Gratitude Challenge- A Thankful Mindset

This November I did the #30daysofgratitude challenge. There are so many things that I could be and am thankful for, but I decided that while doing this challenge I wanted to let each day and the things within it, to remind me of something that I was grateful for. I wanted to make sure that I was thinking outside of the box and not just listing off the normal convenient responses,(eventhough I am very thankful for them). Read the first entry to see what I was grateful for from Day 1-6. November Mindset-Gratitude Challenge

Day 7- We had professional development and I got to hang out with all of my favorite string teachers. I am so thankful that I get to teach orchestra in Springfield surrounded by incredible string teachers, who know their subject, are passionate and love their students.

Day 8- I am thankful for a comfy home to stay safe and warm, watch movies and destress by coloring.

Day 9- Today I am grateful for my car. I was running late and I was a little upset about having to take another 5ish min to clean off the frost on my car. But then I decided to change my mindset and instead be thankful for the fact that I have a car. There are so many people who don’t have cars or have a functioning car, so I will be thankful that i have a car to defrost, one that works well, and gets me to my destinations.

Day 10- We had a Veteran’s Day assembly today and It made me think about all the men and women who have served our country to make it what it is today. All of those who have and are serving with bravery, courage and willingness to put their country before themselves, keeping us safe. Thank you, so much!!!

Day 11- Today I am so incredibly grateful for coffee. I had a crazy morning trying to get a lot done before some rehearsals and a performance. My strolling strings students had a chance to perform for a veterans day event and then I had a couple rehearsals and then a performance. Coffee was keeping me going that day.

Day 12- So thankful to have some quality time with the Hubby! We got to finally see the new Thor movie and just relax from a crazy week.

Day 13- Thankful for the amazing teachers that I get to do life with every day at Carver. We have some dedicated, inspiring, and hard working teachers who love their students and want to see them succeed. Really the teachers and staff at Carver are the absolute best!

Day 14- Thankful for technology. Even when I hate technology, I am reminded how great it is to be able to pick up a phone and call my family, or see what friends have been up to, see beautiful pictures of families and new families being formed, and to be able to communicate with friends from long ago. It is a pretty cool thing!

Day 15- I am so thankful for my incredible family. Being a teacher, I have come to realize how blessed I have been to have such supportive parents, that love me, push me, and always want to see me succeed. My parents have always been huge supporters and encouragers of mine and until college had never missed a performance of mine. They got me private lessons and cared about my wellbeing in my classes and extra curricular events and they still do. I am proud to be the sister to two incredible siblings- Erik and Emily. I am so proud of both of them and all they have done. Erik is an incredible vocalist and was a worship leader for a bit. He is now a pastor at a church near the Nashville area. My sister, Emily, is an achiever and is always up to trying out new things. She is beautiful inside and out and has the best sense of style. She is currently living in Nashville working at a Lawfirm.

Day 16- I am thankful for Hot water! Really, how many times do you just hop in the shower, without hoping that it will be hot water??! We have all become accustomed to having hot water, that we many times don’t even give it a thought in our day. I am so blessed to be able to take a shower and/ or a relaxing bath with my Dr. Teals bath salts anytime I want too.

Day 17- I am thankful for panera’s reward program that allowed me to get a free bagel every day of November! While i wasn’t able to actually get a bagel every single day, it was an unexpected blessing.

Day 18- I am thankful for the opportunity to get a massage. I work my muscles so much so much and with all the performing and practices, I had become super tense. Thankful that I have the money to afford the luxury of a massage.

Day 19- Thankful for a the gorgeous fall weather out today. Went out and about with Dave, Christmas shopping and wearing my fun ruffly pants.

Day 20- Today i am so thankful and blessed to have my grandma’s piano at our home. We just got the piano tuned today and now it sounds amazing. My grandma passed away earlier this summer and I miss her terribly. It is so nice to have her piano here to remind me of the fun times I had playing it when I visited her house as a kid.

Day 21- Today I am thankful for my wonderful orchestra students I have been entrusted to lead and teach. Tonight was their orchestra concert and they totally amazed me with their performances. Go Carver Orchestra!

Day 22- I am thankful that I am an Aunt to 9 amazing kiddos. I have been blessed to be a part of each of their lives and I got to see them all except one for Thanksgiving! Arn’t they the cutest??!!!

Day 23- I am so thankful to be in Ohio with family celebrating Thanksgiving and making new memories.

Day 24- I am thankful to have been able to get some great deals for Christmas this year and with family near by.

Day 25- Thankful for the small beautiful little miracles that I have seen and that God has given me throughout my life. Thankful for the miracle of life.

Day 26- Thankful to have sight to see the incredible sunsets and sunrises that God paints in the sky.

Day 27- Thankful for the many teachers who taught me to enjoy learning and to always strive to do better. I hope that I am a teacher like this and strive to be the best teacher. I am thankful that I can be the teacher to students who need me and I am even more thankful for my health. Today I was talking with one of my students, noticing she was a little down and I asked her what was going on. I was not at all prepared for what she was going to tell me… my heart broke and tears began to fill my eyes and roll down my cheek. This beautiful 8th grade girl told me that her mom was really sick and that she wasn’t going to make it. She has cancer and has been being treated since September- the doctors gave her a couple more weeks to live. All I could do was pull her in tight and hold her, us crying together and me saying a quick prayer over her.

Day 28- Thankful for my amazing friend group. Crazy to believe that we have been friends since freshman year of college, that is almost 12 years! I am continually blessed to have them as friends! And for all of you and your friendship! I have been blessed to get to know many of you from the other side of this screen.

Day 29- Thankful for the talents God has given me. So grateful that God has allowed me to grow to such a level on my instrument and continues to give me more of a passion and desire to get better.

Day 30- Thankful for the opportunity to perform violin at JRA’s Christmas production this year! I have been able to be a part of many productions for this church and I am so honored and thankful to have been given those many opportunities.

What things are you thankful for??? I challenge you to find something daily everyday that you are thankful for… It will change your mindset!

Til Next time,

Stay Grateful and Thankful Always,

Erin Ruscel

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