be relaxed and connected. I help that dream become a reality.

C Photo by Bulger Creative Co. 

gorgeous bouquet by Ozark Mtn Flower Truck .

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So When did you decide you wanted to become a wedding coordinator? 

Summer of 2016. I was nearing the end of my master’s program and was headed in a different direction professionally, but I couldn’t shake the idea of serving couples as they prepared for one of the biggest events in their lives. Watching couples juggle wedding planning, adjusting to a new family dynamic, life and dealing with all the pain that can creep up when making the decision to get married I wanted to help. I’ve been there. Juggling the pain and the joy myself. Also, weddings are freaking awesome! They are so much fun and filled with tangible love. It’s an incredible honor to watch two people commit to love each other as they grow and change throughout life.

What is your favorite part of working with couples and planning for their big day? 

Oh man, all of it? Is that okay to say? haha! Watching the relief and joy come over them on their wedding day is the biggest gift.

I love that you want to make it easier for he couple! That would be such a relief and I’m sure so comforting to the couple knowing you have everything under control! What is a piece of advice you can share with anyone stepping out to chase their dreams and have their own business? 

You have chosen to live your life without wondering “what if,” and I think that is pretty amazing!. If you are chasing your dream, you are LIVING the dream! As you start your business, keep your priorities and definition of success in mind. Be careful not to say, “when I have this many clients I’ll do that“. Serve your business, clients, and self well now.

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What great advise!!! I love everything you said!!! Here’s a fun question: What are 5 things you are loving right now? 



1. I am loving that spring has finally arrived in Springfield!

2. Ozark Mountain Flower Truck is one of the best gifts we have in this town!

3. The recent episodes of the Liturgist Podcast have been healing my soul.

4. The movement towards minimalism. It is so refreshing and liberating.

5. Hoka ONE ONE running shoes. Seriously, I feel like I am running on clouds!


1. All the incredible community centered events Urban Roots Farm is hosting this summer!

2. Terracotta is IN! I have fallen in love with the southwest, and terracotta is a sweet and subtle way to bring in the southwestern style.

3. Free-flowing greenery

4. Personalization at weddings (for the couples and their guests)

5. Animals at weddings. I am so excited about all the llamas and puppies I get to hang out with at weddings this year!

What is one of your favorite places in Springfield? 

Commercial Street through and through. I’ve made so many memories on the street during festivals, special events, and weddings. The first workshop I offered with some stellar wedding pros (Lacy Stewart of The Co-op Venue, Kyndal Hawkins of Inner Images Photography, and Stevie Rozean of Stevie Rozean Co.) was on Commercial Street. And, even more sentimental, my little sister got engaged at The Q! So many good shops, studios, and places to eat and drink coffee.

I have been loving commercial street more and more this year as well! There are so many cool things popping up! Ok, bringing it back to your business for the next croupier questions:

When planning a wedding, what are some important things to remember? 

I encourage couples to keep their values and priorities front and center. If you can agree on these key things all other decisions will become so much easier (and fun)! It’s also important to remember that your engagement serves a greater purpose than planning the big event (which is meaningful in and of itself). Remember to invest in your relationship with each other, reflect on the changes happening in your life, and foster a sense of community support. Your engagement can catapult you into a healthy marriage instead of stress and confusion.

What is 1 piece of advice you give to a bride and groom on their wedding day? 

I encourage couples to trust the community they’ve built around them (family, friends, and awesome vendors). This puts them at ease so they can focus on what matters most, their love.

Favorite bridal location? 

The Co-op Venue is my favorite wedding and event spaces in the area. I love so many places, but this one is near and dear to my heart. It’s an open-air venue with some simple, modern twists. The owners are dear friends and some of the most down-to-earth, kind, hilarious people you’ll ever meet.

Favorite flowers? 

Ranunculus, baby!

flowers celia

Marriage can be hard, what piece of advice do you have when marriage seems to be getting harder? 

With an open heart, you can create the marriage you want. How do you stay open? Now, that is the challenge. My advice is to listen. Sit with our guard down (and call yourself out if you do feel guarded) and make the effort to really hear to your spouse. Then share kindly and honestly. Clear and honest communication makes positive waves in any relationship, especially in marriage.

 Girl! You have touched my heart so much with some of your answers! So happy for you and this fabulous business and wishing you all the success! Follow Celia on social media and see what she’s up too next! 

Instagram: @celialynnduncan



Thanks so much friends for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed meeting another awesome boss babe! Interested in being a boss babe, email me here:

See ya next time, Erin Ruscel

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, she most certainly is an inspiration and definitely makes me want to work a little harder as well! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! It means so much to me! Have a wonderful day and happy Mother’s Day!

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