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Hello friends! I hope your week has been going well! I have recently had a couple snow days, which have definitely been nice! I have also been dealing with a pretty horrible sinus infection for a couple months and trying my hardest to get better, but not being too successful. This last snow day, I went to the doctor and finally got diagnosed and given meds- Hallelujah! So I should be on the mend right in time for Valentine’s Day! I can not believe we are a week away!!! Today on the blog I wanted to share how I decorated our apartment for Valentine’s Day!

I love all the reds, pinks and metallics I have placed around our apartment this year! I normally don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, because many times I have just taken down the Christmas tree or it’s still up in February. I know, I know… You’re probably thinking… “You keep your Christmas tree up that long???!!!” Well, I absolutely love Christmas and the decorations, but being a professional violinist , I rarely am in my house over December to enjoy all the pretty lights and decor, so I like to keep everything up a little longer. But this year, I was just ready for the New Year and I ended up taking the Christmas things down early in January. It was kind of a weird but refreshing feeling AND I then had the idea to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

Ok, so as I have mentioned before, Dave and I live in a small apartment and don’t have much storage, so whenever I buy something I try to think about how I could use it multiple ways. A couple items I recently bought for Christmas are great examples of this. Check out post to read a little more. When I bought the dishes I was gonna use for my Christmas dinning table spread, I made sure to buy white dishes that could be used over and over again. I think they are super cute too! I also bought some red sparkly napkins that could be used for different holidays and they work out perfectly for my Valentine’s table. Both of these items were used on my table for Christmas, but the two looks are so different! Take a look!

Christmas Table

Valentine’s Table

Being a bargain shopper, I hit the after christmas sales and was able to find some beautiful red chargers to place underneath each of the plates. It adds such a fun, elegant touch! For the center of the plates, I added some red heart dollies and wrote the word “Love” in the center with my silver calligraphy pen! I found a package of felt pink and red hearts, and some shinny silver hearts to add to the table for more color and because they’re cute! To lead the eye upward and add some depth, I placed some beautiful red berry twigs to a narrow vase. I choose berries as the centerpiece to keep the arrangement a little more simple and subdued in comparison to the table and because I wanted something different than a normal flower arrangement.

Since I don’t have a mantel, I decorate my china cabinet in its place. I got the cute tasseled banner at Target in the “trap bins” ( this is what I call the dollar section at the front of the store). I find SO many things there and spend WAY too much money! I love the colors of this banner and it works so perfectly with all the rest of my decorations. I usually have frames of me and Dave up on the cabinet but I added some fun decorations just for Valentine’s Day. All of the Valentine’s items were found at Target!

I changed out the decorations on the piano too!

Well that’s all the decorating I did this year for Valentine’s Day, but next year I plan to add a couple more things!

Do you decorate you place for Valentine’s Day??

Only 6 more days til Valentine’s Day!!!
Til Next time- Erin Ruscel

5 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day at the Ross’

  1. So cute! I wish I had money to decorate and a reason too, hahah #singlelife lol
    I really like your transitions and how you can reuse your decorations!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I have had a lot of those items for a while, or I am reusing things. I try not to spend too much money on anything and really haven’t bought many things for decorating while in the apartment. You don’t have to be married to decorate everything… do it for yourself for fun! I’m glad you liked how I decorated!

  2. All your decorations are so cute! I love that you decorate your table. Our table is also used as our workspace, so a runner is the extent of our decorations! 🙂

    1. Sydney! Thanks so much for taking a look and commenting! Trust me, I love having the table done up like that, but we are in the same boat. It makes it hard to work at the table or even eat sometimes. We would take a couple of the place settings and set them on top of each other to open up 2 seats so we could eat our meals, if we wanted to eat at the table. I just love having it decorated and the feel it gives our apartment! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Your apartment is the cutest, Erin! I love how festive you are around the holidays. Decorating spaces just brings a different kind of life and energy to the place! We also bought white dishes around the time of our wedding! They are definitely good for all times of the year, and I love you transitioned your Christmas table to your Valentine’s Table. The white dishware looks so clean and goes with everything! Love your inspirational decorating skills! Come do our place!! haha 😉

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