Words of Encouragement & Kindness Challenge!  

Don’t you just feel amazing when someone compliments you, whether it be how your hair looks, your outfit, or even a job well done? I know I do! I also feel amazing after I have given out compliments! I love seeing the face on a person change and even sometimes seeing their attitudes change in result of that encouragement and kindness! 
I have seen such a difference in my student’s and their attitudes when I compliment them on a job well done or even give them a small compliment like ” I like your hair cut!” To them, someone noticing and recognizing those things is a HUGE deal!  Today for example, I had a student who came into class a little upset with a situation that had happened in the class prior to mine. Noticing this, I asked to speak with him alone outside the classroom. I talked with him about the situation and got his side of the story and then I told him that I believed him…( even telling him I believed him was huge for him). But I also told him that he wasn’t going to be able to change the situation since it had already taking place, so he might as well go on with his day being in good spirit.

We had a playing test today in that class and I didn’t want him to mess up since, he was still dwelling on the issue, so I let him cool off a bit and then I gave him an encouragement note! I wrote out on a sticky note “I believe you and I am proud of you for moving past this today and trying to have a better day!”- after I gave him the note, I saw the the frown on his face turn into a really big grin… he then asked me if he could use my tape to tape it onto the front of his binder!

Words of encouragement really do matter and they make us all feel better about ourselves, our day and what we are working on. They make us feel special! When was the last time that you thought about reaching out and encouraging someone? When was the last time you noticed someone’s outfit in the grocery store and told them you loved their outfit? When was the last time you told someone you thought they were a great friend and how much they mean to you?

It can be so simple! So here is a little challenge for you… every day this week find 3 people to encourage and compliment! 

So what ways can you encourage others? Here are a couple ways to get you the ball rolling…


Encourage others

through an Anonymous letter

Over the summer myself and some other “Instagramers” and fellow bloggers, got to be part of an awesome love letter challenge! I loved being a part of this challenge and seriously looked forward to thinking up new quotes, encouraging comments, and fun sayings! I also looked forward to finding creative places and spots to hang them in hopes that many or even 1 person would be encouraged! I honestly have no idea how many people saw my notes and were encouraged, but even if one person was encouraged, I did my job!

This encouragement type of love letter was an anonymous letter. So maybe you want to encourage others, but you don’t want them to know it was you… make it an anonymous note! Leave the note for the person on their door, car, or desk at work, or any other place you feel they may notice it! But if you want it to be for someone specific, make sure it is in a spot for them specifically to find and know it is for them.

Encourage others through

An act of kindness! 

One of my favorite things is when I get cards and gifts from my students for helping them with a piece of music or get prepared for an audition! It makes me so happy! I love helping them and I never think about what’s in it for me or do it for the sake of getting anything for it, but it sure feels great to be recognized! Why not do this for a friend or someone you work with? It could be as simple as writing an encouraging quote on a post it and sticking it to their favorite candy bar or soda! AND THE BEST PART- you don’t have to have a reason to shower someone with kindness! Is there someone who has helped you recently that you can thank? Or is there someone that you just want to bless?

It is really fun!

Encourage others with Kind Words

Don’t be a chicken! Tell others how great they are to their face! Again, hearing someone tell me I look great or that I’m doing an awesome job on X, Y AND Z, really puts a skip in my step! Maybe it’s someone you know or someone you don’t know… don’t be scared to say something nice to someone… who knows maybe you are the only one that will say anything encouraging to them throughout their day. Comment on others pictures on instagram, or their blog and give them compliments on their work… it will go a long way! Make a difference in someone’s life or day by choosing to spread some kindness through encouraging comments and compliments!

Join me on this week challenge and I’m sure you will make it into a more regular component of your day to day life!  I would love to hear comments on what you did or are going to do for others throughout the week! Let’s lift each other up!!! 

Thanks so much for reading!!! Hope you join me on this fun challenge!

With Kindness and love,

Erin Ruscel

12 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement & Kindness Challenge!  

  1. Love loved this post! I always try to shower people with random acts of kindness-i think that’s so important and seeing the lovely reaction in other people like you mentioned when I do that makes me so happy. Xxx

  2. There is so much that I LOVE about this post, I don’t even know where to begin! What an inspiring story about your student. The words, “I believe in your,” can go SO far, especially with a child. We all need to know that someone believes in us, and has faith in us as a person. I think that simply letting someone know that you believe in them can change their whole outlook and day, which it sounds like you did for this student =) I love the quote that you used, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” What a positive way to strive to be each day. It has been too long since I have left a random love letter or a note of encouragement! I will definitely be joining you in this challenge this week! What a great idea in order to lift others up and be the light in someone’s day =) Very inspiring post, Erin!

    1. Stephanie! I am so glad you are joining me and/or joined me… I will definitely be continuing this throughout the year! I have absolutely loved seeing the faces of my students and colleagues after I gave them a compliment or did something nice for them! And definitely amazing that something so small as an encouraging note could make a kid so happy… he even showed it to me again the other day! He was like, ” Hey Mrs. Ross… look I have your note here on my binder..”- so precious! And I love love the quote “Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody!” – I try to do this every day and remember it throughout my day at school. You’ll have to let me know how it went for you throughout your kindness/ encouraging week!

    1. Yes! Too many times we forget just how special it makes others feel and that it is so easy to do! It always makes me feel great when I make someone feel amazing and I love seeing their face transform. And, I definitely write little encouraging things to myself and I totally talk to myself all the time… we must build ourselves up too! We are worth it!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! The world definitely needs a little more kindness. I love doing random acts of kindness, even if it’s something as simple as paying for the person’s coffee in the drive thru behind me.

    1. Yes! The world definitely needs that… but just think, if so many of us took on this mentality and we worked hard to encourage each other daily, I think the world would change a bit! I have paid for someone’s drink and food before and it was seriously the best feeling- I felt like I was smiling all day long thinking about it!

  4. Thanks Erin, this is a great post. I totally agree, compliments make someones day and can even make you feel better. Sometimes even if I like something about another person I for some reason don’t say it then but keep thinking about it lol – I should just speak up.

    1. Thank you so much for reading this post! It means so much to me that you read and that you commented! Compliments make my day, so I know that others would feel the same. Next time you like someones outfit or something they did, you should definitely say something…you will feel great and it may just make their day!

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