Birthday Cake for the Hubby! 


September 2nd is a super important date because it is the birthday of my favorite person- my husband! I love getting to celebrate him and all he is accomplishing! I have always been proud of him, but recently he started school again studying computer information science and has been working really hard at O’Reilly’s. He had to work til 4 on his birthday, but he had mentioned to me how nice it would be to have a cake… Meaning- you should bake me a cake… lol! 

Now, I am no baker or cook, so this would be no easy feat! But I really did want to make him smile and somewhat surprise him with a really great cake. But what kind of cake??!! So funny… we’ve been married for four years and dating over 5 and I have no idea what kind of cake my hubby likes…even called his mom to ask for suggestions. 

Also, I got this cute board from Walmart and I love it!

I ended up going with a chocolate cake with whipped butter creme frosting, and grabbing sprinkles, cuz sprinkles make everything better! The last time I baked a cake was probably 4 years ago and it didn’t turn out so great. The main reason I haven’t been the best at cooking is that I sometimes don’t pay enough attention to the ingredients and/or how long to bake whatever it is. Well, this time was gonna be different… I was determined to bake a great cake!!!

And I did it!!! It tasted amazing and looked so good! I was really proud of myself! And you can’t have birthday cake without ice cream, right?!! So I got one of our favorites… mint chocolate chip!  

Dave worked all day, so we planned to go to dinner and then eat our cake and ice cream once home! We went to a really great restaurant, but didn’t get the best service and our food had to be re-cooked since it was overlooked and cold- BUT GOOD NEWS- we got 2 beers, 2 wines, 2 apps, and 2 meals for $12. We’ll take it!

I had a great time celebrating my hubby and spending time with him on his birthday! Happy 28th, babe!  Isn’t he so cute??!! I am super lucky!


5 thoughts on “Birthday Cake for the Hubby! 

  1. Okay, your apron is SO cute! Also, I need to find myself a restaurant like that, what a deal! My hubs is working a full time job and trying to finish school, so I can totally relate to loving how hard he works. Happy birthday to your hubs!!! I hope y’all had a great day!

    P.s. that cake mix is THE BEST, it makes me want to go bake one right now. 😋

    1. Thanks so much, girl!!! The apron is one of my favs and was given to me by a friend! It was pretty amazing getting so much off… the restaurant was having a party and they totally forgot about us and our food. When we got it, it was all cold. They made us new food and all, and I thought we might get a discount, but never would have imagined getting the whole dinner paid for. And that is so cool about your hubby!!! What is he studying? And yes, the cake was delicious!!!

  2. This was such a fun post, Erin!!! I love your opening paragraph…”Meaning, you should bake me a cake” haha! My husband has definitely given me hints like that before! I love your apron, too!! All of your pictures are so cute, and I’m sure he loved reading the “behind the scenes” moments =) Also, mint chocolate chip is one of my favorite ice creams, and I’m sure that it went perfectly with your chocolate cake!! So festive! I am happy that it was a nice day for Dave! I’m sure he felt very special coming home to all of your love!

    1. Stephanie!!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! It was a really fun day and I was extremely proud of myself with the cake! He was pretty surprised when he came home and the cake was sitting out on the table! And the apron… I mean if I’m gonna bake a cake, I gotta wear a cute apron!!! Hehe! And yes!!! ❤️ Mint Chocolate Chip is the bomb! I have always loved mint chocolate chip ice cream and it went so incredibly well with the chocolate cake!!! He had a pretty good birthday!

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