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I am one of those people who absolutely loves every season! Each season brings new fun ideas, fashions, exciting events and of course, new memories. I love summer for all the carefree days, vacations, fun in the sun and pool days, and sleeping in. But summer is almost gone and a new season is arriving, one that makes me very happy inside. Fall is one of my most favorite seasons! I may be a basic white girl when it comes to fall, sipping on my Pumpkin Spice Latte (Which I still have not gotten yet… the hubby and I said we would get the first one together and I have been patiently waiting for a day to do that), shopping for all the CANDLES… love Candles, Pulling out all of my Amazing boots/ booties and scarves, and of course going to all the arts/ crafts/ Fall festivals, but that’s alright with me! Yesterday was the first of the fall festivals in my area and I, of course, had to make an appearance… Hello CiderDays!


I have gone to CiderDays almost every year and I have always enjoyed walking down historic Walnut street checking out all of the creative booths with their jewelry, pumpkin carvings and paintings, pillows and home decor, ceramics, Wall hangings, local honey, and t-shirt designs. ( There are lots more items than what I mentioned, but these are some of my favorite highlights). And I can’t forget to mention all of the amazing foods and drinks- Seriously one of my favorite things! I have thought many times about saving my money to be able to buy and sample a lot of the foods… I think i may just have to do that soon, maybe next year! We’ve been experiencing some really great cooler temps lately in Springfield, but yesterday was one of the hotter days we’ve seen in a while, so walking around in the sun made me really thirsty. Luckily there were lots of amazing drink stands set up! I ended up choosing a homemade strawberry lemonade, that was so good… it had the right amount of tart and sweet and helped cool me off. And there is always enough Apple Cider to go around. This festival is usually the second week of September in Springfield, Missouri and is held off of historic Walnut street in between all the picturesque vintage houses and large trees!

Pumpkins, hay-bails, Apple Cider, crafts, music, performances, lemonade… sounds like a great day to me and a super fun family day!


(Image from online)

Another favorite of mine and Dave’s is the Heritage Festival! This festival is in Fair Grove, Missouri and it is a FREE fall festival. Lots and lots of vendors selling jewelry, candles, wall hangings, pillows, decorations, and of course lots of really great apple butter, jellies and canned products. This festival always has some amazing bluegrass bands and incredible food! Looking for some great fall festival food, this is the place to come- Turkey legs and lots of fried goodies… Fried Oreos are our Favorites! This years festival is this coming weekend, September 23-24, 2017 in Fair Grove, Missouri.

This was us a couple years ago at the festival… We are such babies!




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( Image from their Facebook page)

Apple Butter Makin’ Days- October 13-15, 2017 in Mount Vernon, Missouri is a FREE fall festival and I have always heard that it is a fantastic festival. Dave and I have never been able to go to this one, but I am hoping this year we can. Some fun activities that are planned for this year include: a parade, all kinds of contests, a pet show, a winer dog race, a bubble gum blowing contest, a car and tractor show, and lots of music performances. This is a great fall festival for the family!

There are a lot more festivals coming up around the area and if you’re like me, you will WANT TO BE THERE!!! Here is a list:


These are festivals all over Missouri that you can have some fun looking at amazing items, maybe picking up some Christmas presents for friends and family, eating great fall festival foods and just enjoying the wonderful feeling of Fall.

So get out there an enjoy all the fun of this beautiful season in the Ozarks and in your neck of the woods!




  1. Fall is totally my jam! Cooler days outside, cider, festivals, leaves to jump in! So much fun! CinderDays sounds awesome too!

  2. These festivals sound like wonderful fun. You have inspired me to investigate whether we have anything similar where I live.

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