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Hello Wonderful readers! It is time to bring back the “Boss Babes” post and highlight some amazing women and their companies. I have known the two ladies I am featuring today for a while now, and I actually met them at the “Outland Ballroom,” a local music venue in Springfield. During  my mid -twenties, I was the violinist in a band called ” The Collective.” It was such a cool experience being able to perform at different venues around town and perform something other than Classical music. It was at one of those shows that I first met Sara and Christa of Chrisara Designs. These two girls are super creative and artsy, and can be found out and about at Springfield’s Farmers Park, as well as, other arts shows. They have recently been getting a lot of commissions to do custom designs and paintings at local businesses, and they are AMAZING!!!!  So without further adieu it’s time to meet these two beautiful girls and hear about their business!
Tell me a little bit about yourselves:
We are identical twins, Sara and Christa, and grew up in northwest Iowa (20 mins from Minnesota border!) in a town of 11,000.
We love exerting a lot of energy and to laugh a lot with people but on the flip side, we love being at home! Sara and her husband just had a baby girl, Skyla Fern, and then Christa just got married to her now husband, Blake, in October of 2017.
If we aren’t working on an art project, we both love the outdoors, hiking, and simplistic living because all these things help clear up our minds and keep us feeling peaceful and grounded. We also love  our family, Jesus, oyster crackers, LOTS of veggies, inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, classic movies and books….examples being Casablanca and The Count of Monte Cristo.
I love Casablanca and The Count of Monte Cristo! Great choices! I am definitely also a big fan of the classics! And I love the fashions in the 60’s and 70’s!
Also- Congratulations on the new baby, Sara, and the marriage, Christa! 2017 seems like it was a good year for ya’ll!
Well, Tell me a little bit about your business, Chrisara Designs:
Chrisara Designs is a multi disciplinary art and design company. We are hired out for art and design projects through businesses and individuals.  We have done commissioned art and murals since high school, but our actual business and company started when we moved out to Colorado around 6 years ago. While in Colorado, we started with our drawings and designs being put on pillows, apparel, art prints, and cards, which we sold at markets, festivals, on Amazon, and several boutiques in Colorado and other western states, as well as on our website, Since moving back to Springfield, we have been able to evolve into being more focused on a variety of projects including: an evolving drawing filmed for a national campaign, custom family illustrations (currently working on several and have been focused on these!), murals, set design for a subscription box company, and illustrating 417 Magazine’s Coloring Book.

Wow, Ya’ll are doing so much! Congratulations on the success! Also- I love seeing your cute custom family illustrations! I may just have to have you draw one for me and Dave later on when we add some more members to our little Family.

When did you both decide you wanted to work together? And, have you always enjoyed working with each other?

Let’s just say, we had wanted to be in business since we were in high school. Had to join our common strengths together! 🙂 And yes, we love working together and think being twins makes it easy to want to succeed as a team. We are not concerned with individual praise but have the common goal of “Chrisara” succeeding as a team. Needless to say we can get overworked, stressed, and tired and have a sister/business partner fight.

I love that you both are more focused on the success of the business, rather than individual praise! That can be tough sometimes, but you both definitely have your head in the right direction!

What has been your favorite project either together, or individually?

One favorite has been illustrating the 417 Magazine’s Coloring Book because the work is still fresh in our minds, we worked many hours, and it was so fun to see the finished project in stores! Another favorite is the current family illustrations we are doing. It is so fun to have people send us their pictures and tell us what their hobbies are or other information about themselves and for us to create a whimsical illustration of them. They all are individualized and just are enjoyable to create.
Your clothing line, pillows, art prints, and necklaces are really cool too!
Where could people find your items, or buy your items if they are interested?
Now that we have been focusing on other art and design jobs, we will say our clothing and jewelry have taken a secondary place in our business. We still enjoy drawing for our line of clothing, pillows, art prints, and necklaces, but we will be predominately only selling those items at Artsfest and Cider Day festivals in Springfield and then a few other events. People can of course contact us and inquire about the products on our Instagram and/ or Facebook pages: Chrisara Designs.
I have always loved your designs- How do you come up with your designs?
When we work with clients, we obviously listen to what they want, and then do lots of dual brainstorming and talking. We then start on a lot of hand drawn sketching! As for our animal/nature inspired clothing, pillows, necklaces, and art prints,  all of those started when we lived in Colorado. The nature and animals native to Colorado are gorgeous and we hiked a lot so we caught the “bug of Colorado” inspiration.
What did you both want to be when you grew up? Did you always hope to be in the art/ creative industry?

We’ve always wanted to be artists since we were very little. It varied from being a book illustrator, art teacher, artist, or clothing designer. We learned to sew on a sewing machine in kindergarten and always were drawing and painting up a storm.

When you began your company, did you have a goal or dream in mind?

We did and we still have a dream and goal in mind even if it’s not a completely concrete dream. We don’t always know how we are going to be evolving from year to year but we have not been disappointed so far. Things keep getting better and we can feel when it’s time to change it up or step out of your comfort zone.

Any advise for others that have a dream to start their own company or are getting ready to launch a company?
Dream but be realistic. Know what your strengths are and utilize them. Quit spending so much time on social media and comparing. Focus on working hard towards your personalized, individual, unique strengths. Because it is most important to marry your passion with your actual strengths which will make your company seem fitting and the most fulfilling to you.
I absolutely love all your advise! Seems like the more I talk to people, the more I hear people say to stop comparing yourselves to others… it is definitely hard to do, but so freeing!
I have loved hearing more about your business- Thanks so much for giving me such awesome information!
Now onto the REALLY important Questions 🙂
What is your go-to drink at Starbucks?
We have never even drank a Starbucks. Unless Sara has gotten espresso shots?? We need to get cultured! haaaa
What??? Never been to Starbucks…I will talk ya’ll sometime!
Tea or Coffee?

TEA!!! Love hot tea!

Favorite Food?


Favorite places to be

Colorado mountain hike! Our studio. A sushi restaurant. Home! Any chill place with our favorite snacks and drinks.

Thanks so much for taking the time to be interviewed!

Til Next Time,

Stay Creative- Erin Ruscel

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  1. Okay, I love this segment! Babes supporting babes is my favourite thing to see, so way to go girl! I also want to say these ladies are the bomb! Not only drop dead gorgeous but extremely talented! I want a family portrait done now! Haha! Thanks for sharing love!

    1. Arn’t they though??!! Talented and beautiful! And another bonus is that they are both seriously the sweetest girls ever! I try to do this segment once a month and share the love! It is one of my favorites because I love showcasing amazing women, and learning more and more about them! You should contact them to make you a sweet family portrait! I think i’m going to soon as well!

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