3 Velvet looks for your Next Christmas Party!

Hello December! I don’t know bout ya’ll, but I am so excited to go to some Christmas parties.. they are my favorite! December is such a fun, festive, and magical time with lots of wonderful get togethers  and parties, you MUST have a great outfit! So I decided to share 3 really cute, sexy, fun outfits perfect for a fancier Christmas party and they just happen to be on trend! Hello VELVET! Let me repeat “ VELVET ALERT!” I have always had a special place in my heart for velvet, but wow, some of these looks recently have seriously been flooding my mind and my dreams. I love dressing up for some really great parties, so here are some of my favorite looks to hopefully help inspire you this Christmas season!

The first look is one of my favorite dresses that I literally just bought! I wore this dress for a Christmas production and when I heard where they had bought it, (Target), I may or may not have driven by Target on my way home after practice. ❤️I knew that this dress could be gone soon and I just had to have it! First off it is Velvet, and a Wrap dress! How could you not love it! And second, the color was phenomenal on me! It complimented my hair and complexion so well! I knew the second I put it on that I would be in love! Then when I saw the price at Target, I fell harder and faster. ( hehe) 😁😆Add some sparkly jewelry and you are set to be the “bell of the party”

The second look was created with an amazing baby pink pleated velvet skirt, which was also found at Target. This skirt would be perfect with many different blouses and shoes, but I decided to pair it with a black blouse and my black leather boots to create this look. You’ll feel comfy but look elegant and classy! What could be better than that?!!

The third look is a beautiful black velvet mini dress with a nice little drop cutout at the neck. This dress is a perfect item to add to your closet this holiday season! Wear it dressed up or dressed down! I chose to wear it with some cute edgy black strapy heels for a sexier fun Christmas look! ( sorry I didn’t get any pics of the outfit with the shoes). Or you could wear it with a pair of lighter denim jeans, some pumps or cute booties and, of course, your sparkly jewelry to still give a classy, fancy look.

Now you’re ready to party, so put on your dancing shoes, and your velvet and hit the town!

Erin Ruscel

10 thoughts on “3 Velvet looks for your Next Christmas Party!

    1. Thanks! I couldn’t believe I found it for less than $30 at Target! I had a friend who bought a dress similar and she spent almost $100! It is one of my favorite dresses and will definitely be worn a lot this Christmas! ❤️ Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  1. Erin, you look stunning in all of these pictures! You continue to inspire me with your colorful and unique looks! I remember watching that video of you at your performance in that first dress that you pictured and thinking that it was just beautiful!! The length is so lovely and flattering and of course the velvet is what makes it!! The pink skirt is also dreamy!! I can’t believe you got both of these at Target! It is definitely time to do some shopping =) Thanks for the holiday outfit inspo, girl!

    1. Stephanie!!! Thank you so much for commenting and taking a look at the post! And thank you for the beautiful compliments! I am so glad that I have been able to inspire you with these looks…. you would be stunning in them all as well! That dress was picked out for me from a girl at the church and I fell in love… I had to get it! I couldn’t believe it was less than $30 at Target! And yes you definitely need to go and see what new styles and fun pieces they have !!! Hope you have been having a fabulous week… so close to Christmas break!

    1. Thank you so much, Ciara! I am so glad it is back in as well! I was pretty young when it was popular before and I didn’t really understand how to wear everything! I am so happy to be able to wear it now! It is so pretty… especially for the Holidays! Enjoy your Holidays… Merry Christmas!

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