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So, I know we are getting all caught up in the fun of fall, and I love fall too- But, I am a little sad to see the summer ending. Technically summer  doesn’t end until September 22nd, so I am planning on wearing all my fun summery items up until the very end. This is a slightly different post from what I usually blog about, but Fashion is near and dear to my heart! I absolutely love shopping and finding great buys. I also pride myself on changing up my outfits enough during the school year to make my students think  I never wear the same outfits. Well, I do have a lot of outfits and clothing, but the trick is to mix and match all of your shirts, skirts, pants,  sweaters and dresses… and layering is your friend. Here are some of my favorite outfits from this summer on my Fashion Page. If you haven’t looked at the fashion page, go check it out!

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Kimonos All Summer Long!

I am loving Kimonos and hats this summer! Great look for chilling or summer concerts!





Me and my awesome girl friends!!!


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Dresses and Dresses!

When it’s hot, you want to wear a dress! These are some of my favorite dresses that I have collected over a number of years and I love wearing during the summer! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE hats and would totally wear one ever single day at work if I could!




Want some fun summer dresses for cheaper: Check out all of these fun dresses on Amazon! shop here

Want some great hats?? shop here

Shaggy Bottom Jeans!

The Newest Trend- Shaggy/ Frayed Bottom Jeans! I wasn’t really sure about this trend, but I absolutely love my Shaggy bottom Jeans from Denise’s Boutique in Geneva, IL!

Check out here awesome items here


If you haven’t tried the fray look, what are you waiting for??? It is so Fun!

Find your Favs Now: shop here

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