Street -Style Inspo

I love dressing up as much as anyone, but I definitely don’t dress up all the time. Dressing up for those special times and big events is one thing, but wearing a tight fancy dress all the time, that is unheard of. No one dresses like that all the time, not even those fashion bloggers that we think must dress up all the time. While we want to be comfortable, we also still want to be dressed stylishly, Whether it be grabbing coffee with a friend, getting brunch with the girls, or running errands on a Saturday morning, I still want to be comfortable and cozy, but still look amazing.

Don’t get me wrong there are still those times that I am rocking sweatpants in public, but I have found that there are some clothing options that are just as comfy, but WAY more stylish. Joggers and leggings are definitely making it easier to be more fashionable, and still feel cozy. Enter in “Street style fashion”- So what is street style anyway? If you are someone in the fashion world, or even someone reading a fashion blog, you will probably read about street style. Street -Style is one of those things that I love to Pinterest. I love to see what people are mixing and matching together to create some amazing looks. So what exactly is street-style? Well if you look it up on Wikipedia, you see that street style is a specific fashion style which comes originally from British fashion culture. BUT the fun thing about street style is that many times it is more about the individual and their preference than the current fashion trends!

So one of my go-to street style outfits for when I’m running errands or going out especially on a Saturday morning, is definitely a longer oversized sweater or cardigan sometimes paired with a fun graphic tee or a shorter shirt in the case with this outfit I am sharing. I love wearing cardigans especially ones that are a little thicker and warmer so I don’t have to worry about wearing a coat to keep warm. And on any given Saturday you can probably find me in some type of hat- Like I’ve said before I love a good hat and I would probably wear a hat all the time if I could.

Stretch skinny jeans are some of my favorite pants to wear out and about. They are comfy and look amazing with my boots. Another thing you will probably catch me wearing during the winter (along with my hats) are my boots, whether they are my knee high boots, or my ankle boots, (like i’m rocking in these pictures,) I am in LOVE with boots. I wish I could wear jeans to work, but since the school has a dress policy jeans are only okay for Friday’s, so I have had to figure out other ways of being comfy and stylish with other pants and styles.

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