Christmas at the Ross’

I absolutely love decorating our little place, but especially when the holidays come!  I am in love with the lights and the colors and how they make our place feel so festive and warm. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that Dave and I live in an apartment and I am dreaming of the day we will finally be in a house. But, while we still live in a tiny apartment, I still want to decorate and make it feel like a beautiful home. And I have definitely learned my fair share of tricks for decorating in such a tiny space. So welcome to the Ross’ for Christmas!

Since we live in an apartment, I don’t like to spend too much money on extra pieces that I may not use in the future. So I usually reuse items or re-purpose them for the look I am wanting. We have a lot of reds, greens, golds, cranberry, and silver colors in our decor and I like to think of the look as a fancy rustic winter wonderland.

By far my favorite thing to add to a room is a Christmas tree! Again, since room is an issue, I couldn’t really have a Christmas tree in every room. But I sure tried! I have told Dave that when we do move into a house, we will have a Christmas tree in every room! I have a vision of even our kiddos having their own cute little Christmas tree in their rooms, that they can decorate and fall asleep to the beautiful ambiance of the twinkling lights.

Here is the cozy corner in our bedroom!

To decorate without using too much space, definitely use wall space, add some beautiful tinsel or garland, and use small props, figurines, candles and frames on tables and shelves.

This beautiful wreath was actually made by my grandpa from things laying in his yard! It is one of my favorite decorations! I attached a chalk board behind it to give it a different look!

I also can not wait to have a fireplace! Getting to sit all cozy in my pj’s, drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree with a beautiful roaring fire is just so picturesque, not to mention a gorgeous focal point in a house to decorate. Since we don’t have a fireplace, I have used my china cabinet to hang our stockings and to place our Nativity.

And of course one of the most beautiful and most pictured place in a home is the dining room table at Christmas time. I have always loved decorating the table when I am back at home with the family, so I decided to decorate our little table this year! I love how it turned out,  although, Dave and I are still on the edge on whether or not we like the table without a table cloth. Finding a round tablecloth that would actually fit our table and decorations was extremely difficult.  Wanting to decorate the table without blowing the bank, I put together a little DIY, which I thought I would share with you all.

DIY to make your table look AMAZING!!!

materials needed: calligraphy pens, labels, greenery, scissors, and green wire.

1. Cut the greenery to the desired length and connect the sides to create a circle.

2. Write cute sayings on the labels with the calligraphy pen and then punch a while through the side. Take the wire and use it to attach to the greenery.

While I love all of the colors and style of our Christmas decor, I have also loved seeing all Silver, White, Gold, Rose Gold, and even pink Christmas decor on social media this year! I decided to give it a try myself this year, but only in the studio. I absolutely love this holiday decor look and may have to try out some more ideas in a home in the future!

What are your favorite colors to decorate your house in? Are you a fan of the whites, golds and silvers? Or a more traditional look? 

I would love to hear how you decorate your houses for the holidays!!!

Enjoy! Erin Ruscel

11 thoughts on “Christmas at the Ross’

    1. Awww… Thank you so much! I definitely feel that way being in my place! My favorite is sitting in the living room in the dark with only the light of the Christmas tree… it is so peaceful and lovely! I really appreciate you stopping by my blog and encouraging me! Thanks so much! Have a very merry Christmas!

  1. I just love getting little glimpses into your life through your pictures and your writing! Your decorations so festive and your apartment looks so cozy and bright!! I think it’s so cool to find pieces that mean something to you and that are personal. I LOVE your grandpa’s wreath. How special to have that hanging in your home and I love the touch of adding a chalkboard to it!! Very creative =) Wishing you and Dave a joyous and blessed holiday in your lovely home!!

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