Teacher Fashion Part 2

Hello Wonderful readers and friends! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving break… I am missing the family, but looking forward to all the fun things coming in December! It is the most WONDERFUL time of the year!

A couple weeks ago, well maybe a month ago, I wrote a post about my teacher wardrobe (the part 1) Teacher Fashions- My Favs- Part 1 and now I am coming back to follow up with some new looks and some wardrobe staples that you can use to mix and match, creating new looks! I am definitely one of those people who loves to try different things and looks, and I don’t like to wear the exact same outfit twice ( unless it is the most adorable, then I make an exception).

The first look I used the same skirt as the first post, but I wore a black top with it instead. This skirt is so much fun to wear and you can really dress it up or dress it down! I have worn this before with a graphic tee as well and made it a little less dressy, but still Fun! To give the impression of a different look, wear the same skirt, but add a different style shirt, a sweater, some different jewelry and of course, different shoes.

Here are a couple looks wearing the same stripped skirt!

And btw- I don’t know if you know this, but I love graphic tees, especially teacher tees! I just found this cute site with tons of them.. hello Christmas to me!!!

Check it out Here

The second look is the amazing black maxi that I wore in the first blog post with a white shirt. I absolutely love this skirt and I believe they are on sale right now at Target! This skirt is perfect for any season. When winter comes a knocking, I just add some cute boots and I am ready to go! I added a fun flannel shirt to the skirt to give it a cute but relaxed look! There are lots of flannels on sale right now.

Flannels are totally in and on sale at lots of stores!

Here is a second more dressy look- same skirt!

The third look is of course a staple for many teachers recently… LulaRoe! I talked a bit about this fashion wave in my last teacher post, but SERIOUSLY?!!! if you have not tried out the leggings, you should!!! You will want to live in them! These are some of my really fun loud print leggings that I wear with of course a really long shirt dress! This long dress I am wearing is called the “Carly” and there are many styles in which you can wear these to change up the look. One way is of course with the leggings under, but I have also worn my dress without and added different shoes and different pieces of jewelry to change up the look a bit! Adding a sweater is also a great touch! Here are a couple different looks with the same items!

Or this look with just the Carly, a scarf and some boots!

Well til next time,

Stay Fashionably Fabulous Teachers,


9 thoughts on “Teacher Fashion Part 2

  1. You wear all these look so well! My favourite it the beautiful, stripy skirt which has a great shape.

    1. Thank you so much, Delyth! I love that skirt as well! I have worn it many different ways and it is most definitely one of my favorites! I also get lots of compliments on it! You should check out the website (chicwish.com)- there are lots of really cute skirts!

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