Simple black dress, 10 different looks!


I love when I find a piece of clothing that is so versatile and can be mixed and matched with so many things to create totally different looks. This versatile piece of clothing is a simple black dress and today I am going to show you how you can create different outfits with one item in your closet. In this post you will see casual everyday looks, outfits for an office or work, and a couple dressier outfit options. Remember Accessories are your friend and they can change the whole look of an outfit as simple as 1..2..3.

So here is the dress that I will be using to create all of my looks today! I got this dress from Old Navy a couple years ago, but simple black dresses are always in style.

Look #1

Look #2

The second look was created by adding my tall black boots and my puffy vests.

Look #3

The third look was created by adding a black sweater ( forever 21), a blanket scarf (hobby lobby) my tall boots and a hat.

Look #4

The fourth look was created with the same black sweater as earlier, but I changed the boots and added different jewelry.

Look #5

The fifth look was created by adding a fun skirt over the top of the dress, a short sweater, my pointed flats, and some pearls. This is my Audrey look!

Look #6

The sixth look was created with my tweed skirt, the same pointed flats, and a gold layered necklace. This is a great look for the office! You could also add a blazer for an even more business casual look. And- Don’t have time to change the outfit before going out, add some cute boots and you’ve got a different look in a sec.

Look #7

The seventh look was created using the same black dress, adding a long textured skirt over the top, and adding a fun statement necklace.

Look #8

The eighth look was created by adding my tan boots, tan stylish hat, and my fun patterned kimono.

Look #9

The ninth look was created by adding a sweater tied around my waist, my nike shoes, and my black baseball cap. This is a great look if you are going to be out and about and want to be comfy but cute.

Look #10

This look is super simple and all I added were my L.L. Bean black boots and some higher socks to create a 90’s look!

Which of these looks are your favorites??? Do you have a piece of clothing that you just love and is super versatile??? Share below!

5 thoughts on “Simple black dress, 10 different looks!

  1. I like #6 and #9 the best! #9 is a super cute like young mom look lol! Like a nanny on the go look!
    Can you take a picture of the side of your boots in #10, the LL Bean ones?

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