4 Low Calorie Mixed Drinks for your Next Girl’s Night!

Hey friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day with your best girl friends! I had a lovely evening with my love! We kept it pretty low key this year, but still went out to eat at one of our favorite Indian Restaurants in town. I was so inspired this year by so many that went to amazing Galentine’s parties, that I may just have to throw one next year. Ok, if I was being honest, I would say I was a little jealous, especially of some of my blogger friends who had Galentine’s Parties with other bloggers in their area. There were beautiful flowers, beautiful bloggers, and incredible food and drinks provided. Talking about drinks, today I’m going to share a couple different drinks that look fancy but are super easy to make! You can recreate these beauties to enjoy for parties to come, or honestly, whenever you’d like! You don’t need a party to make a pretty drink for your self! These drinks are ones I found on Pinterest and since I was intrigued, I just had to make them and try them out myself. These drinks are also very light and all low calorie, so if you’re trying hard to loose weight or you want to have a drink every once in a while, these are some great choices.

The first drink I made and tried I am calling the Berry Lemonade Cocktail! This drink brings together some of my all time favorite things… lemonade, berries and wine- What could be better??!!! This is such an easy drink to create, it looks beautiful and it tastes AMAZING!!!! While I like tart drinks, I was a little unsure if I liked all the flavors mixed together, so I also tried adding Cranberry Cocktail in leu of the Lemonade. But to each their own- Below I provided both recipes!


2 oz of Moscato Wine
2.5 oz Lemonade or Cranberry Cocktail
Top with Sprite ( I used Sprite Zero for lower Calorie)
*Add berries to make it look even more colorful and pretty!

You can put this drink in any kind of glassware, but I chose a champaign flute to make it look more fancy and pretty.

The second drink I chose to try and I called it the Cranberry La Croix Cocktail!
Who else loves La Croix???!! I know I do! I love it as is, but recently the hubby and I have been mixing it with Vodka to create a low-carb drink! It tastes amazing! This is one of those drinks that will look good, taste great and not add a lot of weight to your mid section.

2 oz of Vodka ( we use Titos)
2.5 oz of Cranberry Cocktail
Top with Cran-Raspberry La Croix
*Add Raspberries to make it pretty and to add a little more flavor.

I felt like there was still something missing from this drink, so I added half a lime. This gave it the perfect sweet and tangy mix! I guess you could say I like the tangy drinks!

The third drink I decided to make i called the Red Berry Spritzer. This drink is another La Croix/ flavored Sparkling Water creation. So this drink was one I was super excited about when I saw it on Pinterest! I love Red wine and La Croix, so mixing them together seemed like it would be really good! Now- it wasn’t bad, but it was a little mild for me. But anywho I wanted to share the recipe and you can tell me what you think. This drink is primarily for anyone that liked red wine, but wants something a little more refreshing.

1/4 cup ice
2 Tablespoons Frozen Berries of your Choice ( I added blueberries)
2 oz fluid Red wine
6 oz, berry flavored sparkling water ( I used Dasani berry sparkling water)

And the last drink is one that Dave and I have been going through like crazy… ok, not crazy, but we definitely enjoy it. I’m calling it the Vodka lime Spritzer.

2 oz Vodka ( titos)
Half a can of Sprite Zero
1 half lime squeezed

Well there ya have it, friends- 4 low calorie drinks to make for anytime or for your next girls night! I would love to hear how you like these… go make them and comment!

Any drinks you’ve been drinking lately that you really like? Any more low calorie options?

Well til next time, Erin Ruscel

5 thoughts on “4 Low Calorie Mixed Drinks for your Next Girl’s Night!

  1. No lie my go-to favorite drink of all time is vodka, sprite, and a splash of cherry. I call it a dirty shirley. 🙂 I feel like I’m five ordering it but it’s yummy! Thanks for sharing love!

    1. Omg!!! I love that drink! I have gotten that similar combination a couple times myself! I like the name- dirty shirley… so cute! Thanks for commenting and I hope you try a couple of these drinks and let me know which is your fav! Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, babe!

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