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Hello Wonderful readers and friends! I have another segment of Boss babes and I am super excited about introducing you to this awesome lady, because we have known each other for almost 20 years!!! Jessica and I met each other in youth group, I believe when I was in 6th grade and we soon became good friends. Jessica is really funny, fun to be around, passionate, energetic and she is a totally dog lover. She is a talented business lady, so keep reading to find out a little more about her.
Okay, and I just had to share this cute pic with all of you… Here is a pic of me and Jess from High school!!! haha- we were such babies in this picture!
Okay Jess, So I know a LOT about you, but I’d love for you to tell my readers a little bit about yourself:
I’m 31 (ah! That’s still crazy to say!) My husband and I have been married for about 4.5 years. We live in a small town north of Kansas City called Excelsior Springs & we love it! Rural life suits us! We have 5 dogs and 1 cat, they are our fur babies. I love my friends, being outside, pop culture, & hanging with my husband.
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Ahhh the 30’s- I just entered that decade. Can’t believe it. And, Wow- I can’t believe you’ve been married now for 4.5 years- the years go so fast.
So tell me about your business/ businesses:
I started Love Note in 2011 with a mission to always “do it for the dogs”. Last year I felt like my scope had gotten too broad & I wanted to get back to focusing on work with and for dogs. So, I narrowed my services back down to align with that focus. However, I loved being a maker. So I decided to add a shop to my lifestyle site, Midwest Jess for all the things I was making.
I always loved the name ” Love Note” and I was and am so proud of you for making such a difference in the lives of dogs.You started Love Note when we were so young- What have you been able to accomplish through Love Note?
Oh man, I’ve taught myself so much with Love Note. I’m continuously learning new things. I feel like that in itself is an accomplishment! Sometimes I have to remind myself that Love Note is where it is because of me. I am a one woman show so even though it’s hard, I have to give myself credit.
When you began this company, did you have a goal or dream in mind?
My goal was & always has been to help dogs & educate owners. That’s why I partner with different rescue groups. The dream is just that, but on a grander scale than I’ve been able to in the past.
I love how passionate you are for helping dogs and educating people- It is truly so inspiring. I know that your fur babies are so special to you and your hubby,  so tell me a little more about each of them:
We have 6 like I mentioned earlier. There’s Chewbacca, a German Shepherd mix, Aria, a Maltipoo, Solo, a Border Collie Mix, Penny, a Maltese, Savannah, a Miniature Bull Terrier, & Batman, a longhaired dark brown cat. They each have their own quirks. Solo & Penny are geriatric now, 3 of them are on medicine, so it’s a new stage in their lives but we’re just continuing to spoil them rotten 😃.
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And you’re blogging now too?   What made you decide to start blogging and when did you launch?
Well, I started blogging in August 2016 with a series called 26 Churches 26 Weeks. Each week my husband & I attended a different religions service & I blogged about the religions beliefs, as well as our experience. I expanded my blog to become Midwest Jess in July 2017. I did that because I felt like there wasn’t a site that was for girls like me. Girls who are interested in the same things as me, but aren’t shopping at Nordstrom everyday & who care about what is going on in the world.
I was keeping up with your journey to different churches and was really fascinated by what you were finding and writing! Awesome job! I also really like Midwest Jess’ overall look and feel! You’ve done some really great work- keep it up.
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If you had to think about ALL the things/ projects you have been able to work on what would be your favorite project for any of your businesses?
For Love Note I have loved doing the calendars each year. I run a contest on Facebook usually around the end of September open to anyone in the KC/ES area. People enter their dogs & the winners get to be in the calendar for the upcoming year. I have been able to meet so many cute dogs & their sweet owners over the years!
In your shop on your blog you have a lot of jewelry you’ve designed- How did you come up with some of the designs for your jewelry?
Everything I design/make & then sell is something I would want. I never want to be the person who just makes something to make money. I want to love everything that has my name attached to it! So I make things that fit my style. I like boho, gypsy, hippie vibes so I love the faux leather earrings because they fit that so well. I started doing them in different shapes/adding decals to them because I didn’t want to be like every other person selling them. 
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I absolutely love the faux leather earrings! I have a couple pairs of my own and they are some of my favorite items to wear and they are so lightweight, they are never killing my ears during the day.
When you look at all that you have done in your businesses and your blogging, what would you say has been the toughest thing for you throughout?
Comparison. I mentioned earlier how it’s hard for me to give myself credit for Love Note, I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to my work. I always have. So, comparison, like the saying goes, is literally the thief of joy.
Girl- I totally feel ya on that one! It is a really tough thing to not compare ourselves, but man the freedom when you don’t… it is so worth it!
Got any advise for others that may want to launch their own companies?
It’s an uphill battle sometimes, but if it’s what you want, it’s worth it. It needs to be your passion. Don’t compare where you are to where others are. Celebrate your successes.
Thanks so much Jessica for all your fun answers! I have a couple more questions for ya… these are just some fun easy questions to get to know you a little more! 🙂
What are your go to Starbucks drinks?
Honestly I rarely go to Starbucks. I’m not a big coffee fan & I’d rather spend $5 elsewhere.
Tea or Coffee?
Pop 😃
Favorite food?
Potatoes. 😂
Favorite places to be
With my husband & my animals.
What is your favorite item you sell?
Ooh that’s a good question! Probably all of the apparel, ha. I have gained a lot of weight over the last couple of years, (I was recently diagnosed with PCOS) & until recently I had given up on “cute” clothes. So I love that I’m able to design clothes I would want to buy with fabric that’s comfortable/flattering for all women.
I have been loving your outfits lately… LulaRoe items and your designs! I think a lot of women feel very similar and I’m sure they would love your designs!
Thanks so much Jessica for this awesome little interview! I am so glad that I could highlight you this month!!!
Check out Midwestjess and all the amazing things she has going on  here
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Til Next Time, Erin Ruscel


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