Hello Friends! Still in Nashville for this week and I am loving it! I absolutely love Nashville and now that some of my family lives here, it gives me even more of an excuse to take a quick little trip. The funny thing is I had no idea that Nashville would be the place that some of my family would end up and about 5 years ago before Dave and I got married, we were choosing between Springfield and Nashville, and chose Springfield. Why did we choose Springfield over Nashville, you may ask… ? Well, that is a topic for another time and I will make sure to address it in another post. But anyway, back to how cool Nashville is…

I have loved spending quality time with my sister, Emily, and my brother, Erik, and his family this week. My two nieces are the cutest things ever and I have so loved getting to hang out with them, hold them, and just make more memories with them. I also had the opportunity to be a part of  an amazing Launch party for  HER COLLECTIVE, and because I LOVE women encouraging other women, I just have to tell you more about this awesome group and its movement.  The “H- E- R” of HER COLLECTIVE stand for ” Heard” , “Encouraged”, and “Respected”- which is exactly what this movement is all about. We as women go through so many similar things throughout our journey and we should have others to share our lives, hopes, dreams, goals with, be vulnerable with, and encourage each other with as we pursue those things that are the closest to us. This is exactly what the ladies are hoping for with this group and movement.

(Pictures above on HER collective blog and Facebook)

Here is an excerpt from their Facebook Page:

(Picture from Facebook)

How did HER COLLECTIVE come to be?

Alaina, the creator of HER collective and an up-and-coming Nashville based pop musician, talks about investing in yourself and how important it is to understand yourself and what makes you tick. As she was growing and working on herself, she began realizing that she had a fear of not being heard, or loosing her voice. She identified a struggle in her life and that that specific fear has had a hold on her life for a long time. Originally she was going to start a blog to encourage others, but she realized the platform could be something much bigger- a collective of women sharing their stores to encourage and empower other women.

Lots of Beautiful, Encouraging, Fun, and Empowering women all in one room is an exciting thing!!! And when you have mimosas and a photo wall, it’s gonna be a super fun time!

” A single voice can be heard but a roar from a collective can create change!”

Join the Movement- Check it out here

Here the whole story of how HER COLLECTIVE came to be Here


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